A very different interview

I haven’t read your application. Or your CV. In fact, I know nothing about you except your name. Right now you are a blank sheet of paper. Let’s start the interview“.

Katarina looked befuddled. This wasn’t exactly the start she expected. As I got back from the counter with something to drink for us both, the surprise on her face had worn off. She was ready.

I made her focus on the actual results she had achieved in her professional and personal life. I looked for relevant accomplishments. Real value generation. Measurable return. Where she had made a real difference.

And she responded like I have rarely seen. A string of great accomplishments. Amazing results. This girl could really deliver.

Out of the 6000+ interviews I have done, this was by far the best. No tools in the way, no school grades ramping up any preconceptions, no personality test scores, no spell-checked application or CV based on “marked standards”. Just Katarina.


2 thoughts on “A very different interview

  1. It’s not only Katarina. It’s also you. Did you ask how many recruiters in this world have your original and clean approach? How many recruiters in this world know exactly what they are looking for on an interview?
    You have to put yourself on an “Amazing Person” article, Geir. And people who found their way in life because of you have to say a deep “Thanks!”.

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