Parking tech

Here’s a rather funny post from a nick called “HelluvaHoax!” over at ESMB.

It’s quite an inside joke but reflects craziness among several people I’ve met in Scientology.

ParkingTech Deconstructed:

  1. OT is looking for parking spot.
  2. No spots are spotted.
  3. OT postulates a spot.
  4. OT’s postulate works, a spot appears. OT parks.
  5. OT writes OT Success Story.


  1. OT is looking for a parking spot.
  2. Someone was finished shopping, leaves and OT parks.


  1. OT postulates a spot.
  2. Someone is suddenly “controlled” (against their free will) to go to their car.
  3. Despite the fact that they were not done shopping, they could not resist the tone 40 postulate.
  4. They move their car out of the parking spot, surrendering it to the senior being (OT)

150 thoughts on “Parking tech

  1. OT is all self. “I”, “I”, “I”… “I” postulate… “I” am so able… “I” am so happy… “I” am in such a superior state.

    It seems that an OT is trying to convince himself or herself, how much able he or she is compared to regular wogs. How sciloggy it is!

    .Do we need such an ego or self?


    1. Haha lol!
      Very well said, Vin! I couldn’t agree more. True. 🙂
      Scientologists in general are too ego. It is a problem. 🙂
      – –
      Have a magic touch! .)

      1. Are we?

        From the viewpoint of Scientology philosophy, one is making able more able. The highest examples of these are OTs.These abilities are what is known as SIDDHIS in the East.

        It has been a forgone conclusion in the East, according to my studies, that fixation on such Siddhis is a trap because it only feeds the ego. I find most Scientologist to be fixated on attaining such Siddhis because these are promised by Scientology. Scientologists who are not fixated on Siddhis would be exceptions per my observation.


        1. V… you just pointed out that your way of thinking is “””SUPERIOR””” come off that please.. You have evaluated and your evaluation is down – negative.. becaue you believe that your way is the only way… talking of ego..hell man.. yours sometimes flows out of Florida…

          1. This may appear superior to you, but for me it is simply comparing data to spot inconsistencies. Abilities have no value except when associated with “I”.

            So, to me it is an inconsistency to chase after abilities. All one needs to draw upon is the inherent ability to look non-judgmentally. That is all. 🙂


            1. V… the only thing is here that you will not accept that the samething you do, can be accoplished in different ways and those ways are as affective as your method..

            2. “…comparing data to spot inconsistences.” it’s OK, you will get data……analytical wavelenght…..right. What about the other wavelenghts?
              “Abilities have no value except when associated with ” I “. From WHOSE viewpoint?
              WHO says that? Is it true?
              LIFE has abilities…lots of examples in nature….

            3. I am not sure what inconsistency you are looking at. Could you please clarify.

              I see “I” as a “center of considerations.” It is a metaphysical concept (according to me) similar to the concept of “center of mass” in Physics.

              When there are no considerations, there is no “I”. You may disagree with this, and that is OK. I am not looking for agreement.


        2. Vin,
          The definition of ABLE is “having sufficient power to accomplish something”, and
          its root meaning is “to handle”. It has nothing to do with your next sentence of siddhies.
          Accomplish means “to reach the end of”, root meaning: complete.
          ” I find most… WHO are those most? ….”fixated on attaining such siddhies”……I never met anyone who wanted that….how is that my experience is so different?…

          1. I believe that abilities are inherent. They may be suppressed, and, in that case, all that is required is to spot and remove that suppression. It is the desire to be a superman and chase after certain abilities that is problematic.


            1. I’m not so sure Vin. Are we talking about abilities or talent? Ability seems to me to be relative, conditioned, and impermanent.

            2. V… take a closer ”look” what is what… what you just said ” if something is accomplished by the body did the body caused that? the body do nothing, it is nothing, you know very well what it is made up from..

            3. My consideration is that a healthy body will follow the commands of a healthy mind. So, the key ability is to look non-judgmentally and perceive what is there. The rest is taken care of by the systems of the mind and body.

              Of course, there is physical training to develop the systems of the body to accomplish certain things like in Olympic games. But it would take more than auditing or meditation.

              There is also mental training to develop systems of the mind in all these academic subjects like mathematics, physics, chemistry, etc, It would also take more than auditing or meditation.

              So, what ability or abilities are we looking for when we are talking about auditing or meditation? We are mainly looking at getting rid of confusions, stops and inhibitions that are preventing the natural expression of a being. Here the being would be the perception-point plus the considerations associated with it. A cleanup of inconsistencies among such considerations would further simplify the being..

              A simple being would be a powerful being. It would create and dissolve considerations in real time, instead of accumulating them.

