Help to lighten up :-)

Anette showed me the range of smilies (emoticons) that can be used in comments and posts on WordPress (and Facebook). And I realized that these could serve well to lighten up some of the more serious discussions on my blog. While many discussions are light and fun and really chill here, some can get a bit heated. Especially when I post about Scientology. So, here are the range of faces that you can use to sprinkle and dress up your comments here. Enjoy 🙄

Your soapbox

A soapbox is a raised platform on which one stands to make an impromptu speech, often about a political subject. The term originates from the days when speakers would elevate themselves by standing on a wooden crate originally used for shipment of soap or other dry goods from a manufacturer to a retail store.

The floor is open. Have your say. Anything goes. Throw out an idea and see if it garners discussion.

Feel free to ask


When the traffic gets high, when posts get more than 500 or even a 1000 comments, I am bound to miss questions from my readers.

I want to answer your questions, and to ensure you are not left without an answer, I propose you ask any questions you may have to me as comments to this blog post.

Just add your question as a comment here and I will get back to you with an answer. Ask anything – from my views on life, IT, Scientology, my favorite HP calculator, music, art, preferences in any part of life or whatever else you may have on your mind. Do not hold back. I am not shy.

This post is not an arena for long discussions – or I may again miss some questions buried in long threads. Interesting topics may instead earn separate blog posts.

Happy New Year!

The craziest year in my life is nearing the end.

Never been this happy 🙂

Thank you all for inspiring me and letting me inspire you.

We just turned 25000 comments on this blog since its inception 2,5 years ago. But the quality of your comments easily outshines the quantity.

Love you guys & gals.

Have a crazy-good 2013!

Up to lately

What have I been up to lately?

I haven’t been very active regarding philosophy or blogging lately. But I have been doing some fun technical stuff – like updating HyperList and mail_fetch.

I have also had great fun with Brendan, Ole Wiik, Kristin Størmer Steira and other friends.

And of course a daily dose of fun with the kids.

I will be writing a blog post soon on Kristin Størmer Steira – she is one hell of a person – one to watch out for this winter.

My homepage, has a new home… here.

Look to the right side of this page. You will see a list of all the static pages that used to be my old homepage. The old stability issues should now be history – with as the platform, everything should be running smooth from now on.

The page serves as a hub for most everything I do in cyberspace.

I do love my old quirky hand-drawn design, and I may do something similar here, but for now at least the content is safe and sound. Hope you like it.

Old design on

Got something to say?

I am grateful and humbled by the many intelligent and resourceful people following my blog. I have learned much from widely diverging viewpoints and deep discussion since this blog was born two years ago. Thousands of readers and 20000 comments later, I would like to expand the blog to include blog posts by others – by “guest writers”.

A few months ago, I decided to let the comments on this blog flow unmoderated. I have also published a few times the writings of others. Now I would like to officially invite you to write on my blog.

Maybe you have something on your mind or in your heart that deserves an audience? Maybe putting up a blog is to much fuzz or to much of a commitment. Then you may get an opportunity right here to have your say.

I am open for any suggestion – anything from philosophy to food recipes to fictional stories or puzzles or, or, or. I can’t promise that I will publish it, but I will consider anything seriously.

Simply drop me an e-mail at

Are you game?

Maurice C. Escher – my favourite artist