Amazing person: Anette Iren Johansen

Warm and with lots of empathy. Tough as a nail. And the smartest woman I’ve met.

Anette Iren Johansen is remarkably issueless, rational and perceptive. She is able to view situations and people from funny, interesting and enlightening angles. Outside the box. Challenging the status quo. Creative and skillful. Fluent in many languages, plays several musical instruments, knows how to juggle, skate, dance, a master chef, mastering natural sciences… you name it. A nerd in disguise. Whatever tickles her fancy she becomes really good at.

If you have followed my latest blog posts, you may think I hold these views of Anette because I am in love. But no, I am in love because of these qualities she possesses.


Ever since I left the Church of Scientology (CoS) three years ago, my interest in that organization has been waning to the point where I couldn’t care a toss about that organization.

Having learned about the horrors that my girlfriend has experienced, it makes it easy to become passionate about removing the Church of Scientology from the face of the earth. OSA; duck for cover.

I got it from CoS circles that I am now labeled “the greatest threat to Scientology in the whole of Europe”. OSA should reserve that position for another with far more knowledge and proof of the crimes of the Church than myself. Intimidating the powergirl may not be thy wisest move.

The future is bright, bold and adventurous. People will be inspired and helped, You will learn to know Anette as the powergirl she is.

35 thoughts on “Amazing person: Anette Iren Johansen

    1. Hi Geir,
      Beautiful post, just beautiful! Most “facets of the jewel” are in it, I will write them down one by one as it is impossible to put them into one post. I hope each of us will do so, as in my
      “reading” now if it happens so, the whole jewel will be in clear view, dissolving what you
      call the “three camps”.

      1. ” the universe will not compromise in allowing me to believe in my resources outside me”
        (a living but unknown to me by the name author)

        Facet 1.

        ” I am in love because of these qualities she possesses”

        What if… just what if we already are, have and act as ONE? What if we already know but
        hide this fact just to play different games? If this is the case, how do we do it? Can it be that we create certain patterns (rules) for each game that we all accept if we want to participate?

        Desire (wanting)
        “I want to be loved” ! So I send this signal out into the universe. Why? Because everybody pays attention to wanting (reactions may be different but no way not to happen).
        Why do I want love? At first sight it seems that I am in lack of it. So I cry out louder and louder “I want love!” Why do I want love? Of course because I want to feel it – to be loved is the best ever feeling/sensation/state in the world! But how do I know that it is so? Isn’t it because I unconsciously know that I am love? LOVE in abundance, just I am not conscious of it? So what’s the solution? Send out the signals? Not really…look around…
        lucky are the ones who have found the “perfect partners”. Or not really? What is their secret?
        If one really, really traces it back, one will find that one is LOVE, that is one has it in abundance.

        OK…but what is the nature of LOVE? Has anyone succeeded in writing it down?

        “I am in love because of these qualities she possesses”
        ” qualities she possesses.”….if it is true that what we can see we can be……..what we are we can see……

        Can it mean that all the qualities you have listed in the Amazing People series are already
        there in each of us? Some are in abundance (others can recognize them), others are hidden waiting to be revealed? Can it be that if me make a list of these qualities we can
        describe the facets of the jewel? Not the jewel, as it can be impossible but at least the facets?
        (what’s written above is based on my experience which was guided by the wisdom of another
        without ever meeting him in life, who lives the truth of Life as a whole)
        Love to YOU

        1. Facet 2

          I am inviting YOU to really STOP for a second. Find that fantastic deep silence in yourself which is the SOURCE of all Creations for All. Listen to its wisdom, go with its Flow. You may get sensations, emotions, a thought….just let them BE as they are….you are none of them….

