Report from Geir’s


I am sitting at Wayne’s Coffee, downtown Oslo preparing an IT course I will hold for a client the day after tomorrow – while I listen to Galaxion.

I could have picked almost any of their tracks. Here’s how I feel right now:

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  1. It is interesting to see that people are attracted toward what an “OT 8” has to say.

    Here the expectations from an “OT 8” become a filter.


        1. Being a jerk it is. I’m somewhat worried about your one-sidedness in life. Enjoy, chill. Get a life, Vin.

            1. Nice comm, guys. .)
              First of all: Congrats Geir, with a better looking blog.
              Second: I do not expect you to be neither openminded or tolerant towards me. You have proved that to me this life.
              Third: I would like you, Geir, to create a game with me as your junior. How does that sound to you? 🙂
              It is about me hiding the truth or me being truthful. You gain on it, too.
              – –
              RockmyStar drinking from my minibar

        2. Vin “It is just a consideration from where I sit”. Right. A consideration is a consideration. Not truth. A consideration can generate another consideration. Agreement or disagreement (counter consideration).
          So there is a discussion. Vin, “come back” and “clear” the inconsistency in this discussion with Geir. The YOU(s) can never be “hurt”.
          My reality. YOU also know it, don’t YOU?

      1. Geir, I wasn’t sure what Vinaire meant or what you understood him to mean. The first line seemed clear enough – and I would agree with him that people are attracted to what an OT 8 has to say. I know I am.

        The second line was “Here the expectations from an OT 8 become a filter”. Does he mean to say that what we expect, i.e. what our expectations of an OT 8 are, act as a filter for us? Or does he mean that an OT 8’s expectations are his own filters (as regards music maybe?) Or what?

        I’m asking you because he doesn’t seem to be posting since this exchange occurred, as he hasn’t replied to a comment I posted to him on another thread or anywhere else on your blog. Otherwise I would ask him. And besides, I wondered what your understanding was if you wouldn’t mind clearing up the mystery.

        1. I was simply asking him if he was merely being a jerk. I didn’t get an answer either. So, let’s wait for him to clear it up.

    1. “It is interesting to see” how one guy can do anything to try to capture attention from others, while he doesn’t succeed to obtain his own naturally, by his own quality of ARC.

      Why not rather care about your own blog and let see how “people” could be “attracted toward what [a guy like you] has to say”?… Instead of pouring out your own jealousy and crave for attraction?

        1. Sorry Isene, I have a doubt: I was addressing “me” to Vinaire, so your “Like” was “like”, “like”: I like”, or “like” “same for you”? :/

      1. I really appreciate people when they utter things that obviously come directly from the bottom of their hearts. 🙂
        Like + +

        1. Like, like!
          BTW do like your site Slack, very interesting and some fun there too. Such sincerity I see in your beautiful eyes.

      2. Idealgoal, I can understand how someone could come to the conclusion and evaluation you did. But even if there is a certain amount of truth to it, I don’t believe it is the basic truth or the most important truth. Not that you are the only one who has posted evaluations and invalidations of other posters. Not by a long shot! There has been plenty of that. I’ve done it myself and have been at the receipt end too.

        Using myself as an example, one thing that has been said about me is that I’m a “True Believer”, which basically means I can’t and don’t think for myself but instead have fixed ideas and am simply parroting someone else’s ideas – and am too blind to see it. Well, there has been truth to that, but less and less so with time. Nevertheless, the label is still being used on me from time to time.

        Now, it’s one thing when there is truth to something, since the truth can hurt a bit, as everyone knows. But it’s quite another – and much worse – when you feel the evaluation isn’t true and isn’t fair, at least not for the most part. That is when it can be much more hurtful and harmful because it amounts to indicating and giving you an “item” that is just not yours, i.e. it’s not true for you. And we’ve all had this happen too many times in our past so it can bring back all those past hard feelings. That can be rough to experience!

        As for Vinaire, you probably haven’t known him as long as I have, but even though he and I have very different “worldviews”, there are definitely things I can respect about “his own quality of ARC”, as you worded it. For example, as with the rest of us his ability to carry on discussions on even heated topics has improved over these couple of years that we’ve all been “at it” :).