              The formula for for a simply powerful being is,

              (1) See things as they are.

              (2) Continually spot inconsistencies and resolve them.


            4. V…. how many beings you know who is doing that? Please name a few…

            5. V.. you talk communicate your way… I communicate express my thought my way….it is you who have a hangup on my way of communicating..

        3. You are “””quoting””” expressing what you read…. so that what you are saying is SECOND HAND INFORMATION not your own… but an agreement you went into and therefore you say it is a fact? Bull you talking…
          And you said you never quote!!! hah… got ya..
          You know what you cant handle is RANDOMITY… and I cause Randomity in your universe and you cant handle that… so you point out my manner is wrong.. I dont have one.. and that is confusing to you.. 🙂

            1. V….. looking for agreement… wanting agreement, going into agreement, needing agreement is wanting to establish solidity permanency … not my goal..

            2. To bad that you have not looked at all the ramdomity… inconsistency as something to learn from… if you cant see- learn from that experience than what?

    2. Small minds -walled in tiny universes can only put out small view-points.. so a parking space is a big win… huge viewpoint.

    3. Vin…
      “OT is all self” It reads as A=B
      “It seems….” seems means appear to be, not fact…..and It seems to WHOM?
      “Do we need” Who is that “we”
      “an ego or self” You were talking about self so far, why is ego introduced?

      1. You seem to think that self and ego are two different concepts. I think that self is the nucleus of ego and in many cases the two are interchangeable.

        What is your understanding?


    4. I don’t think an OT is any of those things you itemized. I think an OT is something else entirely.

    1. Hi Anette we have not met this life… Elizabeth…here… the one who loves to post cognitions and known to have no manners… and shoots from the hip… also uses the expression Bloody Hell a lot. I used that in the memory of a OT 7 it has been his favorite..
      I hope you have much fun here as most of us.. hehehe… good to have fun..

  2. Nice that you just ignore attacks on you on ESMB and can pick a good bit of data.
    Too bad that they are there many times less then polarized ideas of people who’ve been hurt and can’t let it go.

  3. In my reality it was the ACCEPTANCE of no spot that changed the “scene of reality”. That the person still considers himself/herself as an “I” , that consideration gives the illusion that it is “his/her” postulate which is at work.
    With the illusion of the ” I ” gone, there is just a POSTULATE. A Postulate could be the result
    of the ability of CONSCIOUSNESS (root meaning: shared knowledge) to “put” something there.
    A “successful” postulate is successful because it comes from FREE WILL itself.

      1. Nothing my dear…nothing at all… and you know what because you dont make one you and i never will dance that sexy latin tango… serves you rigth, you loss 🙂 and my gain!!!! I fear for my toes!!! 🙂

        1. +1
          it seems Eliz you and I answered it at the same time…magic or truth?

          1. it can be both, there are many different view points one can use to describe the same happening.

        2. There are enough postulates already. My purpose is to simplify all this complexity. I don’t much care about sexy Latin tango unless there is some inconsistency there. I think there is this inconsistency of trying to create distraction.


          1. You want inconsistency sexy… tango if there is no inconsistency in the meaning of those two words than you have no idea what they real mean… lets throw in ”latin” too. that should be enough material-items for 3 sessions if you were a scientologis.
            Sex-sexy: to confront that alone and have it completaly sorted out should take few hundred hours if not more..

            1. V…I talk scientology… I dont have superior knowledge I have viewpoints…
              It is those who continually quote Buddha Plato and who knows hundred other persons: dead people and quote what those persons said hundreds or thousands year back are the onse who are quoting the so called SUPERIOR KNOWLEDGE !
              Because every one who quotes they believe that those dead guys were superior so if one know verbatim what they have said than one also know and have superior knowledge?
              What a pail of hogwash you are giving me…
              PS: why are we going from my blog to this blog than back again?

          2. I dare say, I think there is this consistency of trying to create distraction. Sounds good to me! Fun, fun, robotis-um is fun.

            1. V .. the inconsistency in the way I write the topics proves that I dont have ONE TRACK ONLY…. can move easily from topic to topic with ease. hehehe..

      2. …no acceptance in the first place: because one doesn’t accept one’s true nature….as-it-is
        …the purpose of a postulate… my reality a POSTULATE is LIFE’s creative ability…it has no purpose, Life can create and does so…

        1. Marianne … V… is on incredible knowledgeable person… but communication with him is very difficult and most frustrating and on the long run is impossible because he only accepts communication when it is written expressed the same way of thinking…
          So no matter how knowledgeable the person is and that person could even have wider range of knowledge than Vin…. But because it is not communicated which matches his wording-understanding-expressions.. that incoming communication is nulled… not accepted, evaluated in fact invalidated as nothing… no knowledge… no meaning..
          If you want him to understand you and to ack that you that you do know that subject you must phrase it exactly to his liking or you are sent back to your corner and given another question plus on explanation why you are wrong.. Vin… will not acknowledge that we poor woman too can know…. He only acks well know persons whose words are written in stone and agreed upon by millions… that has value….
          We have a Hungarian expression: borso a falra… mind vizsa pereg.