          Matrix and the Last Samurai

          I love playing with the idea and vision that the succession of Matrix 1 is the Last Samurai. You know, Neo places back the phone….Nathan goes through his mind….present time….what do they do?
          Nathan was lucky….being in Japan and practising the NO-MIND actions there….less and less mind, more and more pieces of real Truth of Life. Its abilities, values and purposes. Strange and hard to live that life first but practising it more and more Nathan got really strong and alive.
          At the beginning he had to face his possible death. He surrendered to it and from this surrendering came out a selfless, instinctive move that saved his life. At the end he had to face the death of his deepest friend to help him see the perfectness, oneness of Life, the Cherry-tree. Down on his kness, exhausted he went to the Emperor to give him his friend’s sword…his life….
          But what about Neo? Being in the west….
          Brian Culcin….I am inviting you to join here….no-mind, wisdom, body-and-spirit harmony, actions in life out of that wisdom…..but first, I am sitting down quietly on my knees,,,silence inside…so, will you join me? The silence of the two of us may reach out and others may join us..
          yes…it has a felt power now and a kind of deep joy, the joy of existence and love….we are ready for you to teach us some movements with the body, no-mind movements, just like in the
          Last Samurai….and having fnished it, we are ready to listen to some Zen teachings….we love them as they can take apart the remaining patterns of the mind….

          There is a felt sense of POWER of no-mind (Flow/Love/Conciousness…) which is capable of frightening those who meet it first….it’s there in each being but some are in such a deep sleep that to wake this up needs the presence of not just one being….it’s a no-thing, cannot be grasped, seen, heard….it’s just there….we are THAT. We know it and live it. That’s why we are here.
          ……Marildi, DeElizabethan, Valkov, Vin, Elizabeth, Rafael, Marianne, sorry for not writing down each of your names, anyway, I am what you are …….! POWER
          Thanks for creating it, Geir!

            1. Facet 4,5,6,7,8……………………………………………………………………………………………………….YOU

              Whoever and wherever YOU are…………….COME HERE and SHINE !

            2. Facet 5

              What is true for you is true for YOU

              As long as there is a path, you will walk on it.
              As long as you walk, there will be a path.

              Body-mind-spirit. Some say that the body is a robot. Others say that it is the temple of the spirit.
              As everything boils down to what one (awareness of awareness unit) is conscious of from the ONE (awareness/consciousness), this dilemma can only be solved by/in the one.
              In my experience the dynamics of Life are well described in scientology. Their experience-being conscious of them is what makes them real for the person. Those who went up to the top of the Bridge can obviously describe their share of the experience (reality) which others may or may not connect to depending on their present reality. It can equally happen so that someone, who is not walking on the “Bridge” can connect to
              it as it’s basically the same CONSCIOUSNESS, which “doesn’t care about” which “path” one is walking on. Truth is Truth.
              Going back to the manifestation called BODY, it can be viewed/observed all through like any other “thing/item”. If one aims to be fully responsible for one’s life, neglecting the body is irresponsibility, that is less a-LIVE-ness. The way(method) it is done by may vary but the end “result” will be the same. This end result is Very! Beautiful!
              I would be thrilled to read about the experiences of OT-s, yoga-fans, athletes….anyone who is willing to join and share….
              Once again, Brian Culkin. No need to say a word why. Watch this!


            3. Facet 6

              Processes, Automation and Human Potential.

              When one reads the article and clears the concepts of The Triangles, beyond conceptual level, one gets interesting results. I did so. Wish you the same! It will
              lead you right into the core of existence, Life and……see for yourself!

            4. Facet 7

              LIFE and DEATH

              Once the I is gone and the Flow starts to live Life through the person, really big things can
              happen. The person knows that there is an ever present presence, a deep silence out of which manifestations pop up and disappear in the same instant. But not always. It can happen so that a tiny, little thing, which the Field of Consciousness informs the person of,
              is a universal concept. The person already knows that s/he is ever present, as with
              the false illusion of the I gone, there is just awareness itself. The person is also aware of another’s immortality (ONE-ness, the same eternal LIGHT, same Consciousness – any word).