        Just recently Vinaire demonstrated an admirable capability of seeing and even admitting an outpoint in himself when it was pointed out to him – specifically, that he was applying one standard to himself and a different one to others. And he then demonstrated another admirable capability, which was that he started to improve in that characteristic. This is probably the most we can ask of each other!

        There may be truth to the fact that Vin is here on Geir’s blog where there is perhaps more attention being given by more people than occurs with his own blog where the topics are probably not as attractive to most people as the ones here are, to name one factor. But I don’t think his primary reason for being here is to “capture attention” but rather that he feels strongly about his ideas and wants to express them to as many people as possible. That is different from being here just to “capture attention”.

        What I just said about Vin’s purpose may itself be an incorrect evaluation – and a huge one since it gets into the subject of purposes. But if we’re going to make evaluations about a person’s purposes – or general character – I believe it should at least not be an obvious invalidation at the same time.

        One thing I give Geir great credit for is that he allows virtually anyone to post comments and censors no one as long as they are just HALFWAY decent in their comments. I am really impressed that he even accepts posts and posters who, because of their bizarre outlandishness, might make him and his blog look bad. It is clear to me that he allows them here so they too can have a chance to grow. I have my disagreements with Geir at times but I appreciate that he allows me to express them, and I recognize that he has a big tent and broad shoulders.

        Idealgoal, please don’t feel that I’m trying to single you out on this matter of evaluation. Not at all! It’s just that you got me thinking more on the subject and the fact that I and others have said things unthinkingly that might have had a worse effect on the person than we meant to do. And I appreciate that you have inspired me to take another look at it. 🙂

          1. Thanks! Another thing that has inspired me lately is some of the comments that express disagreement with something but do so while pointing out any positive aspect too.

            I’ve commented a few times before that I think your blog is one big drill in the principles of communication, and that this results in greater understanding. And then I always amend that from calling it a drill to calling it a PRACTICAL. A real-life practical. 🙂

        1. Wow! What a Very Nice Great Effect You Bring In My Day! marildi 🙂

          I Very Appreciate as the time you had probably invest to type your comment, as the Very Nice Quality And Deepness ARC You Demonstrate 😀 This Is For Me A Great-Great Vitalization! I can ensure you presently 🙂

          (That was for the “form” 😉 )

          For the content:

          Well, I’m sorry, but for now, hard for me “to let pass through” a behaviour that looks to me obviously negative ARC; I SAID “LOOKS TO ME”! …

          I don’t know if it was a “just at this time behaviour”, but I have practiced too Vinaire on his own blogs and I had very dislike what I have seen at the end. But to not “evaluate” nor “invalidate” more again, I won’t say in what way (even for me it makes no sense).

          So, what I should have done, Dear marildi, to make it better? To say nothing?

          Yes, could be there was a way to admire something and jock about, could be it would have been “lighter”, but for me it was my reality about his communication, about Greig’s own right to communicate his very own feeling.

          Yes, I could have too ignored the “entheta”, but I didn’t made this choice and I’m not sure yet I was wrong to do it so.

          But I didn’t write, I my own reality, that Vinaire has always this behaviour, any way, but for me, it was clearly his dramatization at this specific time, and integrity looks to me is about to communicate what is true form “my own viewpoints”.

          And yes, That’s very nice for me to see how caring you are for him (and I think any one of Us), very sincerely, it’s a very nice lesson for me; can’t thanks you enough, and see exactly the point where, “right at the top”, Affinity and Responsibility, so Pandetermism, meat each other. But while being others, one could know what going on in an other set of Our viewpoints, imho, and what is the difference between indicate to one of Us that he has a big bird droppings on hus body back, and indicate that hus is making a dramatization and why it is?

          So, as you can understand, Very Sincerely Dear marildi, if you see any dramatization in my way, feel very free to indicate me! Could be I will have hard time with, but it’s like when a leg is injured, imho: it could bring complain from the body (“pain”) to treat it, but in the long term basis, it could be survival. And indeed: if “We” are “Us”, what is the point to say to “invalidate” or “evaluate” “someone else”? What is this “someone else” here? please, marildi :/

          And great way for me, the way Greig has to induce pertinent communication; thanks to him! But for me, I’m not sure that I have reach myself a state that permits me to communicate here “safely” for Our viewpoints, so can’t guaranty you that I will continue to participate to the blog and any any way, and this, until I get more certainty on the ideal way to address myself to “others” and how to take these “others” behaviours when it looks “negative” for me.

