Amar RPG: New tools

The Amar Role-Playing Game has got two new tools lately.

To understand what Amar RPG is, check out its extensive wiki.

The new tools are a random names generator and an “Open ended dice roller“. The random names generator will give you ten names of the race you pick (from human male and female names to dwarves, elves, trolls and more).

If you are a Game Master for an Amar RPG campaign, you now have a better swiss army knife at your disposal.

Coming up is something even more time-saving. I won’t reveal just yet what it is, but I can tell you that it will save hours upon hours of preparations – even if you are playing other Role-Playing Game systems.

4 thoughts on “Amar RPG: New tools

  1. Great to hear. Haven’t heard back from you on my second submission on the OPB.

    I’m going to start playing more Amar. We should consider an “AMAR Con” once a year.

    … Hmmmmm … or perhaps tag it onto an existing convention.

    Please let me know if you want the OPB to go forward. I left the second draft in the comments some time ago. There are other changes I would probably want after not looking at it for so long.

    Great game.

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