Amazing person: Silje Eriksen

It’s a real joy whenever I meet a person that shines with a real warm heart, aware and honest about own emotions.

Silje is a curious girl. New on the professional scene and despite being a fun and more than a bit crazy, she first came across as withholding herself. Underneath a softer exterior, there is a turbo charged engine. She has a lot more power, a lot more ability than she first lets on.

But that is about to change. Brendan and I are working in a project together with Silje, and it is interesting to see how she is gradually realizing her potential. She is one of those people that I can at first sight say “Yes, this is a real executive potential”. Silje has Purpose – Awareness, great personal values and a desire to do good. She has Ability – Competence and Resourcefulness, while the third component is the one lacking behind; Confidence. And Opportunity… well, with Purpose and Ability like this, she can create Opportunity whenever she wants.

It’s fun to be able to inspire confidence in a person that really has the rest of the package. Sometimes the person needs only be reminded of their greatness.

7 thoughts on “Amazing person: Silje Eriksen

  1. Sad, but even I’ve confirmed by clicking the button to follow all the articles I’ve commented, I don’t receive notifications like before…Should I try maybe with another email for subscription?

    1. Strange – could be a bug at Try another e-mail address, leave a cool comment, hit the button and see if it works.

      1. I’m sure it’s not your fault, Geir, but as you know, I’m a vivid reader of your blog and I get mad when I miss some comments or articles. After a day of hard work (and you know how is my work), I deeply enjoy to read articles and comments of such wonderful people here.
        I will see, next time I will try another mail address. Thanks anyway for your advice.

  2. Beautiful girl and apparently a good sense of humor. No doubt her confidence will grow. She has some good friends to guide her. You go girl… 🙂

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