          1. ELIZ!!!!! You and I will laugh a lot when you come to Hungary….incredible crazy things are awaiting you, you know LIFE…..ha..haa… “I” cannot be sent back to the corner as there is no ” I ” here….just live flow…but yes indeed, that flow got “stuck” on some energy in the “mind” when
            Vin asked the last two questions….but it was no problem….got used to it in life…..the energies got dissolved and wisdom arose….learning all the time…..
            …and as you said there is just one comunication…the rest is via… its way…..both
            ….borso a falra……ez jo……

            1. Is there such a thing as life? 🙂 well I thought it was only a viewpoint… hehehe looking forward to share!! we are also going to Szeged.

            2. Szeged is beautiful too! But beware of what “you postulate”….or me…we can end up with a lot of people coming with us to have fun….wouldn’t it be nice?

            3. There will be a program in Szeged the gethering huge meeting of hungarians who has once been like me a refugee.. Kati will sing there.

        2. So, one is not accepting a parking spot because one is not accepting one’s true nature!!! And they think themselves to be OTs!!! Is that what you are saying?

          One can create oneself into such a complexity that one is not able to function at all.


          1. Vin,
            When one knows who/what one is (true nature), one “sees” that in “other phenomenon” too, like in this case the “spot”.
            Another aspect, there is an “AM” and there is an “IS”. That “AM” can expand, kind of flow and this flow just “perceives” the “no spot”….and “says yes” to it. The outcome
            can be a yes spot or no spot…..

            No, I didn’t say that …..”they think themselves to be OTs…..”
            “they” WHO is that “they” ….”think” …..fine, one can “think”….so what?….one thinks….a
            game of consciousness….
            When the ” I ” is not there any more, there is no problem with thought/emotion/data/spot/no spot etc. My reality.

            1. I don’t think one has to resort to any metaphysics to know if there is a parking spot or not.


  4. Vinaire (and Chris and Alanzo),

    We have here an example of this craziness among people in Scientology:

    “I was plowing the field But front of the plow there were no one to pull but I could just push the big blow and the dark rich soil was turning out. I felt thirst and in that same instance an orange like fruit was in my hand and inhaled its rich fragrance I bit into it, and it’s cool sweet juice satisfied the desire, the need.”
    Quoted from Elizabeth Hamre 2012-08-05 at 22:58

    In the same thread
    Quoted from Elizabeth Hamre 2012-08-13 at 19:35

    In the same thread
    “Stories defined in the dictionary as an account something, narrated item: real or fictional untrue. Mine are ’real’ both of them.”
    Quoted from Elizabeth Hamre 2012-08-13 at 22:56

    Read the whole thread and see how this OT reacts when challenged, it also reflects the craziness among people in Scientology.

    1. Yes. Interesting reaction that I have come across previously too.

      It is okay to have one’s reality, but not that reaction when challenged. That reaction shows attachment to one’s mock ups. That attachment is the trap.




      1. Vinaire,

        Chuck Beatty knows how to test this craziness. He calls it “Guess my shirt color test”.

        “I asked, some years ago, and 2 official Scientology OT 8s, privately phoned me, told me their ‘Native State’ epiphanies, which to me sounded pretty undramatic, but I wasn’t heartless enough to interrogate and invalidate their ‘wins’, but they weren’t what I was hoping ‘we’ in the Sea Org, were making of our ‘top’ parishioners. I was disappointed, the two OT 8s, who were pretty together individuals, both women, as people, they seemed genuine and so forth.
        But they were not, neither of them, able to guess correctly the color or my shirt, which is my standard test, for their abilities to go out of the body and prove it, without much pressure. I do the ‘Guess my shirt color’ test, in a cheery mood, so as not to knock off them from their abilities, if they have them, which of course they both missed the color plain as day.”
        Quoted from Chuck Beatty on November 12, 2012 at 6:05 pm

        Here is an example of this craziness:

        “I have achieved that Native state.”
        Quoted from Elizabeth Hamre 2012-07-19 at 20:15

        “to inform you it has been achieved ‘the so called NATIVE STATE’ by me”
        Quoted from Elizabeth Hamre 2012-07-25 at 10:50

        1. To me a spiritually awake person would be humble, tolerant and mindful. He or she would not just fly of the handle at every little challenge.


