How to become a Superhuman

  1. Decide to learn something new from every experience in your life
  2. Experience a wide variety of situations

You never lose. You either win and learn or learn.


8 thoughts on “How to become a Superhuman

  1. Agreed completely:

    1.- This is the easy part of it: Just ” decide ” to learn something from everything you are confronted with 😀 .

    2.- ” Experience a wide variety of situations” , well, it is the hard one because it is needed to be brave and to move out your comfort zone. It is like kill oneself softly, a part of our current personality I mean:

  2. Hi Geir,
    I would like to know what are the most important considerations that leads you to these conclusions.

  3. Well, after years on this blog and dealing with my own shit, here is my take:

    0. Certainty is an experience one can choose to have anytime independent of fact and fable. Zazen (Soto Zen Meditation) is, in essence, practicing a resolute, detached certainty with the body. We don’t have to be “right” to feel certain. We can just choose it. Anytime. Anywhere. The famous arrogance of Soto Zen masters, I believe, comes from this.

    1. All evidence points to the fact that I don’t exist except as an illusion of ego in this universe. But that illusion can CHOOSE to exist as a free will ego anyway in spite of what the rest of reality says and that this is an insane notion I can choose to accept. I accept it because I think that ultimate reality is fucking nuts.

    2. I choose to confront anything. And the FIRST and most important thing to confront is that my ability to choose to confront anything CAN be broken. So, I confront that when I am not broken and laugh as much as I can when it goes through cycles of destruction.

    3. My created will that emerges from my detached certainty can CHOOSE freewill instead of determinism, even though deterministic versions of me likely exist in the multiverse.

    4. I choose to take responsibility for everything by facing it with the intention of learning from it and I welcome any circumstance with … certainty. And from that certainty, there is no “that’s what” a person can say that cannot be “so what-ed.”

    5. I exist randomly across multiverses because I am POSSIBLE and these multiverses are in other space/time systems so they are neither “before” or “after” this life. Other possible versions of me can imagine each other and DECIDE to implement the five numbered statements and and as universe come and go, the collective of “me” can choose to exist as a living mythology ANYWAY

    I don’t seek “OT” I seek to be an “Operating Awesome” in any world, in any brain, in any reality. It is ALL worth living. Even the nasty bits. Actually …

    ESPECIALLY the nasty bits.

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