              One of this concepts is Death. As in case of anything else, an is-ness must contain a lie to
              persist and it is that lie that hides the truth. This lie, in the ultimate sense, is the physical
              universe. Given the true view of it, one can see that it’s all empty. EMPTY. It is being created continuously by all beings to hold the illusion of its existence.
              Going back to the question of Death. The person is still in the co-created universe. Gets aware of a physical energy in form of a word related to Death. E.g. gone. It is in the nature of the Flow that it is revealing the first Created concept/energy on the chain. And
              like a fire, burns it. The universal Concept/Energy of Death gets burnt in the co-created Mind. More Life, more living Flow for all. With a felt sense of it around.
              Living with the Flow is not always “bliss, joy, happiness”. It’s Responsibility (responding to
              what there is and live through it) to get to Truth – that is LOVE and ALIVENESS. Our true
              nature. Facing the concept of DEATH is a challenge. Given enough LOVE/FLOW it is a
              bliss for all.

          1. Marianne,

            I resonate with your points and feelings on the subject of love.

            I have done considerable amount of considering, contemplating and study and research on this subject of love.

            There are some basic things you have to know to understand these kinds of things.

            These are not well known.

            1. There are only two things in life: life and postulates.

            That reasons out to be logically true.

            I can’t imagine that there can be any other option.

            At least in the mest U that we know.

            Therefore the love we are talking about is some form of a postulate.

            From this point of view and knolwedge, I have reasoned that love is in part a state inherited from parents and an applied postulates thereafter.

            We are only as good as we have bred and brought up.

            All of our problems are due to unGodly breeding practices/ unGodly child rearing practices and unGodly living/lifestyle practices.

            2. We are a sum total product of a conception, a gestation and an up bringing, and all the data and emotions involved.

            If you have a problem with the product, you have to check the factory.

            Everything is a postulate to lessor or greater degree.

            Garbage in- garbage out.

            good data in- good data out

            undesireable motion in, undesireable emotion out.

            Anger in- anger out.

            Love in- love out.

            Emptyness in- emptyness out.

            Psychosis in, psychosis out.

            Confusion in, confusion out.

            Etc. etc. ad infinitum

            The state of mind and spirit of parents from a couple of months before conception, to time of conception to a few yrs after birth effects the child accordingly. The child is being formed in this factory.

            Conception is quatum physics. Matter is being created from thought form to matter.

            The things that good parents do, especially good mothers are the good postulates that make a child good and emotionally well adjusted.

            The emotional nourishment that good sane mothers give spiritually ( through focus and intention) and apply physically through carressing, playing, kissing,cuddling and talking to the baby, are all postulates. Applied postulates.)

            Nothing in this universe happens without a cause.

            Mothers are the factory of civilization.

            Only women through proper mothering can save civilization.

            Women have the majority of control over the gestation and birth and upbringing.

            I heard an interview on the radio many yrs ago with a woman from Africa who figured this out and wrote a book about it and was on a book promo tour.

            She was the most intelligent woman I ever listened to.

            She said the problem of men in Africa is caused by poor mothering.

            She said mothers have to teach their sons how to be good men, how to treat women and be good fathers, and teach their daughters on how to be good women and how to treat men and be good mothers.

            It is only common sense attained through good reasoning and good logic.

            (understanding cause and effect/ and the laws of cause and effect)

            Read science of survival, ( last two pages of book one- ch 18.)

            With emphasis on paragraph beginning with : The whole future of the race…to end of chapter.

            Recommended reading:

            TROM- The resolution of the mind. By Dennis stevens.

            The science of survival.


            Oahspe (pdf book is on line.)

            The Anastasia series of books by Vladimir Megre ( all nine)

            Available at:


            1. Dio
              ‘I resonate with your points and feelings on the subject of love.’ Thank you, Dio…

              ‘There are only two things in life: life and postulates’
              ‘Therefore the love we are talking about is some form of a postulate’.

              Listen to this.

            2. Marianne,

              Yes. I listened to it.

              They talk about it, but they have no answers.

              They identify a few clues here and there.

              They are grasping on to a few morsels of partial truths and almost truths and clues to truths and they think they have the truth.

