Put simply:


We don’t care about money.
All I want to do is make bet­ter sushi.
I do the same thing over and over, improving bit by bit.
There is always a year­ning to achieve more.
I’ll con­ti­nue to climb, trying to reach the top, but no one knows where the top is.
Even at my age, after deca­des of work, I don’t think I’ve achie­ved perfection.
But I feel ecs­ta­tic all day… I love making sushi.
That’s the spi­rit of the sho­ku­nin.
When to quit? The job you’ve wor­ked so hard for?
I’ve never once hated this job.
I fell in love with my work and gave my life to it.
Even though I’m 85 years old, I don’t feel like retiring.
That’s how I feel.

Thanks to Hugh for the tip.

4 thoughts on “Mastery

  1. This guy definitely never entered McDonalds and eat a BigMac 🙂 When I’ve worked in Norway, I remember we had a Danish chef who enjoyed so much his job, that after every story he told us about cooking, we were simply starving 🙂

  2. Beautiful! ” I gave my life to it”. The gentle way he touches and forms the food shows how “life” and “care” can be put into matter…when I eat a meal like that….it can be felt!

  3. beautiful, he made sushi. dedicated his lif what he believed in…
    I solo audit and dedicated my life.. because I believe in the tech and I believe in my self that I can: each day is new, each session is new, each cognition is new, and I am just staring out…

  4. Marvelous. Like sushi too. Humn good!
    My life has become dedicated to truth, aiding and abetting.

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