Why the complexity?

First, the Marshmallow Challenge:

Then one could wonder:

Why do people get in to all kinds of unnecessary bureaucracy and complexity?

Why not simply this?


Because of fear of failure.


Because they can’t handle failure well.


Because lack of training in handling failures.


Because of early lack of failures.


Because of early rap for failures made.


Because parent’s fear of failure.

And so it goes.

But how to break this vicious cycle of inherited fear of failure?

You help remove the person’s fear of failure by helping him fail more. And then you coach him to like his failures because he understands that there is great potential in there for learning.

Today’s motto: “Challenge. Fail fast, fail often. Learn.

Perception of time

When you are young, a year seems like an eternity. As you get older, the years passes almost without notice. Except when something dramatic happens – like a near death car accident. Then time crawls and you feel like Neo in The Matrix.

The perception of time depends on the rate of change and your proximity to the change. If change happens fast in Syria, it will hardly impact your perception of time. If the change happens to your body, like in that car accident, your perception of time is greatly affected.

You can feel time slowing down by getting in gear and doing a lot. Create lots of results, and you will get more out of life. But you can do even better.

You can effectively “slow down” time by facilitate change within yourself. If you allow your viewpoints to change and develop rapidly, you will get back the notion that a year feels like an eternity.


A liability of perfection is that trifles become important

While this is obvious when competing at a world class level, it is perhaps not so obvious in daily life.

When one is competing at the top in a sport, one is nearing perfection. Polishing of details will make the difference between a gold medal and a botched run. The details, even trifles, rise in importance.

And so it is with every life lived. If one gets to a point of polishing a comfortable life to perfection, trifles starts gaining importance. A detail out of place can become upsetting. Even the smallest setbacks can cause great upsets. And that is when you should wreck havoc to the status quo; Quit your job, move to another country, get horse, or a divorce, sail around the world, get involved in serious charity work, help people in the slums, do something crazy to make life less nitpicky. Because perfection has a few liabilities. And this is one of them.


What describes a successful person?

What are the qualities needed to be successful?

  1. What qualities are absolutely mandatory for success in any given field?
  2. What qualities are usually needed or would normally contribute to success?

I’d like your input on these two questions. I hope for a good brainstorming :-)


What describes a person?

Resilience, happy, cooking, meek, sad, archery, personality, love, decision, feel, character, intelligence. Words that describe how a person is, what a person can do, or what characteristics, abilities or skills a person has.

I’m writing an article classifying various human descriptors. I’d like to ask you for help to extend the above list – not by furnishing mere synonyms, but by actually extending the list.

Thanks :-)