          1. V…”me a spiritually awake person would be humble, tolerant and mindful. He or she would not just fly of the handle at every little challenge.””
            and I say you are full of wrong assumptions!!!

            Where did you get that assumption idea impression? You have read it in some books, right? You have read that idiotic belief of somebodies who also did not have reality on a BEHAVIER OF A SPIRITUAL ENTETY and you have gone into agreement with that and since then you measure judge evaluate behaviour accordingly what you have read.
            I wonder if you ever looked at what is a Tornado…. a volcanic eruption, a shark attack, wind blowing in the Sahara, on incredible thunder storm roaring overhead and million other things which happening but it seems they have nothing to do with humans…. But they those occurrences’ are the manifestations of spiritual beings behavior… You are not aware enough to see and observe…
            A free entity has no manners behavior patterns since manners how to behave –walk or talk are considerations and enforced and anything outside of that enforced manner is BELIEVED to be not acceptable and not normal…
            My table is set with sterling flatware fine antique linen and exquisite porcelain, and antique cut glass.. and I too eat use knife and fork properly … but that is MEST… that has nothing to do with spirituality, and those things same as behaviour belong into the MEST .
            SO stop judging and look beyond the manners.. you are hanged up on my writing and behaviour mode.



            1. No, I have not.
              Dont confuse your reality with mine…

        2. S…. My reality is my reality… you are never be able to experience that… But you could achive Native State if you are willing to spend nearly 40 in the session too… and than you would have reality what I am talking about … but not till than
          There is a thing I have observed about scientologist… they talk the SPIRITUALITY but they dont walk that walk….Learned words- concepts knowing them will not give one the experience of what “is”.

    2. Hi Susie,
      Though you address Vin,Chris and Alan, I feel that I am addressed too! Your comment is coming out of a “place” that we all share – life flowing with love and compassion.
      Thanks for writing the above……sure you have that reality of Eliz and you have your “experiences”….would be pleased if you shared them…..I am about to do that on that thread…Thanks for your communication!

        1. Vin, I would like to read/hear/listen to YOUR experiences in “every day” life….and yes, I gave an example from “my life”……..

          1. You are experiencing me on this blog, and you are also experiencing me right now. Comment on that.

            What inconsistencies do you see?

            The inconsistency that I see with Elizabeth Hamre is that she resorted to accusations when she felt challenged, instead of looking at the point that was being challenged.

            Did you notice that?


            1. Vin,
              OK, …… “I” feel “You” the ONE creating ….no difference in true nature…..that’s why I am communicating with you….On the blog….right now….right now no emotions…peaceful….in the “first comment on the thread”…..go back and experience that from a peaceful state…..And… have collected a huge amount of knowledge….I read your discussion with Eliz on on your blog about Soul, between life…..I share a lot of reality with Eliz, a lot yet to be experienced but all ring a bell with me…..experience….that’s the key to me….the wisdom of the flow provides the info/knowledge when it’s needed….ALL info is there…
              “The inconsistency that I see with Elizabeth…”…….Vin, WHO is that ” I ” ?

            2. V… I not alway in the looking mode…. I love to have fun… different kind than observing inconsistensies…

    3. Hello there… what is your point? REACTS TO WHAT??? S… before you make any ” assumptions” get to know the “item” the a bit better and knowing any subject only partialy dont give clear pinture-reality on that subject or object…SO please read the:
      When we are judging evaluating invalidating any incoming action or thoughts considerations coming from others than in fact we are judging, evaluating how we our-self think on those subject and that is not necessarily or positively the same reality of the other person have on the same matter.
      But it only seems we judge evaluate the other person because that information, but the evaluation is ours and that person never ever said anything like our evaluation is: So in fact that evaluation how that person is would be a big LIE and any evaluation of any incoming data is only our own reality and nothing more.
      To believe in our evaluation that how real things are for others That would be on untruth a fabrication on invention of the bank: the mind in order to blame others and that judgment that evaluation will not make that person that: what we believe in: how we judged that person that is not that persons universe-reality but we incorrectly erroneously believe that and that is a pure undiluted “lie”.
      It is our own reality our own beliefs opinions principals, views, policies, theories and philosophies what we believe in and that is our reality which is expression as our judgment evaluation.
      Just think, if one would not know understand the meaning what is good or bad, important-unimportant, being a fat cow, or how a drunk behaves, what it takes being a redneck, a know it all, or when one recognize that someone is acting irrational stupid or if we would not know understand how we our-self feel, than we would not be able to understand how others feel and we than could not judge evaluate their behavior.
      In fact when one judges others that judgment indicates explains points out how self thinks what one believes in how one see the world.
      This makes it understandable that we don’t judge others at all we only judge evaluate how we think on that matter what others communicate to us, or what we see when we look around..
      Example would be if I look at a young woman and say she is beautiful, yes I have judged expressed my reality but it is only my reality that she is lovely.
      So next time judge or evaluate somebodies thinking….. FIRST Better look inside your own universe because as that evaluation judgment pin-points where is one’s own case is..

