Looking forward

Listening to Schiller. Life is neat.

Looking forward to again sailing among the Greek islands.

Looking forward to August – getting busy with my telescope.

Looking forward to September – playing with Brendan in our new company A-circle.

Looking forward.

Watch out for Å. Brendan and Geir will make waves. Going way outside the box. On a wild abandon. News will be coming to a blog near you 😉

35 thoughts on “Looking forward

  1. Hurray, right, now that I found Schiller. Thanks marildi for these videos and fine music, watched about 8 of them, just couldn’t stop. Touching and beautifully moving. Exceptional esthetic camera work. A new fan!

    I find Isene’s blog to be so helpful, interesting and inspiring. I am grateful to all who help make it so. Keep em comin’.

    1. Hi, Lizabeth. I actually did the same thing as you – checked out a Schiller video and then listened to several more of them. This is another example of Geir introducing new things to the readers.

      And I’m glad you have joined in as a poster! 🙂

      1. Thank you marildi. I won’t say much but I certainly enjoy to read others comments and will jump in more in the future when I feel moved 🙂 I’m still rather new and shy with blogging compared to others who do such a fine job.

  2. Geir, I simply love your optimism and realism. It’s very contagious 🙂

  3. I’ve listen Schiller myself. Strange feeling…I’ve made completely dark in my room, turned on the volume at max power, close my eyes and start the journey… Fantastic…

    1. That is cool. Easy imagine it as his vision. Art is definitely freeing and might even be a true “route to freedom” – depending maybe on how far one wants to go, or “where”. But in any case, it’s a great purpose, I’m sure most people would agree. Marty Rathbun in his new book quoted a line I really love:

      “Your purpose in life is to find your purpose and give your whole heart and soul to it.” – Siddhartha Gautoma

      1. marildi, I realized Geir speaks about a musician.
        I speak about the German poet “Friedrich Schiller”
        probably two different persons.

        1. Hi, Spongebob. I actually did think you meant the poet. I had looked it up in Wikipedia and found out that the band is named after him, rather than there being a musician of the same name. The namesake itself indicates something about the band – that they are very much artists.

          It seems that Friedrich Schiller was not only a poet but a philosopher, historian and playwright, so what you said was his vision, “freeing people by art”, fits well for him as both an artist and a philosopher.

          1. Yes, Schiller is beside Goethe the most impressive and famous German Poet. ITs true that he also was a philosopher, and wrote scripts for theater. For specific reason I learned about his life and how
            it happened that he became famous.
            A short anecdote is the following. His father (a general in the army) wanted that he studies justice and medical science.
            Although he started to do so, he rather liked writing scripts for theater. But in his hometown
            he got no chance to perform or direct on stage.
            One day, the grand duke of Baden (the neighbour country )heard about him and invited him to perform in Mannheim,
            I think he was just around 20 years old. The debüt performance of the play: Die Räuber (the robbers) was a big success. When he came back to Stuttgart his home town, he was immediately arrested and forbidden to be active in the field of art. (I think by his father).
            A few weeks , or months later he blew and never came back in
            to his home town.
            Sadly he was chronically ill, (I think TBC) and died in the age of 45 or 46.
            Great guy :-))

            1. Thanks for that! I love to hear the background stories, and that is a good one. 🙂

      2. and regarding rathbun: I would like to see that he is following
        in life the quotes he cites. So far On his blog he appears
        to me as a dastard, invalidating smartass. Especially when he
        or LRH is being criticised. His godly correctness, about himself
        and LRH makes me sick.
        He is far away from the ability to grant beingness, admiration
        or even just listening and acknowleding other view.
        He lets noone in doubt that he is the most IMPORTANT
        drop out ever. AND HE IS NOT.
        So I presume, he suffers a little bit on self importance.
        I prefer the articles of Jeff Hawkins.They are fair
        and factual.
        ml spongebob

        1. I hear you Spongebob and have thought the same. However, time may heal more. Jeff Hawkins articles and contributions at blogs are as you say and reading his viewpoint is always refreshing.

          1. I know what you both mean about Jeff Hawkins coming across as more fair and factual and refreshing. I was a reader and even posted on his blog when it was active, despite the fact that I hadn’t come around to most of his viewpoints yet. Geir was by far my main influence in looking at Scientology much more objectively. Jeff’s bitterness was kind of a put-off for me personally, though he was (and is) superb as a thinker and writer otherwise.

          2. thanks. Although i do not share everything he wrote , his articles created the most effective blowdons and understandig about whats going on in the church.
            While Rathbun since three years is reapeating on and on and on and on what squirreling scumbag Miscavige is. It has no end.

            1. Sure a few do. There are dozens of drop outs which don´t rpeat their experience every week. They communicate their experience once twice maybe more often but thats it.
              And by the way: Since 30 years all these reports from the whistle blowers……
              DID THEY remove DM from post ? NO
              Did DM come to his sense ? NO

              Therefore I prefer reading your blog rather than MArties. He is stuck in all his overts and Motivators. I can´t see that he is coming out of this (his) mess.

            2. I with you on that, Spongebob. The repetition, especially of the comments, was too much for me too. And my preference has always been Geir’s blog, from the beginning. But I think we have to remember that Marty’s abiding purpose is to do something effective about the current perversion of Scientology, which entails all variety of human rights abuse – from the physical to the mental. And he sees DM as the primary block to that purpose in PT.

              Don’t forget too that it’s a different time and age now with the internet. Where whistle blowers in the past could once be utterly put to a stop, this is no longer the case. 😉

        2. Spongebob, like you I have had the general impression that Marty never had a bad word to say about LRH. But I was shocked to find out differently from his book!

