Amazing persons: My boys

Three in one: Niklas, Jonatan and Benjamin – my three sons.

I won’t go into why each of them are amazing, but relate why they all are the most amazing persons in my life. Not just because they’re my kids, but because I learn the most in life from these three unique individuals.

They show me the real meanings of life. They show me the value of empathy, of love, of affection. And they challenge me intellectually like nobody else.

When questions like “Daddy, do you believe in reality?” or queries about parallelisms between dreams and reality come up, I am challenged to explain complex physical and philosophical concepts in really simple terms. This has been immensely valuable as I have come to understand the real power of simplicity. If I cannot explain a concept such as quantum mechanics so that a 10-year-old can understand it, I have not myself sufficient understanding of it. I always seek to understand subjects, ideas, methods and results to the degree that I can make it simple enough for a boy to get it.

They have taught me why we should have just simple and few rules in life. They give me ratings as a dad, correct my deliveries to them, and ask me about my inner thoughts. They inspire life in me and demand that I improve.

Ever since Niklas was 1, some 12 years ago, I have been telling a bedtime story. Or rather, it’s an interactive play where the boys live in a fantasy world with elves, dragons, witches, good and bad. They go on adventures, turn black witches into white, save villages, draw alliances for the king, fall in love, assist in battles and live life to the fullest. They learn to handle difficult social situations, do math equations and much more. To enter into an inner sanctuary, Niklas had to solve the equation “2X – 1 = 11” when he was six. And the other two boys does similar tasks suitable for their ages. They drive my creativity by demanding more and better game play. And they return the flow by relating stories and interactive plays on their own.

I am honored to be their father. Nothing in my life is more important than my amazing boys. I will continue to inspire them as they do me.

12 thoughts on “Amazing persons: My boys

  1. Geir, this is my favorite of the Amazing Person series. I really love it! 🙂

      1. And tell me this, Dragos – had you thought to ask Geir if he was going to write about his kids. I did! 🙂

        1. Nope. I would never dare to do this. Family is family, it’s something really private. But of course, it was a pleasure to read the article, that’s true 🙂

          1. I agree it would be “daring”. That’s why even this brazen American resisted asking ;). But I did think about it.

  2. “If I cannot explain a concept such as quantum mechanics so that a 10-year-old can understand it, I have not myself sufficient understanding of it.”

    This is a good standard.

  3. Wow, your sons are soooo lucky! I believe you get the Best Dad in The Universe Award. Seriously. Whoa.

  4. Truly beautiful!!
    You are such an amazing person!

    BTW I would love to be taught quantum mechanics so that a 10-year-old can understand it! 🙂

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