A liability of perfection is that trifles become important

While this is obvious when competing at a world class level, it is perhaps not so obvious in daily life.

When one is competing at the top in a sport, one is nearing perfection. Polishing of details will make the difference between a gold medal and a botched run. The details, even trifles, rise in importance.

And so it is with every life lived. If one gets to a point of polishing a comfortable life to perfection, trifles starts gaining importance. A detail out of place can become upsetting. Even the smallest setbacks can cause great upsets. And that is when you should wreck havoc to the status quo; Quit your job, move to another country, get horse, or a divorce, sail around the world, get involved in serious charity work, help people in the slums, do something crazy to make life less nitpicky. Because perfection has a few liabilities. And this is one of them.