Four Signs You Have Joined The Wrong Group

To sum it up:

  1. I know the truth, and you don’t.
  2. Beware the charismatic leader.
  3. The end is near.
  4. The end justifies the means.

It’s deja vu, all over again.

55 thoughts on “Four Signs You Have Joined The Wrong Group

  1. *You either agree or you are in one way or another ‘bad’.
    *During your stay you find out rules you didn’t know when you joined. At the leader(s) discretion, those rules change.
    *You are promised and wait for an improvement that doesn’t arrive.
    *The group attempts to influence you personally with regards to your family, friends etc or attempts to influence your famiily and friends with regards to you.

  2. Those who “betray” us get punished by God, fate, law or other mysterious or semi-mysterious forces (beware, I’m holding a mysterious mirror).

    1. PDC stuff:

      “Now the caste system of game consist of this: The Maker of Games, he
      has no rules, he runs by no rules. The player of the games, rules known but
      he obeys them. And the assistant players merely obey the players. And the
      pieces obey rules as dictated by players, but they don’t know the rules.” And
      then, what do you know. There’s broken pieces, and they aren’t even in the
      game, but they’re still in the game. And they’re in a terrible maybe: “Am I
      in the game or am I not in the game?”

      Now, “How to make a piece. This is how to make’ a piece: First, deny
      there is a game. Second, hide the rules from them. Three, give them all
      penalties and no wins. Four, remove all goals” – all goals. “Enforce them..
      their playing. Inhibit their enjoying. Make them look like but forbid their
      being like players” – look like God but uh.. you can’t be God.

      “To make a piece continue to be a piece, permit it to associate only
      with pieces and deny the existence of players.” Never let the pieces find out
      that there are players.”

      1. I have invented a new ‘game’ and the title that goes with it: No Game Motivator. The ‘product’ is LIFE LIVED SPONTANEOUSLY. (trademark, my initials, TM).

        1. Hehehe by ‘game motivator’ you mean a ‘reason for’ to do something? I agree πŸ™‚ You are it.

          1. No, just the opposite!
            NO GAME ! MOTIVATOR = no games, just living, without preconceived goals and
            People are engaged in games continuously (live mostly dictated by thoughts) and not spontaneously…not ‘in the here and now’. Life can by lived by in-tuition, that is in tune + some games, consciously.

            1. Mmm but arent to be here and now and live etc goals and purposes?

            2. MT: NO GAME ! MOTIVATOR = no games, just living, without preconceived goals and purposes.

              Dee: No game it a game, imo. πŸ™‚

  3. tru that. Also ditto Spyros. At the risk of sounding like an apologist, these signs are present in groups that aren’t as sinister as a group such as Scientology. But they should be just as much of a warning sign in either case.
    I might add to that list being hit up for money all the time even when the member has little or no resources.

    1. Yes πŸ™‚ Such superior people, in such superior groups, are such robots that follow the same pattern over and over. The only thing that is confusing about them, is that they hide their character, and pretend to be other characters, and dub their own character on others. If such a person hits another, he is liable to tell him “why did you do that for?”, and also put him on ‘ethics’ for that. It’s mad business.

      And yes, I think they aim for money too hard, because in society money is ‘power’, and they love that. Even if they never use that money, they want the ‘upper hand’.

      Hubbard told people to be independent, to co-audit, not to get services after they get rich. And fuckers turned this thing into a brothel.

      Fuck the COS and whoever outside the COS uses SCN to put himself above others, and to make money. That’s close to saying fuck most SCN, as the rest are mostly their followers, unless they aren’t.

      1. When was the last time somebody saw a couple of people co-auditing SOS or the fundamentals of thought or Dianetics 55! or something? No, it’s dangerous stuff, we need somebody who knows better. Yes, why don’t you go to a psychologist, then? He certainly knows better than you, what is best for you. And he can point out what your abberations are, and what the state of your ethics is and tell you what to do with your life. Self denial all the way. And that’s what ‘going free’ and ‘help’ means.

        Yes, I understand a person that delivers needs a roof over his head and something to eat and dress with, but this has nothing to do with what I have seen during my SCN experience. Money shouldn’t be the target. And a person shouldn’t be as good as he can pay. And if you want more money, then you should train and audit more people or find another way to make money.

        Anyway, I don’t want to zap good people with good intentions with my rant, so I’m not going on with this. But I’m sick of it. This hypocrisy of help. This intergrity in which you can never argue. This blaming the COS while for brainwashing while you use the same tech. Blah blah BLAH Whoever wants to help, helps. The the helped person doesn’t go on forever needing help. He becomes free, indepent. Simple. Goodbye SCN.

