We can protest. We can rally against an irrelevant cult. We can debate lots of what-ifs and rail against gun control laws. Or we can do something effective right here and now.

We can start by giving hugs. Lots of hugs. Hug those closest to you. Then some friends. Then some strangers.

Try this: Hug two strangers tomorrow. Let me know how it worked out. I will report back on my hugging adventure. In the meantime:

33 thoughts on “Hugs!

    1. Me too! And a laugh here and there.

      Love the Oscar Wilde quote at the end:

      “For one moment our lives met, our souls touched.” ♥

  1. Nice Video. I grew up in a hugless German/Scotch-Irish family until I met my first mate of Italian decent where I got hugged all the time from family. Then my second English mate turned out to be a hugger and the tradition evolved to all family, friends and even strangers. Makes a big difference having the human touch. ♥♥ I will go out and give some tomorrow.

  2. Just watched this video with my 7 year old daughter….she cried and cried and cried.

    She wants me to take her out on Saturday morning with a sign that says FREE HUGS. She made me promise her I would take her.

    Perhaps hugs are the Universal Solvent.

    1. Wow, your 7-year-old is must be quite a being. 🙂

      And kudos to you for making her that promise. You have to tell us how it went!

  3. Glad to see I am not the only one getting tears in my eyes 🙂 It is one of the most theta things I ever saw.

  4. I bet this process can be much much more beneficial than most spiritual/mental stuff I have come across in my life –you huggy squirrels 🙂

  5. Another HUG story for you regarding my daughter…

    Anytime she is sick, I have her come hug me really tight…I tell her that I am going to give her some of my energy so she can get better. As she is squeezing me really tight, I saw “okay take as much energy as you need from me because I have extra.” As we are hugging I saw ” Can you feel it?” And she goes up tone and says “yeah I can feel it!!”

    If I have to go to work that day, I say “Now I stil l need some energy for work so take as much as you need but leave me some so I can work today.”

    I came up with this about 2 years ago, and now if she is feeling even a bit down, she asks me to do this with her. My intention is super high and she is really in comm with me when we do this.

    So we’ll be out giving the free hugs tomorrow, and I’ll let you know the results. I don’t know how anyone is going to say no to her…

  6. Beautiful! The two posts one after the other are really enlightening. When a baby is born, the first contact with an open heart is with the body, the parents’ touches and for years with
    other children. Then the heart is slowly closing, movements get ‘automatic’ despite doing lots of sport. The real love in the heart and of the body is slowly getting less. That was the case with me at least…which I got to realize some 25 years ago when I went to the first eastern practice – yoga. The people greeted me with hugs. I had never before experienced such warm-hearted hugs. Their hearts touched me THROUGH my body. I felt how much my heart had got ‘closed’ and how ‘stiff’ my body had become though it ‘looked’ flexible due to gymnastics and tennis. My hug was then….hm. more from the ‘mind’, less from the heart…then it started to change slowly, back to the natural. In many eastern ‘practices’ people hug….hm…reaching out and touching another in a way that our ‘souls’ ‘touch and meet’ – beautiful! Some people just do it naturally all their lives!
    The idea, the video – beautiful! It’s so simple to love, to be kind, to smile, to communicate –
    not to do so is indeed a lot of effort and thinkingness.

      1. Marianne, my question was half serious 🙂 It was inspired by a true story when after a thing like this the person who was embraced suddenly found out that his wallet dissapeared 🙂 So that’s why, kissing is more safe than hugging 🙂

        1. dragos
          HaHa…not only a wallet! The whole ‘body’. Even the sensation of one’s self! It can be quite scarry, as the person may ‘think’ that there is no ‘life’ after that….Did you see the movie ‘Meet Joe Black?’ The final scene…when they were kissing…and Susan got scared…in the mean time there was a sensation of ‘lifting up’…..much, much earlier I had the same experience for the first time….it was not scarry for me. Actually, one can get aware of ‘spiritual’ experiences through touch….you very well know it through massage…one’s ‘spiritual’ ‘strengths’ one will be aware of by getting massage…in case of athletes it is that they are able ‘use’ the body more and more…isn’t it partly the case?

  7. One can benefit from hugging oneself too!
    I do it a lot, although I think of an essence of a loved one there with me. Or sometime to hug my own body from me. Works when no one’s around for another touch.

    ((HUGS)) from the US Sunshine State to All. 🙂

    1. Dee
      ‘One can benefit from hugging oneself too!’
      Beautiful! Yes! One can love one’s own body…can ‘touch’ each particle ‘in’ and ‘outside’ of it…can love one’s thoughts, one’s five senses, one’s feelings….whatever one can create and perceive…it’s a joy to be aware of all of this….it’s easy to miss that it is ME who is in the ‘centre’ of all of this….yes, I can hug myself for being and creating….and I can hug ‘others’ who are also centers and can create for me to enjoy those creations. And the ME and the YOU can hug through the creations….through….meeting so, it is just………………..

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