Everyone should have an Evil Plan

Evil Plans by HughI just completed a book that quickly found its way onto my “Essential Reading” list.
Evil Plans by my favorite cartoonist Hugh MacLeod puts life into perspective. It’s a jolt in the right direction and an inspiration to fulfill one’s potential.
Hugh has written a very readable, very direct, no-fuss book. Every short chapter has a punch in it flanked by relevant anecdotes and of course Hugh’s excellent cartoons.

Hugh is much more than a cartoonist. He spans many fields, and although he never mentions himself in the field of Philosophy, he is indeed a life philosopher. And his cartoons provide a perfect vehicle for conveying his views in the most succinct way.

Evil Plans is a great read, perfect for the vacation – to gear up for a new and refreshed You.

I guess I just completed writing my first book review 🙂


7 thoughts on “Everyone should have an Evil Plan

  1. Excellent choice!

    I hace sent this reference to my son, Vishal, who now boasts the title “VP Marketing, Grooveshark” under his name. I think he’ll love it.


  2. We do not necessarily perceive what is “out there.” In fact, nobody really knows what is “out there.” We perceive only what our mind tells us.


    And that applies to any evil plan too. Hey! I am enjoying working on my blog!


  3. Geir,

    First, happy Father’s Day (at least it is in the States).

    Second, I read the whole book today and it’s like Hugh MacLeod wrote it exclusively for me…..which, of course, he didn’t.

    I loved his overall intention of fulfilling our obligation to use our skills and assist the world in doing so, rather than wasting away in a cubicle.

    Great recommendation! I’m now a MacLeod fan.



  4. When copywriters write books, they are almost always hit you right between the eyes with a setting maul. They are typically short, life-zapping and leave you dazed with clarity.

    “Evil Plans” does all that.

    I haven’t read his first book though.

    Evil Plans twins well with “The Four Hour Work Week” by Tim Ferris.

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