A liability of perfection is that trifles become important

While this is obvious when competing at a world class level, it is perhaps not so obvious in daily life.

When one is competing at the top in a sport, one is nearing perfection. Polishing of details will make the difference between a gold medal and a botched run. The details, even trifles, rise in importance.

And so it is with every life lived. If one gets to a point of polishing a comfortable life to perfection, trifles starts gaining importance. A detail out of place can become upsetting. Even the smallest setbacks can cause great upsets. And that is when you should wreck havoc to the status quo; Quit your job, move to another country, get horse, or a divorce, sail around the world, get involved in serious charity work, help people in the slums, do something crazy to make life less nitpicky. Because perfection has a few liabilities. And this is one of them.


15 thoughts on “A liability of perfection is that trifles become important

  1. “Oh nooo.” (groooann.) “This is sooo upsetting!!” — (the mantra of an untold
    number of perfectionists!) 😥 (

    Yup! Gotten total reality on this one — both subjectively AND objectively! 🙂

    As a coach, you get to see this ‘fixation’ played out regularly. (Especially in the minds of those challenging at world class levels) Unfortunately, the ‘state’ impacts rather negatively on those usually supporting the ‘fixated’ one.

    However, as you pointed out, when one becomes too consumed, by perfectionism in one’s every day life, this constitutes a definite liability!!! 😦

    Letting go, of the ‘fixation’, MAY be handled through the means you have suggested. :). There again, perhaps not! Reason? A state of mind sooo ‘consumed’ — has become a sort of willfully constructed, comfortable silk prison cocoon — A prison with a PURPOSE — Shutting others OUT! while luxuriating in the opportunity to totally en-wrap one’s self with the attaining of that preciously, intoxicating, ‘perfection!’ … Oh and of course, what greater sacrifice, than to be totally consumed by the ecstasy of deliciously, sensual, DETAIL? ❤

    More of an introverting, 'mind-game', than most people realize,…. eh, fellow coach? 🙂

    I do feel this is one definite job for SOOOPERMAN! (Just kidding!) But gee, perhaps a nuggety counselor, at least! Some trusted, capable, guidance fundi, who can assist our erstwhile 'perfectionist,' to effect some 'detachment' from the state., thereby returning a balanced view of the 'fixation' to that which IT IS! And giving the exasperated support/ers a bloody break as well!!!! 😥
    BTW, I have had some great success working hand-in-hand with a professional highly trained hypno-therapist, who has greatly assisted with those under my coaching, in bridging those 'mental impasses' which impeded their progress.

    Screw perfection man! — Viva excellence! 😀

    1. Ok so basically, my screaming “nooooo… Make it stop” is not the way to go. I did decide earlier to become a Chaos Master. Hmmmmm.

      1. Just take a deeep breath, while counting to 10. then let it out sloooowly, kurz.
        repeat — one more time. Take it from a sports coach … simply works. Try it next time….. just let…everything…..go-o-o-o. 🙂

        1. Fine. But how about introducing people slowly , like getting a goldfish before getting a horse. Horses behave like cats when they play. I did watch a documentary on monkeys being the new fad in the US as forever babies. ( they live for 50 years)

            1. I know. (Sigh) and I know all of you shaking the ground with revolution are going to do a great job. I would join in, provided it isn’t on the level of bonding and playing with a horse ( never again please). 😉

            2. Thank you for allowing me to participate on your blog Geir. It’s been an absolute pleasure and I look forward to seeing the brainstorms of you power hitters. 🙂 I truly look forward to you beautiful people.

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