Is Scientology for everyone?

A friend of mine that I met while doing OT VII (one of the highest spiritual levels in Scientology) told me an interesting story about his wife’s relation to Scientology.

You see, she was not a Scientologist, and they had been married since the 70’s when he got into Scientology and she had no interest in the subject. He tried early on to get her interested, but to no avail. Other Scientologists tried to get her interested, but nope, “not for her” she said.

It became an issue with the church that my friend was moving up the levels and being married to a non-scientologist. He got in trouble for this and more effort was put into converting his wife. He got frustrated – both because he couldn’t get her to see the light and because it was getting to be a situation with the church. And so he decided to write to Hubbard for advice on how he could get his wife to become a Scientologist. This was back in the 70’s when Hubbard was still in communication with his public.

He got back a very different answer than what he was hoping for. After acknowledging my friends letter, Hubbard simply said:

Scientology is not for everyone

I thought that was an interesting answer.

Any time thereafter when the church would bring up the issue of his non-scientologist wife, he would simply point to the letter.

20 thoughts on “Is Scientology for everyone?

  1. Your right. That does need to be “BPI”. Thanks for helping to make it so.

  2. Yes. I had forgotten about that comment that LRH made. Thanks for the reminder.


  3. This reminds me of when my son, at the time aged 17, was regged for SO. After being promised all the usual “you will be with Ron and etc.”, he got there and found himself on top of huge trees with huge cockroaches, ants, etc. running up his body taking nips along the way. No safety tools, hot humid weather, and all that soon dissuaded him from wanting to be a part of this “adventure”. He wrote to Ron and told him his dilemma and that he thought music was what he should stick to (he was a gifted musician). Ron wrote back and said ” I’m sure you will make the right decision”. And that was it. No RPF, no Sec Checks – not gangbang style like now. No pressure, no inval, no eval, no sales pitch. In other words, he was handed back the responsibility for his own ability to decide.

    I think we should all keep that in mind as we sometimes wallow in all our terrible stories of what happened to us in the church. Also, to properly target who the terminals were in our own personal reverse scientology type incidents would keep our responsibility levels up, instead of passing the buck to Ron all because he put Scientology there for us to take advantage of.

    Thanks for posting your story. It reminded me of the truth that is in Scientology.

  4. This is true. Everyone has his or her own way. As every individual are on different levels spiritually and has different experiences. If we respect the other fellow and want him good we do not force him either way. That is also true for leaving Scientology. As “Scientology is not for everyone”…

  5. I was very unhappy in the Sea Org and agonizing over the idea of resigning. One day I got in theta comm with Ron and I then knew that the choice was mine and there was no eval or inval. At that same moment a song I’ve never heard since played on the radio and the words were about being at the crossroads of one’s life – exactly what I had been saying to myself for weeks.

  6. …”We’re not playing some minor game in Scientology. It isn’t cute or
    something to do for lack of something better.’

    “The whole agonized future of this planet, every Man, Woman and Child on
    it, and your own destiny for the next endless trillions of years depend on
    what you do here and now with and in Scientology.’

    ” This is a deadly serious activity. And if we miss getting out of the trap
    now, we may never again have another chance.’

    “Remember, this is our first chance to do so in all the endless trillions
    of years of the past. Don’t muff it now because it seems unpleasant or
    unsocial to do Seven, Eight, Nine and Ten.’

    “Do them and we’ll win.”


  7. The new “Independent” movement generally takes the view that LRH’s intentions for Scientology have been misinterpreted and squirreled by David Miscavige, and the current Church of Scientology is “off the rails” because they have missed LRH’s true intentions for how Scientology is to be applied.

    This blog post, and some of the comments here, cite single letters written to one individual, and even “theta comm” with Ron over what his true intentions were regarding how Scientology was supposed to be applied in these cases.

    The problem is that L Ron Hubbard wrote Keeping Scientology Working and made it the first policy that everyone – staff and public – should read on every major course they took in Scientology.

    Question: If L Ron Hubbard’s real intention was that “Scientology is not for everyone”, then why didn’t he write THAT in a policy letter and make it the first thing everyone studied on every major course?

    Why did he confine his “true intentions” solely to a personal letter, or to “theta comm” with someone?

    1. Allen,

      Just excerpts !
      Pls. read the whole policy letter and really try to understand what he wanted to convey.
      He also says says: “If they want to leave. let them leave fast”

      1. He didn’t say “If they want to leave, let them leave fast ” in the same (KSW) issue. That further makes Allen’s point, and that point is a huge and important one: the reality and viewpoint communicated by Ron in that letter to Geir’s friend is NOT compatible with that expressed in KSW.

        Why such significant deviation? And which expression do you think has had the broadest and most enduring consequences?

    2. Allan: “Why did he confine his “true intentions” solely to a personal letter, or to “theta comm” with someone?”

      He didn’t. He also wrote the Code of Honor, “Personal Integrity”, “How to Study Scientology” ad infinitum — all beseeching people to be true to their own goals and not accept opinions just because someone else believes them — no matter Who that person is.