              They are the blind feeling around in the endless darkness for answers.

              There are no answers in new age stuff.

              (It is worse than the scn bridge. Because the wise can figure out the traps in the bridge and avoid them, and get useful value from it. But in new age stuff the darkness never ends. At best you get sedatives, and psuedo truths. )

              I read and listened to that kind of stuff intensively for 25 yrs before I came across scn.

              I read a truck load of those kind of books.

              And it just about killed me.

              I began to find some answers when I began to read scn books and free zone stuff.

              (I did scn on my own, not in the co$.)

              I gleaned what I could from scn than began to think and research for myself.

              ( I have more than enough people effing with my mind, so I refused to let the co$ do it to.)

              I learned how to think, reason use logic and axioms and align data from scn.

              I learned how to identify key datums in a sea of chaos to stabilize the chaos and unrevel it, and align the pieces in order of significance.

              I learned how to start, control and stop.

              I learned cause and effect.

              I learned what postulates were.

              Auditing removed the charge from trauma.

              So I could function better.

              Then I began to piece things together and get understanding.

              I call that new age stuff granola.

              What is granola?

              : What isn’t flakes is fruits and nuts.

              New age stuff and the kind of talk on the audio turns my stomach.

              It hurts my brain.

              Same with new age people.

              They are flakes, fruits and nuts.


            3. Dio
              Thanks..I get what you are saying. Also, your smooth ‘flow’. If you want to talk on…I know what New Age is, you are right in what you are saying about it…but for some this is what they want and can confront, so I am not judgemental about it, it is in anybody’s free will what one is reading or doing.

              Adyashanti is not new age. He had been in Zen for a long time, when he got so called ‘realized’, enlightened’….he is…hm. don’t wish to say a word for that.
              That you say ‘the audio turns my stomach’….I totally get it. Not figuratively but factually, the
              ‘stomach’ is the center of ‘personal control’. The ‘person as a controller’….the ‘filter-I-illusion’….when it is ‘seen through’, the Real Life as You starts to be in ‘control’ without a fixed ‘center’.

              ‘My brain hurts’…thoughts, postulates….Ron said that postulates alone aberrate the individual. Why? Only prime postulate, which is To Be, doesn’t result in aberration. This TO BE happens to be what I wrote above, the centerless ‘center’, which is Life, the Flow, which is ‘you’, ‘me’….the “flow’ you and I are communicating ‘on/by’ is the same…it is soft, aesthetic, has affinity…..the ‘carrier’ of communication….AC so far….the words, concepts we use, like me now, are the R….the SENSE of the flow, deeper and deeper,allows our ‘realities’ to get closer and closer…..
              There is no two Truths…the Truth in the Axioms of scientology is the same as in True meditation.

              Ron says in the Science of Survival that change of environment (body, thoughts, sensations
              etc. are also environment as they are creations of the being) can be beneficial….yes. The ‘Axioms’ until full Truth is realized, is an ‘environment’. Adyashanti uses different concepts for True Meditation…so different environment. I can ‘use’ both.
              If you sit down, just sit down and relax, you can ‘see’ what environment you are creating…
              you can create lots of environments…or not create them…it’s part of Freedom…..

  1. Wow! I am really happy for you both, Geir and Anette. It seems like you both have found the partner of your dreams. I wish you both tons of happiness. 🙂
    In regards to Scientology: is it possible for the CoS to make some kind of a soft landing or does the shit have to hit the fan for real as soon as possible?
    Read my true story, inspired by your site:
    – –