    4. Susie …. dear person did you note that in that reacal everything was just a mock-up no solidity at all? In the Spiritual Universe– outside of MEST- Solid …. there is no ” reaction” . Mock-ups are there for the the delights for having-ness the in the moment of creation and that is ”NOW” since only NOW exist and real..

    5. I also wonder how many times your mother has dropped you and you fell an your head… that is a hungarian saying…it imply’s …. hehehe…

  5. V……..”Why are you hung up on that?””
    From now on every time you will repeat your statement I will ask that question from you and will see who is hung up an what…

  6. I am putting the following conversation with Elizabeth Hamre here because it does not seem to be appearing on her blog:

    Here is your “superiority” versus my “superiority”:

    ELIZABETH: Right… have you experienced on implant? what is an implant means to you… ? I talk scientology… I dont have superior knowledge I have viewpoints… It is those who continually quote Buddha Plato and who knows hundred other persons dead people and quote what those persons said hundreds or thousands year back are quoting the so called SUPERIOR KNOWLEDGE ! Because every one who quotes they believe that those dead guys were superior so if one know verbatim what they have said than one also know have superior knowledge? What otter pail of hogwash…

    VINAIRE: So, you are also continually quoting from Scientology. That is not superior knowledge either. How are you any different? Hubbard is dead too you know.

    ELIZABETH: I never ever quoted LRH.. never not even one sentence . Yes, some of the words I use the terminology is from the tech Dic… But I write my own thoughts my own understanding how the universe is my own discovery- knowledge what I have attained after confronting erasing inconsistencies… I dont look up Buddhas or wikipedia what meanings are there about whatever… My knowledge is not on assembled thing from what others had to say. My writings are original my very own understanding and knowledge.. nothing secondhand here!

    VINAIRE: So what makes you say that I am continually quoting from Buddha?


    1. V !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is in my blog!!!!!!! I have no idea why you cant see it, but I have!!!!

      1. I am discontinuing to write on Elizabeth’s blog because there seem to be some problem of comments not appearing there.


        1. Vinaire, please tell me – why is it that almost every time I let you loose on my blog, you end up in a fight with someone within a week or so?

          1. If it’s true that his comments are being censored and he’s “discontinuing” for that reason, it would be the same reason you discontinued posting on his blog.

            1. I don’t think that my comments are being censored on Elizabeth Hamre’s blog. It seems to be due to technical problems.


            2. Dub-in on whose part, Vinnie? Or maybe you need to word clear my comment, starting with the word “if”. 🙂

            3. p.s. Vin, I was actually trying to stick up for you as from what I’ve noticed you are doing a pretty good job of carrying on comm cycles and discussion. I do have one complaint, though – too much preaching of the same dogma over and over! (You’re not the only one, but still… ;))

            4. Thanks for sometimes sticking up for me and at the same time bashing me. These are just additives and not needed by seekers of knowledge. All I need is a good, worthwhile discussion. 🙂


            1. Geir Totally my fault I was picking on Vin… I really was, . He and I we dont fight…I just get him rattled and he drives me up on the wall… good fun excarsise…

        2. Maybe the problem is that my computer has a temper too… V… is welcome in my blog any time and can write anything he likes I happen to have great affinity for him.. I just would like to trottle him time to time but that is not stopping our communication…That takes the bordome out of heavy philosophy

  7. Geir, it seems that you find the mocking of CoS Scientologists by a critic to be funny whereas you feel the “labeling” of those same (e.g. kool-aid drinker) by Independents to be deplorable. Hmmm…. Looks like we’re seeing clear-cut evidence of your bias. (I’m here to keep you on your toes. Somebody needs to. ;))

    1. I don’t think Geir is doing that. What is funny is funny. All other associations that you mention are coming from some filter that you are looking through.


    2. I don’t think derogatory labels are helpful (see my post “You WOG!”). The above does not represent any derogatory label – it simply marks a funny example that I can relate to from my own experience. I have seen a dozen or so example of the above from scientologists in personal conversations. I think the originator of the OP caught my experiences with such pretty damn well.

      1. Do you mean to say that that this guy’s mocking isn’t derogatory? Or that you can’t relate from your own experience to “koolaid drinkers”?

