Up to lately

What have I been up to lately?

I haven’t been very active regarding philosophy or blogging lately. But I have been doing some fun technical stuff – like updating HyperList and mail_fetch.

I have also had great fun with Brendan, Ole Wiik, Kristin Størmer Steira and other friends.

And of course a daily dose of fun with the kids.

I will be writing a blog post soon on Kristin Størmer Steira – she is one hell of a person – one to watch out for this winter.

13 thoughts on “Up to lately

  1. Kristin Stormer-Steira is one of the most interesting person I’ve ever met. I have massaged the whole national team of Norway in 2007, 2008 and 2009, during Nordic Ski World Cup and Beito Sprint. Marit Bjorgen, Kristin Steira, Vibeke Skofterud and Therese Johaug were definitely good examples of great athletes who behaved with me like normal persons, not like VIP’s.
    Before coming in Norway, I’ve never heard about Kristin Stormer Steira and her teammates. After meeting them, I have learned what a real champion means.
    I was stunned about the silent pain of their muscles after a ski race, this is something I will never forget. All those girls are really WORKING for their gold medals, during a race they are living in a universe of continous physical effort and menthal concentration. After any session of massage they thanked me, but I always had the feeling that it’s me who have to thank and praise them.
    About Kristin Steira, I was impressed about her personality. Very courteous and polite, even a bit shy, very feminin and very…fragile. She looks more like a ballerina than a nordic ski champion. I can guarantee that she hasn’t the same body power like Marit Bjorgen, but I’m 100% sure that her ski technique is amazing. And most of all, I believe that her real power comes somewhere from inside.
    In conclusion, I’m really looking forward to read the article about Kristin. Thanks in advance for this, Geir!

    1. Wow, Dragos. Very insightful post, and uniquely so because of your unique perspective. Thanks for sharing it. 🙂

      1. Please do it, Geir, because that power from within it’s the key of success for all the Norwegian athletes. I think it’s in your fiber… I remember also Peter Northug. My former boss, Gjermund Kveno, a former alpine skier in early ’90’s, told me to do absolutely everythingn possible to make him fit. When Peter came, I asked him the most important question from my point of view: if he is before or after the race. That’s because I have to know what kind a massage to perform, regarding muscles, ligaments or tendons. When he told me “tommorow is the race” I’ve had a glimpse of his eyes. You cannot imagine how they were, Geir. Exactly like a tiger who think about the next day hunt… And cold as the flash of an army bayonet. Next day, Peter won the race, of course…
        It’s definitely something from inside, a power within, something deep in their mind, their education, their training during the childhood and teenage, something other people except Scandinavians simply don’t have.

        1. “I’ve had a glimpse of his eyes…Exactly like a tiger who thinks about the next day hunt… And cold as the flash of an army bayonet”

          These are marvelous figures of speech (similes). You are mainly a reader here and don’t do much posting, but I get the idea that you have done some writing. Or that you should. 🙂

          1. Believe me, Marildi, I didn’t exagerate at all. Peter Northug was that time like Messi in football or Tiger Woods in golf. A giant. And his eyes, yes…like a warrior.

            1. Oh, I believe you! The way you wrote about it was what made it believable.

              The other thing I could add as regards you as a writer is what I said before, that you have a unique perspective – you’ve observed these great people up close, not just physically but, at least in part, because of such physical closeness you have seen there character. And it seems you have also made some insightful observations about the Norwegian culture in general. (You got me wondering if it’s the Viking heritage. ;))

            2. Thanks for your nice words, Marildi, very kind of you. But I have to remain down on earth. I’m a massage therapist, working in the wellness field, without any relation or connection with any organized way or writing, editing or publishing. My entire life was an everlasting joy of reading. My mother is teacher of English composition, her sister (my aunt) the same, so I raised up in a house filled with books and intellectual concerns. But I repeat, my profession consists of 2 hands and some body oil 🙂

            3. No relation or connection, you say? All that reading and a mother and aunt who teach English composition? Plus the fact that anybody can publish nowadays for almost nothing, such as at Amazon. And since I myself do editing, you’re all set… 🙂

              I’m mostly kidding, but are you sure you have no such ambition – no small “fire” in your eyes for writing? (That’s the key ingredient, which I don’t need to tell you.) I imagine that such a memoir as you could probably write would have a huge audience. And I just thought of a good title for it: “Two Hands and Some Body Oil”. 😉

  2. Looking forward to your post on Kristine, sounds like a very interesting person.

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