          In fact, what amazed me was that he stated many of the same viewpoints about LRH and Scn that Geir has, who definitely has expressed criticism of LRH and Scientology along with praise for both the philosophy and the auditing tech.

          The other amazing thing in Marty’s book is that he doesn’t hold Scientology up as the one and only road to truth but has obviously very much broadened his perspective. And it is clear that for him Scn, fantastically workable as it is, is not the end of one’s personal journey.

          I got some very good gains reading the book and think you would too. He does a brilliant job describing in a concise and easy-to-understand way what Scientology was intended to be – and WAS in the early years and still could be. And then he describes all the out-and-out Black Dianetics changes that occurred as the years went on, blow by blow. One could get relief just understanding what may have occurred on a personal level.

          Marty doesn’t let LRH off the hook, either, but points out where LRH himself had an influence on some of those changes, irrespective of his (LRH’s) intentions – which Marty discusses from various points of view, both pro and con, as to the validity of LRH’s own changes to policy and tech and of the tactics he resorted to.

          I hope you post a comment on your thoughts if you do read this book. I think it has something for everybody, and I have read many of your posts and would be very interested in what you had to say. 🙂

            1. Hi Spongebob. I can relate when you say about reading Marty’s blog. The best thing I’ve seen is that it brings ex’s together and they can tell their stories to each other and seems a lot of commonalities shared and they are a group. Also he’s helping have a place for those newly out. Also gives them a place to natter or talk about the bad, where else will anyone listen or allow it. I don’t feel part of that group because I wasn’t on staff or SO and really know no one in it. But I’ve learned a lot from the real stories, some quite interesting. But not the DM thing, yes, that is boring when overdone or inaccurate.
              Regarding his paperback. Haven’t read it all yet, just parts. The ethics section is quite good in that it does explain what we all seem to think, know and can agree upon. His explanation of the 3 swing F/N for example was excellent and what happens to the person with that.
              I had reconnected to the church for almost a year, last year, after being out for over 2 decades, and I ran into the F/N phenomenon, not knowing of a new rule. Wow, won’t go there, but it was a #*^@ time until cleared up on the internet later. Marty explains the dangers quite well. He does also, as Marildi stated, surprisingly, go after Hubbard a bit too. I’d like to think he’s doing it on gradient scale, as he’s still learning. Remember he started as a very young man.
              Anyway, I’ll send you my copy if needed, when I’m finished 🙂

            2. liz,
              one year ago I resigned the cos officially by letter. Since I live without the stupid cult rules
              I feel more free.
              Then I recaptured the last 25 years in scn, And I found out a very interesting phenomena. Exactly
              since GAT was released in 1996, I had no more impulse or wish to go into session.
              isn´t this interesting?
              And regarding Marties and others war against the COS I share this view 100%


            3. Sorry, I overlooked you in the thrill of having that data you gave me. I resigned by letter too and nary a word since. Yes, I can understand your interesting phenomena of not wanting further auditing. The thing I found was the cogs I got from the tech material myself and not needing auditing, nor wanting the brohaha that goes with it, plus the $. I however, can see it’s usefulness if one has a problem or loss that doesn’t go away and if one could find an auditor in the field that could help, I’d go for it, provided affordability. Otherwise hey, one rises above and moves on. I’m happy that you Spongebob as others are free!

  4. Just to prove my self wrong about being shy, at least not all the time. I will emote while listening to such moving Schiller music.
    It is alright for me to feel different emotions, be they loss, fear, loneliness, happiness or joy. I am living with a purpose to experience, not to suppress, and to enjoy it, feel it, soak it in, why not? Life is about living, whatever and all that it is. It is beautiful in each and every way, up or down. Static is boring at times and in my future. I am living in the now for a few more years, learning, loving and experiencing. What more could one ask for, except for sharing?

  5. Lovely post, lizabeth. Especially the last line: “What more could one ask for, except for sharing.”

    I so agree! Whether it’s a conversation, listening to music, a walk or a bowl of soup 🙂 – the sharing has come to mean almost everything to me! Particularly with someone you love – significant other, family member, friend, a “connection” of one kind or another.

    Thanks for sharing. 😉

  6. Thank you marildi for contributing to my post as you are spot on… which brought a tear to my eye 🙂

    Isene’s blog seems to be the most sharing to me yet. My most interesting “connections” which is all I have presently, are to blogs like vv and recently wwp, tho comment little in others like marty’s, and I read many. I am in the twilight zone and not publicly outed yet, tho definitely resigned and out, it’s been hard so far to find someone to share with as friends, without some sort of agenda, but that should hopefully change.
    I believe quality is much better than quantity, so I’ll hang in there!

    1. Lizabeth, I wanted to share something with you. There was a guy at Flag for many years, named Hy Levy, one of the top reges. Sadly, he died of cancer not long ago. But one his last contributions of tremendous value was this short video interview of him telling about his life as a Flag reg. You will see what a sweet and caring guy he was.

      At the end of the video he talks briefly about what it took for him to finally be allowed to leave. And then, overcome with emotion, he says:

      “I got outside…it was like – what everybody takes for granted…to me it was like, oh my god… I was free!”

      You have to see him and hear how he says it on the video, to really duplicate his comm. For me personally it meant even more because that was exactly how I felt too and those were my exact words to myself – I’m FREE!

      And just like you, I soon found connections on the blogs, mainly this one of Geir’s. So you are right to hang in there. I know you’ll be fine. 🙂

  7. Excellent marildi in watching it again. My heart goes out to his loved ones and family. Thank you. 🙂

      1. Neat! Read the ’08 and plan next on the ’11 soon. Certainly a good read for “looking-forward”. 🙂

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