        Whether or not it’s in the form of a label as such, derogatory is derogatory. But to you, criticism of CoS Scientologists by a Scn critic is “rather funny” but criticism of CoS Scientologists by Independents is “not helpful”. It seems to me your responses are inconsistent and apparently the result of bias due to a held-down seven of some sort (hence inconsistency).

        Btw, this HelluvaHoax person is a typical Scn critic who clearly doesn’t know what he’s talking about when it comes to Scientology itself (not the CoS) and can’t even grasp the core principles. Here’s a little more of his think, from another comment of his:

        “Scientology believes, at its core, that man is able to mentally or spiritually WILL things into or out of existence with just—a thought. It believes, in fact, that all of life including physical world is really just thought, agreed upon.

        1. I was simply pointing out the difference between a broad label (generalization) and an example of how an OT and a scientologist (quite often IMO) view such events as relates to postulates and parking.

          I am in no way defending Helluvahoax, so no need to go there.

          1. I’m not sold, Geir. His examples are obviously meant as generalizations, no less so then the koolaid label.. It’s not that he isn’t expressing some true observations – otherwise he wouldn’t be so funny. But the label of “kookaid drinker” has just as much truth to it. Which you know. 😉

            1. Had it been one or only a few instances (like the OP here being one instance) of calling CoS scientologists “Kool Aid drinkers”, I wouldn’t mind – but habitual and continual use of the label is simply strongly counter-productive. Which you know 🙂

            2. Geir, on what are you basing the statement that there is a “habitual and continual use of the label” kool-aid drinker? It seldom appears anywhere but on Marty’s blog, as far as I know, and I have not seen a habitual and continual use of it even there except for on a thread or two.

              Also, how does the frequency in use of that label compare to how often other common criticisms of Scientologists are repeated? That would include, for example, making fun of the weird ideas about OT, such as the instance in the OP. Many “habitual and continual” criticisms may not be expressed in a single term (a label) but a single concept certainly gets communicated.

            3. Geir,
              In your view, what is IT that actually “happened” before, as you write, “what actually happened” and the thinking process entered? That is what is the “mechanics” of
              that ” IT ” ?

  8. Summary of reactions to the OP about no parking spot to “creating” a parking spot.:

    MARIANNE: “In my reality it was the ACCEPTANCE of no spot that changed the “scene of reality”….”

    VINAIRE: “Why should there be no acceptance in the first place?” [What is there is there. There is always acceptance.]

    MARIANNE: “A “successful” postulate is successful because it comes from FREE WILL itself.”

    VINAIRE: “What is the purpose of a postulate?” [Why must something be added to what is there?]

    ELIZABETH: “Nothing my dear…nothing at all… and you know what because you dont make one you and i never will dance that sexy latin tango… ”

    VINAIRE: “There are enough postulates already. My purpose is to simplify all this complexity.” [To me new postulates are mostly additives that increase complexity.] I don’t much care about sexy Latin tango unless there is some inconsistency there.

    ELIZABETH: “sexy… tango if there is no inconsistency in the meaning of those two words than you have no idea what they real mean….”

    VINAIRE: “Are you claiming to have superior knowledge?” [I was pressing a button here.]

    It was then followed by accusations from Elizabeth. A joke taken wrongly because of an unhandled button most probably.


    1. In my reality “instant creation” is “more” LIFE than re-flecting on what is gone….no problem with that as long as one knows that one is doing that…

        1. Vin,
          Vin: ” I believe that there is a lot of figure-figure going on here”.
          An example of when it STOPS.

  9. Works for parking lots only.
    Does not work this way:
    a) A Scientologist needs money
    b) he postulates big income
    c) a WOG just coming out of the bank with a big bag full of money.
    d) The Wog is turning over the bag to the SCNist and says:
    you are a great guy. keep it.

    1. LOL! That is excellent example. I haven’t seen that work with OTs either, who seem to engage mostly in cerebral exercises.

      In purity, a postulate would simply be an intention around which one has decided to align one’s activities. There is no wishful thinking.

      Somebody introduced some kind of wishful thinking there, making it sound like a magical element, and that has corrupted the primary sense of it.

      In the subject of Geometry, postulates are points around which the argument is built.


      1. Vinaire,
        I had similar experiences with parking lots, They were there when I needed them. not always but often, since I was in SCN. I am not OT per grade chart and the real question for me is: Why spending 400 000 Dollars for service, just to get a lot or a green traffic light when I need it urgently. *ggg

          1. I would say these phenomen, comes from an ability to predict. Its a perception of future, (knowing where the next free parking lot is or will be.
            I myself have very high and natural ability to predict (foreknowledge) on a theta level.
            It happens quite often that I see a movie and getting immediately an idea what the next
            sequence (Take) of the movie will be. You see, the film was done months or years ago.
            but I know what will happen. Its not my postulate that the director made up that take.
            This is not postulates, it is prediction. two different things.
            It tooks me quite a long time to learn it.

