Fun and excitement

We are sooo looking forward to our US trip, Brendan, Anette and myself. We will meet with lots of people both in New York and in LA. And of course Chris in the Grand Canyon. There will be pictures and videos, laughter and fun. And you will get reports along the way. We leave on the coming Friday (June 14th) and arrive back in Oslo 9 days later. It’ll be a busy, busy trip 🙂

Tag along if you feel like spontaneously joining us – just drop me an e-mail – or if you are in the LA area, join us at Disneyland on Thursday the 20th or at Universal Studios on Friday the 21st.

To all the people we meet along the way; Let’s have some pure, unadulterated fun 😉

Note to OSA: Please don’t spend parishioner’s hard earned cash on PIs or silly surveillance. Just send me an e-mail ( instead to ask for whatever information you feel you need.