Wrapping up Scientology

Aaron Smith-Levin did a second interview with me on Scientology:

I think this would wrap up my talks and interviews on Scientology for now.

I also completed my page here on Scientology. This makes it easier to give those who want me to comment, answer questions or contribute to book projects, articles or school assignments one definite page to get all my views.

12 thoughts on “Wrapping up Scientology

  1. Geir mentions getting to know Nathan through the video. That’s a contrasting viewpoint than a lot of current discussion about how the internet is steering people away from live human interaction. I have a small circle of friends and acquaintances, none of whom are interested in discussing philosophical ideas, so the internet is an outlet on that for me. To some extent I’ve become acquainted with a few people on the internet and who knows, maybe someday I’ll meet a couple of them in real life.

    What’s a ”’role session” with kids?

    “In Norway nobody gives a fuck whether it’s a religion or not.” – laughter – succinct

    I had assumed that all countries give religion special benefits but that’s not the case. My viewpoint on scn as a religion is that reincarnation/past lives is an integral part of scn and scn-ists join billions of Hindus, Buddhists and others in that belief. In my 8 years in scn in the 1970s and early 1980s I never called scn my religion, yet I believed that everyone should eventually “get into scientology” so in essence it was my “faith”.

    This was an interesting video and I have more comments to make but I need to finish painting the foundation on my house before it rains.

      1. Thanks – I thought it might be a might be a psychology process where you let your kids play Daddy and boss you around for a day. (joke)

  2. “Giving meaning to life” – That seems to cross reference recent topics on this blog regarding free will.

    I never looked back on scn after I left until I watched the HBO movie “Going Clear” and started participating on the scn blogs. Until a year or so ago there was a lot of discussion about numerous subjects from the Athenaeum* to occultism to quantum mechanics. Not that my doing research and study on a lot of the subjects that came up gave me any great meaning to life, but I looked forward to getting up in the morning and seeing what was being discussed.

    1 the temple of Athena at Athens, where writers and scholars met
    2 The Roman academy of law, literature, etc. founded by Hadrian
    3 a literary or scientific club
    4 any building or hall used as a library or reading room

    Someone once likened Mark Rathbun’s scn blog to an athenaeum in that Marty rarely chided anyone for going off topic and numerous side conversations arose. There might have been similarities on this blog but I wasn’t aware of Geir’s blog until a few months ago.

  3. Yesterday I looked at the first video you did with Aaron which I should have done when you posted it on 2018-05-22 on the topic “The rational skeptic worldview”. I think I looked at the topic as written and decided it was going into a lot of technical things like Bell’s Theorem, The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle and so on so I put off watching the video.

    At any rate, that video was excellent with straight questions and answers like what did you get from scn and specifically a couple of the OT levels. Why did you continue. Why did you leave. Would you recommend scn to anyone. There were many more and I think the two videos together neatly summarize your views and why you’re stepping out of scn conversation, forever. We’ll see. As an aside, my best friend is a realist and an atheist and any time I mention anything about scn he worries I’m still stuck in it. Scn and anti-scn is sticky.

  4. I enjoyed the video. I’m currently studying scn at a mission and an org in San Francisco. I don’t consider myself a Scientologist and tell them that straight out. You saying the money was worth the gains sort of motivates me to continue. Do you think I can get the same benefits from independent study and independent auditing?

  5. Excellent discussion – as always, Geir.

    Your valuable contributions to the discussion of Scientology for Ex-Scientologists, and Scientologists, continue to produce positive and constructive outcomes.



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