The FOCAL Factory recipe

It is fairly easy to create a new module out of a set of FOCAL programs. You need an HP-41CL, a NoV module or a HEPAX module and a means to transfer the module image to your PC (via the 41CL serial interface, the PIL-BOX (with the EMU41 program on your PC) or the HP-IL/RS-232 converter. Then do this:

  1. Enter the FOCAL programs into the HP-41 (key in, use a barcode wand or otherwise load the programs into RAM)
  2. It’s a good idea to write a short “Module identification program” as the first program that will show up on CAT 2
  3. Save the programs to HEPAX RAM using the function “HSAVEP”
  4. When you have loaded the HEPAX RAM page with the programs you want, edit the first address of the page using “HEXEDIT” to enter the XROM# you want for the module
  5. Transfer the page to your PC and follow Juergen Keller’s instructions

Then join The FOCAL Factory.