      1. Geir,
        Very good that you read my story. 🙂
        I tolerate that you for now believe it to be off the wall. I also partly take it as an invalidation, even though I feel I really don’t have the right to, or do I? My first reaction when I got your comment was “What?! He doesn’t believe me?!”
        My plan was to first talk with you about this, but you are not the easiest man for a cup of coffee – with me. I did not want to wait anymore and therefore I just announced it, with a very open and direct attitude.
        Some of what I have written is not correct as in (quantity) details. I really don’t care much about that. However, the main point was necessary for me to disclose and now I have finally done it. I really needed to do this as part of my Non-ex. It has been hanging around me and has been extremely hard for me to live with for so many years. Remember that I have been most heavily suppressed for a very long time.
        All of a sudden I get so creative that I write poems, songs and even paint drawings and paintings. Take a look at the pieces I have created, all very recently. I have through my life not at all been an artist! I just recently got rid of my stage freight, which was heavy. Now I also got rid of my eczema, which has been really terrible for me my whole life. I will not be marketing this in the future. Anyone in the whole wide world can now easily check out who I really am if they really want to know, also via Twitter and Face. Now I know that the truth will come through, sooner or later.
        I have gone through a lot of emotions while writing and publishing my reality these last days and hours. I cried of happiness! in finally doing what needs to be done now, on my part.
        I have never had more integrity than right now. That is my true reality.
        Geir, isn’t it the slightest chance that what I have presented is basically true – to you?

        – –

  2. Geir, I have been thoroughly enjoying your series of Amazing People!

    I am delighted, no, absolutely thrilled, that you and Annette have connected to form such a boundless co-expression and co-creation. I am excited just considering the possibilities that can grow and expand with your explorations and their ripple effect in the wider world. How fine that you have both found a fellow explorer so willing to share your journeys. Wonderful!

    OSA has it backwards. You are not the greatest threat to Scientology in Europe, you are the greatest boon to the very basis on which it was conceived – freedom, integrity, and the fullness of expression of life itself.

    It is a very great pleasure to meet you Annette, even though a greeting on a blog isn`t quite the same as face-to-face. Geir has great heart, and great love of authenticity. That he sees and experiences tremendous fulfillment with you speaks to me of who you are. Thank you for your willingness to share of yourself and your life on this blog and I really look forward to the unfolding of your creative and exploratory endeavors!

    1. I bow. I am honored.

      I was talking about you with Anette just yesterday. I missed your comments. May this be the start of a new Maria-wave.

  3. Hi everyone,
    I find these axioms real gems (among others). Their full understanding can have quite remarkable results.

    Axiom 35. The ultimate truth is a static.
    A Static has no mass, meaning, mobility, no wave-length, no time, no location in space.
    This has the technical name of “Basic Truth”.
    Axiom 23. The static has the capability of total knowingness, total knowingness would consist
    of total ARC.
    Axiom 47. Theta can resolve problems.
    Axiom 49. To solve any problem it is only necessary to become theta, the solver, rather than
    theta, the problem.


    1. Hi Geir,
      A question to you. Can it be that when the Ultimate Truth is revealed to the one (the person), it’s a kind of very pure, peaceful state of being when one doesn’t desire anything any more? Can be, do and have without the “urge” to do so. That is pure theta. And because it is in the nature of theta that it loves to resolve problems (axiom 47, 49), problems will pop up in the physical universe for the person on any dynamics “to be solved” -that is a kind of a call for the person to be “in/on the wheel of life” but not OF it?
      That is to change the “state, movement” of the wheel – evolution?
      That is for you to do so, having attained OT8.

  4. Anette is super talented person for sure. Anyone who is multi lingual and multi instrumental is off the charts IMO. I’m really happy for both of you. I hope the boys are doing well with all the new transitions too! I know Jonathan is really sensitive little kid!!

    Much love for you both — B

  5. Wow, Anette really has a wide range of abilities and qualities – across the spectrum. It’s easy to see how likable and lovable she is. 🙂

    One point that interests me is her knowing many languages. In comments, she writes as if English is her native language, with none of even the tiny telltale clues otherwise, from what I’ve noticed. But from the last name she appears to be Scandinavian. So I’m curious about that…

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  7. he he…Come on Geir, she’s not a nerd in disguise 🙂 Let’s call it the girl everyone would like to stay nearby during a math exam…:) PS. Very nice and very warm characterization of Anette 🙂

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