            1. It is looking at things as they are, and letting the picture complete itself.

              There is no effort involved. Just patience…


      It do not matter where the money was coming from… only matters that it has arrived!

        1. And what is looking at sorting out inconsistensies if not the same finding what write for self? Or your exercise what you doing attaining information is not for you, is for somebody other than You…. ? You want me to find inconsistencies… well there is one and that is in your universe, your reality…

          1. Elizabeth, the inconsistency I see here is that I seem to be dealing with a closed mind. You may continue to have fun with your own considerations within your own reality and within your universe. A few people may resonate with your reality, but it is not my cup of tea.

            I don’t want to keep dealing with a closed circuit. I have to move on to learn something new.


            1. whatever…. You have been told that many times in this blog but I never have before.. only by you… You wont even admit that you ” quote” regularly and you dont even take responsibility for that… Close mind?

            2. Vinaire…. My Dear Friend, I wish you the best for you and your family … Have a wonderful Holiday!

            3. Funny Vin, What you say to Eliz is exactly as I see your mind from your writings. I could be wrong, but It seems that you know everything, so I’m hopeful you could learn anything new.

      1. Even if the money arrives, even it was a miracle, the money will be faster gone to
        the IAS account than one is able to look.

  10. V… got you….hehehe… ““Center of considerations.”.. indicating that ‘I’ is the center of considerations but there is no location so there is no center, there is no” I” since they are just viewpoints… and what considerationd are?
    Have this beside your coffee -none fatning items hehehe…

  11. Eliz… too laughing…..right you are…..and that that is so can be “known” only through experience…..whatever way/method/no-way reveals that…..all the data can be analyzed in the mind but which has no location/wavelength/time, actually non-existent cannot be “found” in existence…..

  12. I go to the movies (seen The Hobbit) for three hours and you guys manage to rack up 48 comments on my blog. Pretty impressive.

  13. The kind of “craziness” described in this blog post is not particular to Scientology.
    I have seen similar “craziness” in other religions, philosophies, etc.

    Some people have paranormal abilities and they are using them unknowingly or knowingly. The “craziness” is when people are not able to differentiate between randomity and paranormal causativity.

    An example I have seen: some New Age people believe they have paranormal powers, and they say that when they desire something, they get it shortly afterward.
    In this case, my hypothesis is that they may have precognition abilities and they frequently unknowingly have precognitions which they perceive as a desire. So the events chain is 1) precognition 2) perception of the precognized event. However, they believe that the events chain is 1) desire 2) paranormal causativity to get the desire.

    Another examples I have seen: Devotees of a guru who were frequently saying that something happened “by his [the guru’s] grace”. And, Christian devotees who were frequently saying that something happened “by the Lord’s grace”.

    Some related jokes:

    A psychic was lecturing on psychokinesis, including sharing his new research. After a long, lengthy speech, he asked if there were any questions.
    Several people put their hands in the air and he answered their questions patiently.
    Then, a man stood up and said, “If you really believe in psychokinesis, can you raise my right hand?”

    Q: How many witches does it take to change a light bulb?
    A: It depends on what you want to change it into!

    1. Since we are joking in this blog page, here is one story circulating in cyberspace.

      Hell from an engineering approach: Is Hell exothermic or endothermic?

      The following is an actual question given on a University of Washington engineering mid term. The answer was so profound that the Professor shared it with colleagues, which is why we now have the pleasure of enjoying it as well.

      Bonus Question: Is Hell exothermic (gives off heat) or Endothermic (absorbs heat)?

      Most of the students wrote proofs of their beliefs using Boyle’s Law, (gas cools off when it expands and heats up when it is compressed) or some variant. One student, however, wrote the following:

      First, we need to know how the mass of Hell is changing in time. So we need to know the rate that souls are moving into Hell and the rate they are leaving.
      I think that we can safely assume that once a soul gets to Hell, it will not leave. Therefore, no souls are leaving.
      As for how many souls are entering Hell, let’s look at the different religions that exist in the world today. Some of these religions state that if you are not a member of their religion, you will go to Hell. Since there are more than one of these religions and since people do not belong to more than one religion, we can project that all souls go to Hell.
      With birth and death rates as they are, we can expect the number of souls in Hell to increase exponentially.

      Now, we look at the rate of change of the volume in Hell because Boyle’s Law states that in order for the temperature and pressure in Hell to stay the same, the volume of Hell has to expand as souls are added. This gives two possibilities:
      1. If Hell is expanding at a slower rate than the rate at which souls enter Hell, then the temperature and pressure in Hell will increase until all Hell breaks loose.
      2. Of course, if Hell is expanding at a rate faster than the increase of souls in Hell, then the temperature and pressure will drop until Hell freezes over.
      So which is it?

