Lisa Marie Presley: So long

Not mincing words.

This is pretty heartfelt, I’d say.

In case anyone was still wondering why I post this, even after seeing the video… she has left the building (the Church of Scientology).

19 thoughts on “Lisa Marie Presley: So long

  1. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!! I am much more interested in what she has to say now. I like all that I have heard on this album and plan to purchase it. Very happy. 🙂

  2. That is supposed to be:

    ………..a city without lights. ( not lies).

    The video needs editing as someone posted on You tube.


  3. I hope dear Lisa Finds comfort else where. and if she does need help that she is able to talk and hopefullytheirs going to be some where ,where she is happy to be and be around people that allow her to be herself . Her Dad would have wanted this .

  4. I am breaking the spell!
    It is quite amusing to see people to read lot of things into her songs!
    She told the Us magazine that she moved to England in order to get away from assistants and business people and do her songs in England, not a word about Scientology!

    And she support CCHR!

    Btw ad home is forbidden in her forum!


    1. Trust me on this one; She would not be allowed to record that song – or the one titled “You ain’t seen nothing yet” on her latest album while in good standing with the church. She is probably clever to avoid Scientology as a subject while promoting her new album.

  5. What David Miscavige and another top executive found great amusement in can probably be read between the lines in the following account!

    Scientology book claims to reveal celebrity member’s private details
    The author Amy Scobee has refused to back down from her allegations and according to Radaroline writes that she has personally witnessed while in the office of David Miscavige, take a phone call in her presence from another top church executive. During this phone conversation Scobee revealed that the two men found great amusement as they dished the dirt on a female celebrity who was closely connected with Michael Jackson. Scobee states that she believed the celebrity to have been the daughter of Elvis Presley, Lisa Marie Presley.

    Soderqvist1: Lisa Mari Presley has been interviewed by Playboy 2003.
    I first saw it in a Swedish newspaper 2003. The quote is from the end of the interview.

    Playboy: How would you characterize your taste in sex?

    Presley: Probably “porn style.” [Laughs] I am a little dark on the subject. I like it rough, the way they do things in porn movies.

    Playboy: Have you ever wished you were lesbian?

    Presley: Sure. I think I’d be much better off as lesbian. My best friend is also my assistant, and she’s been with me for eight years. I feel like, damn! If I were gay and I could’ve been with you, we would have been perfect.

    Lisa Marie Presley and the porn queen Jenna Jameson together at
    The Marc Bouwer show 2007 it is ordinary showbiz as far as I can see!

  6. Speaking of So Long, Goodbye, Sayonara and Aufwiedersehn, another OT VIII has left the CoS trap:

    Whether or not she ever comes out to openly denounce the CoS I think Lisa Marie found her integrity and as songwriters often do, put her feelings into song, without naming specific people. I think that’s fine, that’s what poets singers and songwriters do. The emotions she expresses can be related to by many people, whether Scientologist or not; that’s what makes for good Art. It resonates in the hearts of many.

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