Hard Core to Soft Core

Just got around to write down more of our ideas (Brendan and myself) in a document titled “Hard Core to Soft Core”.

Here’s the abstract:

How do the soft assets of an organization relate to the hard assets? How does an organization change its culture? How does the structure of an organization relate to its people, products and processes?

These are but a few of the questions this article examines. It highlights the relationships between the various elements of an organization — from the hard core physical assets to the soft, intangible human elements.

Here’s the document: http://www.scribd.com/doc/94065549/Hard-Core-to-Soft-Core

4 thoughts on “Hard Core to Soft Core

  1. Geir, I had an interesting win from your article, to do with the masculine and feminine aspects of an organization that you made clear are each necessary to its success. This principle is like the Chinese yin-yang, and what that got me thinking about is that there must be only a few basic principles in the universe. Thus, it isn’t really necessary to be knowledgeable in a vast number of subjects – the important elements of each of them are in their basic fundamentals, and those can be learned in a limited number of subjects. Maybe even one or two. Hmmm….

    Anyway, I guess I must have been feeling overwhelmed by the vast amount of knowledge that exists nowadays and how impossible it is to devour it all and how I must be missing out on so much, etc etc… So it was kind of a relief to look at it from a new perspective. Thank you! 🙂

  2. I have read the article and I totally agree… and Marildi, you are right, there is only few basic rules are needed if they are in than all is well..
    My ex had a CPA practice while I we were married which he wanted to flourish to grow desperately, but the business never become big. The product was there but the attitude, [his out ethic condition on all dynamics] which was his base how he run his life and he built that practice on was out.
    Of course that not only affected the practice but was the cause for divorce and numerous law suits against the practice and he nearly lost his license. In my reality, no matter how good is the product, the venture will not be successful if the right attitude is not there. The true- right attitude has no boundaries…limitations….no matter what is undertaken winning is inevitable..

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