In support of Libre Knowledge

Several people in history have contributed to the ant hill of human knowledge. Some stand out as supporters of Libre Knowledge.

Nikola Tesla was one remarkable person.


20 thoughts on “In support of Libre Knowledge

  1. His peers know what accomplished. We now measure magentic field strength in units of teslas.

    1. Gaaaaaa…. typos

      s/what accomplished/what he accomplished/

  2. Tesla: “Electric power is everywhere present in unlimited quantities and can drive the world’s machinery without the need of coal, oil, gas, or any other of the common fuels.

    Tesla deserves to be recognized for his ingenious inventions:

    1. Perfect video, thanks! There is the usual question to any invention: does it produce more good than harm? In the framework of the Purpose of Life concerning Human life and its future it is not easy to answer. Just mentioned it.

    2. Anette Iren Johansen (OT22 ), yes , ” Electric power is everywhere present in unlimited quantities ” as Tesla told, but it has a magnetic field too which affects the influence of the RB ( radio bases ) and this is a very bad bussines problem, in fact it is regulated by the government with the purpose of not harming the wireless telecomunications providers ( internet, phone, radio, tv, etc. )

      1. Rafael S.N……”but it has a magnetic field too which affects the influence of the RB ( radio bases ) and this is a very bad bussines problem, “”

        E… it effects the humans energy field the base tremendously: energy any amount acts as a anchor, [the person stick to it] in this case the increased energy used on this planet acts becomes a weightier anchor effects each person and causes disharmony for the being: which can manifest in many different ways: confusion, illness, violence, eating disorder, gaining weight, the need to cope therefore the person reaches for help: alcohol, drugs etc..

        Also if the harmony is disrupted, that causes violence, restleness-ness, passions can soar and also one can plunge into great depressions since cant confront: face the daily overwhelm, also tiredness is the manifestation of extra burden of energy.

        I could list hundreds of different occurrences because of the increased use of energy on this Planet.
        The simptoms will get worst, just watch and see, even our weather system is changed [more to that one].

          1. R.S.N… just think my dear.. I know all these because I run hundreds of thousans of ARCB’x in sessions because I did not understood something, had no reality what the hell I was hit with, just because I was sitting in enforced reality and I sure did not have affinity for any of that crap.
            I hope you and your family are well?

            1. Rafael I have not used on emeter since the late 70’s, One simply knows when one is sitting up to ones neck in ARCB’ of somekind, since this planet is glued together by ARCb”X..
              We have nothing but ARCB’s.. and it is so simple to ask those questions.. and one just knows the answers, because if the answers would not be there than you could not ask the questions and than we would not have ARXB’s in the first place….hehehe..

            2. Rafael I have stopped auditing the SELF many years back… since than I go into sessions, because i want to know the Universe, not this planet: what is because that has been too confronted in sessions way back..
              but i really wanted to know what the Universe is about, I confronted in session the elements, gravity, speed of light, how the star is being created what is the role of the Black Hole, where the sounds were noticed first, since sound for the spiritual entity do not exist… sounds knowing them is a very new addition..
              I searched for the impassible… and when one passes, the curtain of unknown, the invisible, the concepts of unknowable.. since all those are barriers, one sees reality which is magical.. yet one also realizes that these realities, the wonderous universe is a creation of the one who observes….

    1. Maria
      Thanks!!!! Fascinating material! I haven’t read about him so far. Explains some things to me
      about certain phenomena I can think along with.

  3. Yes, I too have listened to every video about him by now.
    His recalls from his track how energy was used is fantastic.. and how he has interpreted his advanced knowledge into a still relatively barbaric underdeveloped industrial tech.

  4. Nice tribute to a great man. In Eastern Europe he is a real hero, we used to learn about him in school. Without him and Edison I simply cannot imagine the 20th century.

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