      Allan, who are you blaming for just believing something because Ron believed it? Take some freakin responsibility for crisake.

    3. And who cares? And did “Allen Stanfield”really write this post, or is “Allen Stanfield” just an OSA sock puppet?
      Who knows? And does it really matter?
      Only to those who are concerned what others think of “Allen Stanfield”.

      Tell me this – When did Hubbard write KSW? Did he intend it to be read by public? Or was that a squirrelling introduced by another? How do you know? And if he did, was it because he wanted to get the idea across that the public studying scientology also had some responsibilty for seeing to it that the auditing/training they were getting was up to snuff? Or some other reason?

      Penetrating questions all. Let’s see if Allen “Alanzo” Stanfield can give cogent answers to them

    4. Hubbard also wrote to”Let homo sapiens snore in the bulk for awhile” and just look for those who are already waking up and seeking for something like scientology. In other words, it is not for everyone, but just for those who are seeking for it.

      This was the prevalent attitude in the 1970s. Before your time. You came on the scene too late, when DM had already started to pervert scientology as practiced in the CoS.

  8. Do you really believe that L. Ron Hubbard answered individual letters from Scientologists all around the world when he was at the sea? I don’t!
    I know a person here in Sweden who has written letters to Ron, and got different answer as the time when on, and he concluded that it is not the same person answer his letters now, as it was earlier. You seem to take it for granted that Hubbard did care about others. Quentin Hubbard didn’t wan to be on staff, he wanted to be a pilot, but his father said no! Quentin ended up in RPF because of suicide attempts, but he succeeded 1976. Why didn’t he tell his son; “I’m sure you will make the right decision” about what you will do in life, or “Scientology is not for everyone”?

    1. As I said, I thought the answer was interesting. Even if it wasn’t answered directly by LRH. I know such an answer would never escape a CoS printer today. It indicates a different era.

    2. Soderquist: “Quentin Hubbard didn’t wan to be on staff, he wanted to be a pilot…”

      And per at least one person there, Quentin did then quit the SO at Flag in 1976, and went off to be a pilot on the west coast.

      “but he succeeded [committing suicide in] 1976”

      I’m afraid that suicide is the least likely scenario, based on several eye-witness reports, including this MD and CIA agent’s recent revelations:

    3. Your question is one of those like “Have you stopped beating your wife yet?” The implication is that someone who believes it is defective in some way, retarded or deluded.

      If that is your attitude, I say “It takes one to know one,” and a dishonest question does not deserve an honest answer.

      But I’ll give you one anyway: Yes, I believe that for many years Ron did answer letters he received personally. At some point as the organizations grew he may have become less accessible, and possibly had others answering the letters according to a non-evaluative formula, which he signed himself. It is possible he eventually was not answering any letters at all, as others controlled his incoming comm more and more.

      But you could have figured this out for yourself.

    4. I think Hubbard cared about others as much as any human being does, such as you or I do. It is very evident in listening to his early lectures and group processing sessions.

      As another wise man once said, “He who has ears to hear, let him hear.”

      But some hear only the echoes of their own minds…

  9. I too received ‘personal comm’ from LRH and only could hope it was indeed personal. That said, even if received directly from him what’s the real point in seeking permission or any authoritarian view if one is to claim his or her complete freedom. certainly there might be some enjoyment in sharing viewpoints or even some entertainment as LRH was an amusing man. Nonetheless, I am of the mind the group think is eventually emanated from policies that in the original form may well have been individual thinking. As group think they become faceless and can only be misapplied by the worst of men who seek domination through enforcement of supposed brilliance. I most heartily recommend self inspection, and auditing can serve to some degree as long as interested in the question. Beyond on that I also heartily recommend adversity to spur creativity. Once in the creative mode, stay there. It’s tone 40 and very inexpensive. The only cost being ones attention.
    Love to all.
    In for 35 Out for 10
    happier than ever at the price of disconnection policy

  10. Allen, KSW is for Scientologist . Someone who is not interested and does not want to reach would not be reading it. Ron says it takes it takes years to make a Scientologist. He also says that a Scientologist is an auditor. The point here is that the fact that he wrote KSW does not counter the fact that he said Scientology is not for everyone. He says it is “for the able” and rightfully, he wants those people need to take notice of this policy. In case you haven’t noticed, I’m not sure that Scientology as an organization has ever gotten past the first 5 steps of KSW, even though we all have read it a million times. How many people have ‘gone clear” and then got on OT7 and then found out they weren’t clear. You’re clear, your not clear…something wrong here…just to give but one example.

    Now what he means by “able” is another discussion which I would like to have.

    In Dianetics Today, able means that people have not been electric shocked or otherwise mentally beyond help through organic disfunction. It means they are able to run a process and can make gain. Clearly, it is against policy to help people who are clinically insane. So, no, it is not for everyone. Does everyone need it? In my opinion, yes, there is clean up to do on all thetans on this planet.

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