          I’m Very Much Thankful, Greig, for what your posts has already brought to me, especially having discovered your own reality on the OT Levels and relation to Responsibility, that I was sharing too. I just can only wish that you could continue to spread your truth around.

          Much Love to all, even Vinaire! lol IdealGoal.

          1. Idealgoal, thank you so much for your comments! I can truly say the same back to you – what a nice effect you bring in my day! And I am very glad that you have joined this discussion group because I get that you have the willingness and ability to communicate in an honest and full way. IMO, that is one of the most valuable assets there are and the only way we will get anywhere in our communication (discussion) attempts to raise our level of truth, our understanding – and raise as well our enjoyment of affinity with one another.

            You asked, “So, what I should have done, Dear marildi, to make it better? To say nothing?”

            This is the hard question! First I’ll say that you are to be very much commended for seeing what you saw and for being willing to say what you saw. This is integrity. Secondly, I agree with you that Geir (or anyone) should have the right to communicate his own feelings without someone more or less making less (or nothing) out of them.

            Was Vinaire doing that? Well, I can easily look at his response that way. But I can also look at it as not really having that intention but rather that he simply wanted to express his philosophical viewpoint that no one, not even an OT 8, views things except through their own considerations (which he sometimes calls their filters).

            Another interpretation for his response may be a combination of the two – i.e. not just stating a viewpoint but at the same time making less of someone else’s viewpoint and feelings. So in that sense, you were completely right, in a way, by your response! You obviously did not want to just stand by and allow the abuse to occur without disagreeing and saying “No” to it. I have felt and responded in the same kind of way, many times.

            Looking at this kind of thing in general, the picture I’m seeing more and more is that if there are bad feelings between two people, or let’s call it less than good affinity, there’s a tendency for each of them to add that negative “vibe” to their communications – which can be picked up by the other person. They also have a tendency to add a bad feeling onto the communications they receive from the other person, whether such bad feeling was there or not!

            So what I’m getting at is that I have concluded the only possible solution to this downhill direction is to keep communicating in order to clear up misunderstandings and bad feelings – and, obviously, to do so in such a way that we don’t further add to the lack of good affinity since that will just keep things going in the same wrong direction.

            Something I have been thinking about recently is that if I have affinity for someone, none of their flaws or faults have any impact on me. That is to say, without any effort on my part I overlook those outpoints and/or see them from a bigger perspective. And my affinity isn’t lessened at all!

            So because of that realization, what I’ve been trying to do is to keep in mind what is likable about a person. At my best, I intentionally put that affinity there, and this may be what Marianne is talking about when she describes how we are all One – after all, affinity at its highest is being in the same space as the other(s), which could be described as being One. But, as Marianne also says (if my understanding is correct) we yet have the choice of being One or of being our individual selves (no matter how “self” is defined) and be able to enjoy that game too.

            Another thing that looking at all this lately reminded me of is an old children’s book title, “A Friend is Someone Who Likes You”. NIce, huh? And I would add to that definition that a friend is someone you like. 🙂

            So, my friend, don’t feel you are not safe here! Yes, like all of us you will sometimes feel the “pain”, as in the injured leg example you gave – but, using your words, “in the long term basis, it could be survival”.

            If I haven’t acknowledged or responded to any other points you mentioned in your post that you would like me to, please let me know! Thanks for the love you sent to all of us and I’m sending love back to you! 🙂

    2. People are attracted towards true nature…the substance of which happens to be the same in all beings.. it is truth dragging itself to truth….

        1. This is how I view space; and the condensation of space into matter. As you say, “Truth drags itself to truth.” — kind of an elasticity which tears at its weakest points. What is left — gathers.

        2. 🙂 So Very Thanks Again, Marianne, for this So Very Pertinent vid of Adyashanti 🙂 Which can “enlighten” “Us” (!…) even more 😉 And What A Great Pleasure To See We have So Great Wisdom Around At This Time, would be “scientology” or not. (See Marty’s last post: “How to study”). ML.

    3. “Here the expectations from an “OT8″ become a filter”.
      Right. As OT8 is a label, concept. Not cleared, will cause upsets etc.
      See what happened. Truth thus “replaced” by a consideration becomes an endless source for thoughts etc. GEIR is GEIR. The choice of music above is HIS choice. To describe the “undescribable”.

