Scientology: How delusional can you get?

This is sadly how off the rails one gets from remaining in the Truman Show.

First a definition; IAS = International Association of Scientologists, an organization created to facilitate donations from Scientologists for no service in return. Scientologists are required to donate huge chunks of money to remain in good standing with the church as they move on up the Scientology levels.

Here’s a quote from an e-mail intercepted by Mike Rinder:

…”what would the planet be like if there was no IAS?”. Great question, isn’t it? When you really take a look it does not take long to realize that without the IAS the world we live in would be way worse than what it is today, that probably the majority of the population would be on psych drugs and maybe worst of all, there would be no hope for the future.

When you start believing that Scientology in any context has a real impact on society outside of being a media joke, you are delusional.

Letting Scientology give meaning to your life

A brilliant comment by Rafael on my previous blog post deserves a blog post all on its own:

When I was a Scientologist, I KNEW everything…… or, at least the IMPORTANT things in life.
I was CERTAIN, I had all the answers, where I came from, where I was going, why I was here, what I was, Who I was…….

Scientology gave meaning to my life. Rich, beautiful meaning.

Now that I’m not a Scientologist, I’m just an old sock who knows almost nothing and struggles to make ends meet.

My life might be insignificant in this enormous universe which I’m not saving anymore………

But now I am the one who is giving meaning to it.

Scientology: The two primary motivations

  1. To help oneself
  2. To help others

These are the two primary motivations of a scientologist. Most scientologists are recruited via #1. Most scientologists stay because of #2.

Scientology may deliver excellent results to individuals, but it does not deliver what it promises (Clear, OT). Some cling to the hope that it may some day deliver on its promises, but most people get the drift and leave – though it may take a while due to family ties or difficult social situations.

The church knows that it cannot deliver on its promises. Thus the bait is switched into exploiting the motivation to help others. Utilizing whatever benefits the individual may have gotten in Scientology into hooking the person on the benefit it may have for others. The person may view himself as a difficult or different case and that others will understand and benefit better from Scientology.

Failing to help oneself via Scientology, scientologists may cling to the hope that the church will help others through its social betterment programs. These programs are far and away and only reported through over-the-top false PR during the international Scientology events. And the scientologist may continue to believe that his time and money is best donated to the church. And as the church harshly penalizes listening to any criticism of itself and decries any independent research, the parishioner is left clueless – continually bombarded by the internal church PR.

It amazes me that I often hear a person, after reading a critical book on Scientology, raising the question of why scientologists remain in the fold. It does put such books in a bad light as a book on Scientology surely should be able to answer such a basic question. The answer lies in the above.

Statistics as another way of stifling creativity

For some odd reason, I accidentally stumbled across a comment here on my blog from more than 2 years ago. Beyond the point regarding Scientology, Charles Bourke Wildbank made an excellent point about the retrospective nature of using statistics in business. While history and statistics do have their valuable uses, they can also stifle creativity. Interesting accidental dig, methinks :-)

When I did art for Scientology many years ago, there was an enormous amount of micromanaging and stifling of creativity. I just said, “I’ve had it!” The problem with statistic hounding is that they are based upon YESTERDAY and OLD STUFF DONE, yet they wish to REPEAT those actions. That is NOT CREATIVITY. Every artist on staff I have known no longer work for Scientology today. Small wonder. We want pioneers and all artists are of the pioneering sort. There are others who pretend to be artists and paint “tradition”. That is their choice. It allows them to brush up more skill until they are ready to make that LEAP.


Grasp the moment with love

Touching your heart, your soul, your life
His inquiring eyes exploring yours
Taking hold of your breath, your self
The gentle feeling of a teardrop, but of course

He is new to this world, to yours
Which will never be the same again
Your futures will forever run a different course
When you end yours and his goes on – this will be then

Sad in a way as the moment evaporates
But most precious as you fully grasp
The richness of emotions, value, of what it creates
The change, the love, flowing past