17 thoughts on “Life

    1. There is a felt sense of difference between when one “reads” (considers) WITH one’s mind and when one “listens” (knows by wisdom) FROM one’s heart. When the mind is SILENT, true wisdom arises. When the post arrived, I was “listening” from that place. I am inviting you to listen to a song which is about that “place” we are continuously sharing, though we are not always aware of it. What do you get when you read the post from that place?

  1. The message is CLEAR and TRUE! Geir, that’s IT! Someone asked me on the blog what ultimate truth is. Here is the answer….and I add to it a “gift” I was given today…a movie,
    Friends With Benefits!

  2. My approach is to start looking at inconsistencies for what they are. One’s inconsistencies are unique. One should look at them non-judgmentally starting with those that is right there occupying one’s attention..

    Life will become more and more satisfying as one starts looking at these inconsistencies more and more closely until they start to dissolve.


  3. Really nice, Geir. The line I was struck by was this: “Life is about people you meet and the things you create with them”. That happens to be my sentiment too, which I consider to be the most valuable insight.

  4. Nice, Rafa.
    It didn’t touch me me much, but Geir will appreciate it, don’t you think?
    – –
    RockmyStar mostly, these hours. 😉

  5. Wonderful post, Geir! And is very welcome expecting Christmas and New Year! Positive and optimistic.

    1. Hi,
      Can we have a little Christmas party here? I am sending you the first song. Will you join in?

        1. Hii Dragos !!
          Loved the music!!! Dancing ? Could be a little early but why not make it a little crazy….looking for some good food and cakes, haven’t found yet….

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