      1. One thing I appreciate in an being, is the willingness to share with “others” what hu could consider as great experience. It means for me, and yes, it is an “evaluation”, that the being wants obviously to spread hus own happiness to “others”, what I call “generosity”.

  2. I would admire the music itself. I wouldn’t even care for who created that music or who likes that music. Those all may be interesting filters. But they don’t constitute the essentials.

    I really love this wisdom:

    “Krishna then explains how one gets established in such wisdom in a stable manner. One sits in meditation and focuses on what is relevant, such as, breathing. There is no effort to control anything else, not even how one breathes. Then let those things that are irrelevant swirl around and settle down on their own accord.

    It is putting attention on what is irrelevant, which leads one into ruin. A person established in wisdom realizes this. He is focused in the essentials, which are beyond any desire, sense of ego, or thirst for life. Thus, he overcomes delusion. He is completely at peace even at the hour of his death.”

    The above is from THE BHAGAVAD GITA: Chapter 2


    1. All the while Radha is dancing around Krishna touching his body softly
      with her palms….Krishna looks up and hears the music someone isplaying in some distance, stands up and embracing Radha he starts
      to feel the flow and the rythm of the divine….

    1. BTW; Ideal Goal is so much more ideal than any focus on the means, such as Ideal Tool, Ideal Way or Ideal Organization, etc. Just for the record 🙂

      1. lol I don’t know if it’s “much more ideal” in absolute, but for the present moment, relatively to “my own” present viewpoints, it is for “me” much ideal too! Dear Isene 😉

        Very thanks for sharing your Reality here, “I” like it! “BTW” 🙂

  3. I am sitting down in a swivel chair after a 2 hour long meeting… peaceful, yet energetic and joyful inside… when I start to listen to this music I push the chair gently around, start to smile first but then laugh….how beautiful it is right now…
    a little craziness comes over me to stand up and dance as usual, this time I just
    dance inside…some light thoughts arise like how lovable we all are on this blog
    with all our unique flows….also, how beautiful this office room is while rolling around….thanks for this music Geir…nice IT course will it be…

  4. Great tune!

    Its along the lines of the Alan Parsons Project recording of Hyper Gamma Space, one of my all time favorite pieces of music:

  5. Nice! I like it. Didn’t know them, but will hear more of it now. Reminds me at “Jean Michele Jarre” and “Kraftwerk”. It is good for just being and fantasy.

  6. Do you wanna have fun? I am talking real fun. Not Look how right I am! Hahaha
    I started my blog yesterday so I hereby invite you all to visit my home page.
    Have a magic touch – to all following their own heart…
    – –

  7. Geir, this piece sounds a lot like some of your own compositions that you posted a while back. On your wavelength – at least at the moment you were listening to it.

    1. Thanks marildi for bringing up Geir’s music. I loved it 🙂
      Isene – could you put it as a link on this page, somewhere accessible.?

        1. 😀 Very Like It Too! 😀 Thanks Again! Marianne! (and Greig of course, for this Up-Tone Creation, imho) 🙂

  8. Geir,
    just because I don’t suit your needs I am now moderated. Wise move. I am sure everyone in your room appreciate that decision.
    You have helped me a little on my way to becoming who I am today.
    I have helped you to become who you are.
    – –
    Do we agree that we now are enemies? .)
    – –

    1. You seemed to go off at the deep end, so I was worried that you would unravel in public here. So I put you on moderation.

      And no, I see no reason for us to be enemies at all.

      1. All right.
        “Go off at the deep end” – meaning I was about to end up in psychiatrys hands again? .)
        I am off those hands in the very near future as my doctor just now has decided to let me go – woohoo!
        I expect that you do not moderate my comments as we are not enemies. Do you understand and agree to that?
        – –

  9. By the way,
    Here’s the shocking news I would like to share with you all as a final goodbye, if and only if I’m allowed to promote them here on your site, Geir.
    It’s related to new formulas in treason and enemy as the world at large is in desperate need of them. Enjoy! .)
    – –

    1. Slack
      The world is in “desperate need” of sanity and art. The two together.
      I met that winner guy in life. He is like that inspiring a lot of people with that. He is himself both on stage and in life. It’s perfectly enough to have an impact. Wish to see YOU back here soon.

