If you came here to read about my viewpoints on Scientology, you will find everything from this one page.

I left the Church of Scientology on 2009-08-07.
See my detailed write-up on why.

It boiled down to personal integrity. I could no longer be part of an organization where the management is lying, harassing and suppressing the free will of its members.

Although I am not a Scientologist, I believe that the Scientology philosophy contain some valuable and helpful methods.

My old Scientology blog has detailed accounts covering my experiences in the Church of Scientology and the first year after I left.

Some 6 months after I left, I compiled all my blog posts into a book called “Six months in the open” ( Link to direct download (91 pages, 1.6 MB).

Then, in May 2013, I compiled all the Scientology-related posts from this blog into the book called “From Independent Scientologist to just me”. Get it at Or download it right here (291 pages, 5.4 MB).

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Then there are some videos.

Here is J. Swift interviewing me on many aspects of Scientology:

There are two interviews that Aaron Smith-Levin did with me in 2018:

If you understand Norwegian, there are also videos from my lectures on Scientology at Menighetsfakultetet (Universitetet i Oslo):

Then there are my appearances on Norwegian television:

And my radio interview in Norwegian – by Dag Sørås:

And also my book release (Nittenåttifire):

Finally; you can read all my posts on Scientology here.