What is Reality?

Got an article up at Elephant Journal called “What is Reality?

It should strike right to the core of what I also write about on this blog. Check it out, and please leave a comment over at the Elephant’s.

6 thoughts on “What is Reality?

  1. LRH thought there were two cases here. 1.) What is created by one alone which I believe he dubbed “actuality”, and 2.) What he thought were the results of agreement between two or more beings.

    So he distinguished between an “actuality” which is something “real” only to oneself and part of “one’s own universe”, and “reality” which he dubbed “agreement”, as indicating a shared or co-created universe.

    This view he summed up in his essay on “the 3 Universes”. There is more complexity to this view, but that’s the essence of it as I recall it.

    Any opinions on this distinction?

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