    2. I liked your flaws and corrections and enjoyed the whole article. Made good sense to me.

  10. Hi Isene,
    This Galaxion music is incredible! I wanted to find something to exceed it but
    for the time being I haven’t been able to! I wonder if other bloggers can? Also,
    I hope you are not “considering” slowing down the “motion” of the blog – that is posting less. There was a time (if I remember well) that you wanted to do a similar thing. So, what’s the case? Why hasn’t the blog been moving at its usual speed? I find it the best ever place to be and communicate with people from all over the world about questions which touch the “deepest/highest?” points of existence, spirituality, science in the most open way – which we can even exceed if we keep on communicating in the “open”. Could go on with this now….but waiting for your answer first. What is happening now? Is it that you are enjoying life as the music shows (which I am doing too), or there is something else?

      1. Mutual Marildi! Earlier on the thread I wrote about “truth dragging itself towards truth”. Geir started the blog…you were here much earlier
        than me, as well as many others…this is an! example for what I mean by this truth…I could place here more, from other sources too…

        1. Marildi,
          Little “history” about me…awakening happened to me spontaneously…then I found, “was dragged towards” Adyashanti…then I found Geir’s blog…with you amazing beings here. I keep posting from him as what/how he is speaking (lots of things can be found on the net, with people communicating with him) is what I found a missing element in scio…this aliveness and openness….I love scio! I can see no difference between truth…I said earlier that the Axioms are true….truth IS truth…embodied truth is beautiful….there are many…women too…like Gangaji (Ramana, Papaji “line”). Adya has
          a wife…lives an ordinary life….does not “hide”….simple…direct.
          Geir put this blog here…with his works…now he is trying to show both
          the “dark” and “beautiful” sides of an OT (label!!!!) and HIS !!
          thoughts, feelings and life….I find it incredible….how many do that? I live a similar life…it’s the safest way ever as truth generates more truth…communication more communication….aliveness, that is! We are learning from each other…priceless…

          1. I hear you, Marianne. I’ve commented too on how the CoS indoctrinates individuals into being pretty machine-like. As you know, that’s not what the basic philosophy of Scn is about, or what any of us were looking for when we got involved. It was more like what you described – aliveness and openness in communication. And your other phrase – truth generates truth – describes so well what has occurred quite a bit in the real-people discussions here.

            I’m not sure why the activity has slowed down, but maybe that’s the discussion we should all be having. If there are upsets and ARC breaks, for example, we should be able to handle them with communication – live souls that we are. 🙂 But on the other hand, it may just be just a matter of the ebb and flow of other things going on in people’s lives (as there has been with me, for example). Anyway, I trust it will start up again because there is nothing like “truth generating truth”. You are right – priceless!

            Oh, but be advised – this Sunday is the football Superbowl in the U.S. and many people are already getting ready for the watch parties. So we should keep that in mind too, as concerns the Americans at least. 😉

  11. Also…it is almost impossible to put the nature of one’s innermost feelings and
    state of being into words…I was very happy to see that you did so with this music! The only, repeat the only thing I never understood while I was studying/auditing in scio that many people were sort of “hiding”, not really willing
    to show and reveal in real life! what they ! were like….yes, through “products”,
    mostly in business…for me there has never been such a “division”…I have been writing about some of my experiences, also about parts of my life, also
    putting here some Adyashanti to show that “spirituality/scio” and life are not two
    different things…when Marildi and sometimes others speak about “themselves”,
    it’s a real joy to read…I am interested in you Geir, Marildi, Maria, Chris, Valkov,
    Alanzo, Dee, Rafael…sorry for not mentioning each of you…as well as Geir asked earlier that we can place here anything….from recipes to pieces of art…whatever we find valuable. Yes, the main topic is scio and “other paths” !!!! it’ll remain so as this is a unique place for that..but .with the Amazing people series Geir showed how much value there is in the actions of everyday life…I would be interested in reading about that too….what do you say to it? Geir…….DRIVE!

  12. Following Geir’s great idea. After the epiphany that there are indeed dickheads in the world and helping a girl sort out a problem she has been sitting in for quite a while, also both of us discovering that she is an X-factor, this is how I feel now. (she and also me got into action)

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