      If we accept the postulate given to me by Teresa during my freshman year that “it will be a cold day in Hell before I sleep with you,” and take into account the fact that I slept with her last night, then number 2 must be true, and thus I am sure that Hell is exothermic and has already frozen over.

      The corollary of this theory is that since Hell has frozen over, it follows that it is not accepting any more souls and is, therefore, extinct … leaving only Heaven, thereby proving the existence of a divine being, which explains why, last night, Teresa kept shouting “Oh my God.”

      This student received the only A+.

    2. I call it the shotgun effect. One among the many scattered shots might hit the mark. That is how the Scientology Bridge works.


    3. Since we are joking in this blog page, here are some

      Sh*t happens.

      I don’t believe this sh*t!

      If sh*t happens, you deserve it. Say 100 Hail Marys as penance.

      Let sh*t happen to someone else.

      Why does sh*t always happen to us?

      If you don’t belieeeve in Jeeeesus, Satan will make terrible sh*t happen on you, arranged in the sign of the beast: 666.

      If sh*t happens, it is the Will of Allah! We pray that no more sh*t will happen, Inshallah! (God Willing)

      Kung-fu-tzu say: “sh*t happen.”

      Sh*t spontaneously happens of itself, soft, yielding, one with the Tao.

      This sh*t happened before.

      This is all a dream. No sh*t ever really happened.

      Do not let sh*t happen when you are standing on your head!

      Whatever sh*t happens—don’t cling to it. Let it arise and pass away.

      Emptiness = sh*t. Sh*t = emptiness.

      Visualize tantric sh*t happening 100,000 times.

      What is the sound of one sh*t happening? Where were you 1,000 years before the First Big Sh*t?

      Know thy sh*t. (And Heraclitus warns: don’t step in it twice, even if it’s not exactly the same sh*t.)

      Our medicine power make lot of sh*t happen for white man.

      Sh*t is a sacred happening, an offering back to Mother Earth. Let’s make a magic circle of it.

      The spirit guides say: “Sh*t doth happen to us, too. This is why we channel so much of it through you.”

      NEW AGE:
      Repeat the affirmation: “I am shitless. I am so beautifully free of sh*t. Sh*t cannot happen to me!” (If it does happen, let’s use crystals on it and become prosperous in our abundance!)

      It’s your illusory ego that says sh*t is happening. So—you have a choice: Fear sh*t or Love sh*t.

      In a past life, I made so much cosmic sh*t happen! (with all my chakras open!)

      For only $99,999, we’ll clear you of all sh*t happening. Then you can experience David Miscaviage’s very special kind of sh*t.

      UFO CULTS:
      I saw the Space Brothers make the most beautiful, interdimensional sh*t happen! (plentiful Pleiadian poop)

      Sh*t happen, mon. Roll it up. Smoke it up!

      We are trying to determine whether “sh*t happens” expresses an “anal retentive” or “anal explosive” psychosexual fixation!

      Sh*t is a strange and absurd happening. The question is: to be, or not to be, shitty?

      Women are sh*t.

      Men are sh*t.

      And God sayeth unto them: “I like sh*t. Let there be sh*t.” And S/he saw that it was GOOD.

      When we realize Who We Really Are, then shift happens.

      Inconsistencies are the mother of all sh*t.

        1. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 and shit never happens an holidays and the reason for that: God declared “let that day be a day of rest! “

        1. 🙂 and the only way to fly… to have fun! I thought too it was spot on..

      1. Best post in I don’t know how long!

        Hilarious, witty and wise (as regards “The Really Final Truth”). 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Vinaire, Thank you for my new title “St.” Ferenc Francisco 🙂

      I wish I could take all the credit.
      I take credit for finding it in cyberspace, some improvements, an addition (KHTK), and posting it.

      Here are some more.

      Sh*t happens but you cannot say both where and when.

      Let us profit from sh*t happening.

      If sh*t happens, let us distribute it equally.

      Survival of the shittiest.

      Sh*t doesn’t happen on Saturday.

      Placebo effect at a fundamental level is the mother of all sh*t.

      1. Holy sh*t, St. Ferenc, you forgot a couple:

        Shit happens, usually in threes.

        Sh*t happens if you’re on our sh*t list.
        (Unless you pay…)

        And don’t forget to finish the list with:

        All the above happens to be sh*t.
        (Yeah! :))

  14. ROTFL! On the parking lot. And more good laughing at the above– As the sh*t turns.

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