Neat news trenders

To make the news overview real simple, here’s a neat one showing what people comment the most on from The Economist:

Newscomments from The Economist

And then there’s the awesome


Check out both links – they are nicely clickable.


10 thoughts on “Neat news trenders

  1. Wow, that newsmap is as you say – awesome! And neat indeed. I found it even more so once I sort of figured out the significance of the different colors (precisely explained at the bottom of the page), and that the size of each square is determined by the amount of related articles that exist (confirmed on the About page).

    Maybe I’m in the minority (and showing my ignorance, LOL) not knowing about this site, but I think you’ve given me a solution to the exact problem I was trying to solve. It was actually well stated in the last paragraph of the About page:

    “…We are subject everywhere to a sensory overload of images, bombarded with information; in magazines and advertisements, on TV, radio, in the cityscape. The internet is a wonderful communication tool, but day after day we find ourselves constantly dealing with information overload. Today, the internet presents a new challenge, the wide and unregulated distribution of information requires new visual paradigms to organize, simplify and analyze large amounts of data. New user interface challenges are arising to deal with all that overwhelming quantity of information.”

    Thanks so much for fulfilling my wish for just this kind of thing. 🙂

    1. You are welcome 🙂

      I don’t think you are in a minority. Most of the people I show this to haven’t seen it before.

      1. Ah, thanks for telling me that. 🙂

        I’m thinking I will follow CNN’s site too, I like their cable channel. Do you have a favorite news site? (Hope you’re used to people picking your brain as a stable terminal.)

          1. Varies, huh? Sarah Palin tried to get away with that too! 😀 (a little American joke for you)

            Newsmap seems like plenty, actually. Thanks.

  2. Geir, we miss you 😦 When are you going to post another “debatable” subject?

    Maybe you’re up to something exciting these days… 🙂

    1. Maybe I am 😉

      Right now I am at a conference in Larvik at a fantastic hotel called “Farris Bad”. Delivered a talk today based around “A model for the universe”. The talk was together with the amazing Brendan who in addition to giving a great talk also did a juggling show. Met a group of very interesting people. I a brushing up my talk to ensure it gets included at TEDx.

      And Brian is back in Oslo kicking ass.

      More later. Life is a race track.

      1. Wow, talk about exciting! Race track action in the lap of luxury and pursuing your purposes all the while – nice combination. Nicely done!

        “A model for the universe.” Oohh. Wish I could have heard you speak! But I trust we will hear all about it in due time (with video??). And more about TEDx (whoa).

        Thank you for the great postcard! 🙂

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