Amazing person: Anne Isene

Yes, my sister. And I am a very proud brother.

With a creativity and capacity like hers, it’s bound to be a continual explosion of great ideas and neat stuff.

When Anne was a kid, she wanted to work as a clown when she got older. Although I bet she would have done an excellent job in a circus, she made her career as a professional photographer. She did ad work for large corporations, portraits of famous people and made a name for herself. But that didn’t really hit the bullseye. She went on to become a clothes designer with her own label making clothes even for the Princess of Norway.

Then she started working with theater and film as a costumes designer. She’s done a wide range of productions – she is amazing when she does historical costumes. She is able to make stuff look worn and really old in no time.

Anything she does spouts of creativity and professionalism. She is such a dedicated professional.

Being her older brother, I used to protect her when she was in her teens. In later years she has returned the flow, and I am inspired by her dedication and strong will. Our mother’s passing this summer brought us closer. Brendan and I becoming her job neighbors is also rather cool.

Anne is a straight shooter, not afraid of speaking her mind. I can always count on her to give me her real opinion. She is rational and highly intelligent and challenges my views. Me like. A really cool sis (orwegian pun intended).

3 thoughts on “Amazing person: Anne Isene

  1. What a neat sister to have. Love that devil Isene artwork, so cute! Fortunate to have a understanding and loving family. Anne, keep challenging your brother as it is good for us all. 🙂

  2. I see she is a Viking too! To Odin and Freya! Lucky you to have such a sister!

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