Amazing person: Jason Beghe

Real. No facade. A straight shooter. Warm. Generous.

There is no beating around the bush with Jason Beghe. In stark contrast to the usual Hollywood PR personae, he stands out as the genuine human being he is. Honest about his own feelings in any situation. It is very understandable that he left the Church of Scientology, where PR is the real currency since decades. His exit in 2005 marked a new high in honesty and to-the-point communication.

I stayed with Jason for a few days back in 2009, right after my own exit. Excellent hospitality, a loving family, and Jason was remarkably easy to get along with. We quickly got down to a real and honest, deep level communication. Even after months of not being in touch, we just pick it up where we last ended off.

Jason is intelligent, unbreakable, generous and funny.

And he understands people. He is able to take on a wide range of viewpoints and really understand where others are coming from.

I regard Jason as a soul mate. He is a remarkable human being.

21 thoughts on “Amazing person: Jason Beghe

  1. I just love how Jason spoke out and admire his guts to do it. Very early in my research I was a little put off by the first vids which were a little startling and funny. The later vids in Germany just hit the spot. Wow, the charge blew. Jason said Everything that I had experienced in that last year and those vids were the most significant ones. Also Debbie’s email and Lisa McPherson real story, some truth, enabled me with courage and confidence toward more research and understanding. Having some agreement to my Own Knowingness made it more comfortable to live in the world, safer and not alone. And right, of course!
    Jason has a terrific sense of humor and is a beautiful bright light! I will always thank him for helping and look forward to his continuing success.
    Nice to see him here 🙂 Thanks Isene

  2. He’s the first one of the Scientology celebs who actually applied what Scientology supposedly stands for in terms of personal integrity and saying what one observes. The ONLY one, at first. That took a lot of courage.

    This paved the way for Paul Haggis, Michael Fairman etc but, even they, have not spoken out in the totally genuine way that Jason has and I got tremendous help from his 10 part video filmed by Mark Bunker.

    Jason is a very good man indeed.

    1. I nearly fell out of chair laughing when you hit the punchline on the Teaser video. That was so skillfully executed I was sucked right in! And I really needed a good laugh the day I first watched it. Good one!

      Thank you for speaking out as you did. It seems to me that not only did you lead the way for the other celebs who have spoken out, you also have been very supportive of Marty’s efforts and I appreciate the very real help you gave to Daniel Montalvo and no doubt others we don’t know about. I see you as being a key person in the evolution of the entire truth expose that has been going on and that has been making some very beneficial changes in the world of Scientology or shall I say, in the independence of Scientology.

      Much respect!

  3. Marty Rathbun speaks very highly of Jason too. He said that the two of them worked out a vision together after spending many hours of talk on the subject of Scientology. He said, “That vision was to help Scientologists heal and to heal Scientology itself by means, primarily, of letting the truth be known.”

    I thought it was quite impressive that after giving that famous interview basically denouncing Scientology as a vicious scam, and it being seen by so many people, he was able to then turn around and want to “heal Scientology”. So it was twice that he not only showed an incredible integrity but an ability to see something for what it is – first the Church of Scientology and then Scientology itself.

  4. I just love REBELLIOUS people with integrity! When I saw his first video interview, it blew my mind, I cried and I laughed. Best session ever. I also had the “privilege” to be declared Clear twice so I know exactly what mess he was talking about. The truth uncharged me. Nothing better than direct unfiltered honesty! Keep it up. 😉

  5. What’s I’ve learned following this amazing blog is that people who left the Church of Scientology suffered a change. In their life, in their mind, in their personality, doesn’t matter, but a change for the better. They redescover themselves. Or at least this is what an outsider like me can notice.
    Another thing I can notice is that ex-Scientologists are more united and soul connected now, then before, when they were member of the Church!
    Am I wrong?

    1. Somewhat Dragos… to be sure I think more so because of removing the “dog-eat-dog” of COS life. But now that we are out, we need to be mindful to be that change that we wanted for ourselves and not eat each other up anymore. Life is not an argument or an ongoing debate unless we make it into one. That’s not what we want, is it? It takes mindful tolerance to create a tolerant world.

    2. I’d say not wrong. When I went back to the church for a year, oblivious of changes, I thought I would have some friends since I was alone. Ha, except for events which turned to regging cycles and other activities, I found many were nice, but no friends. My life now if full of friends and being in communication, the highest need, even if through the internet, has fulfilled my quest. I am more spiritual also since other spirits are free from the organizational restrictions.

    3. Dragos: “Another thing I can notice is that ex-Scientologists are more united and soul connected now, then before, when they were member of the Church!”

      Excellent observation, IMO. I’ve observed it to be similar to family ties. (And don’t forget, no feuds are as intense as the ones between brothers and sisters ;).)

  6. I have a couple of IMPORTANT questions to ask you OSA-personnel or other members of the Church of Scientology reading this:

    1. Has your involvement in OSA or the Church of Scientology moved your boundaries for what is normal and ok? A little bit? Much?

    2. Are you still proud of what you are doing? Compared to a couple of years ago? A decade ago?

    3. Is what you do now what you’ve always dreamt of doing? Not even close?

    4. If you use common sense (or what’s left of common sense): Go back in time 5 years, 10 years, 15 years or even before you joined the Sea Org or the Church:

    Can you imagine at that time that you would do the things you do today?
    If your answer is NO, listen to your gut feeling and get the hell out!

    There’s a life waiting for you on the outside where you can still practice your religion if you like. Or just enjoy some precious moments. There are plenty to be had.

    1. That’s just too much thinking for me. But it did make me think about it some and sums up to.
      I live in the now, aware of the past, and in planning the future. Enjoying life as it happens. Oh sure, occasionally like to enjoy the beautiful sadness of some past, as part of being in the human race.
      I should hope someone who is in will read this, but telling them to “get the hell out” is like other commands they may not like. Their gut will tell them in time.

  7. Yes, the 2 hour + video with him was and is a joy as it basically echos what I experienced in my very, very short stint in a Germany-based org – namely, that “it ain’t delivering what is promised” and never will, thanks amongst other things to the downright obscene fee structure. Ironic how this supposed SP has maintained his integrity. Would love to meet him someday.

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