    1. Whatever you check and agree with is just an agreement. It is the case with disagreement as well. They are not the Truth. Truth does not contain either of these. If you ask yourself the question Who agrees/disagrees, you may have a chance to find yourself as doing so. You can also ask yourself Why you agree or disagree.
      From that ‘place of you’, you can create or not create whatever you like.
      Finally ‘You’ can ask who that ‘you’ who is creating is…..

      1. you should ask yourself what is the reason for writting whatever you are writting and by finding the answer might give you the answer and than for once and for all you will stop writting.
        Would be very intersesting to know why you find it so important to spread your reality, why you find it so important and that every one should know it.

          1. πŸ™‚ me to, I just like to ask chalenging questions which brings fort new reality!!

            1. thanks Geir. I take it that you are well! .. I dont do much writting these days since i just moved in Canada from one city to different one plus I moved all my garden plants, 350 plamts had to be digged up some were very large, than i had to make new flower beds for them than plant them.
              i am here now in hungary.and..traveling every day, getting to know the country in which i was born.. Hungary is very different from canada that is for sure.
              Best to you and to your Lady.

        1. Elizabeth
          ‘what is the reason for whatever you are writing’ Good question, from time to time
          there comes a thought to stop it. Just like yesterday, when I put here two videos as a contrast. With that a thought said stop writing as I am perfectly fine without ‘sreading here my reality’. But then the new post had a theta pull and I commented. I enjoy the theta flow and the different viewpoints of the people who post here.My viewpoints or the videos as ‘realities’ which I post here may not be as ‘important’ as the underlying love I feel when I post them…I love the flow of affinity ‘accumulated’ by us here . And yes, I feel that there comes the point when I stop putting here anything…

        1. hello my Dear, I just visited your city yesterday… It is magnificent! But i am waiting for your comment on my question… so please do so, because i am looking forward to your answer. much love Elizabeth
          PS; if you have answered please put your article under my nose!

          1. Hi, why didn’t you call me up? I wished to meet you.
            What was the question? There is only one above, the reason for blogging and it was asked from Geir, wasn’t it?

            1. MT….sorry my Dear but I was with family and friends…. who were counting on being with me and they have come down from Budapest for that day.. Love to you.

            2. I totally understand it! Looks like we may meet in Canada one day? Glad you are enjoying your visit! Love to you….and HaHa….Love is actually ‘not there’ and…’not here’….so ‘where’ ? No place, no time…haha…incredible…

            3. MT… LOVe is the same as TIME it’s exist in your universe only.. What one believes IS that is love… no more. Only your reality.

            4. Yes, it’s the difficulty of wording. ‘love exists in your universe only’ ‘what one believes that IS love’. I don’t know, as ‘ I ‘ experience it, love IS the substance, the actuallity of living beings, or the whole universe. It is not a concept, a belief. Neither is it a feeling. It’s rather an emotion (def. that part of consciousness which is
              moving forward, sensible and perceptive).
              If it, as you say, exists only in my universe, I’m fine with that….I perceive it ‘coming, radiating’ from beings too, as a very-very fine ‘energy particle flow’…also, I experience it as that ‘flow’ which is pouring and has started to change life on the Planet…

            5. MT as you know i am fine with your reality no matter what that is… but by now I see “” love ” as a totally differeng thing… and in my reality it is only a consideration… Outside of the human reality it do not exist. and i am OK with that too.

            1. You have no idea how my time is sliced up!!! now there is a thought.. if there is no time how it can be sliced? As you see that is impossible, since there is no time! I hope you doing well! Best to you!

  4. Why does one write an article when one has no direct experience of something?
    Why does one rely on second-hand ‘data’, of scholars and professors?

      1. Get your point, I have asked them. These two questions were meant as a comment on articles where the writers write about other people they have never met or places they have never been to.

          1. HaHa…so the question is to write or not to write? As when I ‘know’, why write it down,
            when I don’t know, there is nothing to write about…

            1. Sigh… I can ‘rest my head on the pillow’ then. I love being in the unknown, always get surprised what I write or do…the same with others who continuously surprise me. You included.

  5. YES to all the above. Spyros, Grady and Anette. Hey, what can I say? I can’t even question. You guys are great! πŸ™‚

    1. πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚

      Don’t pay much attention, I’m just an SP outraged at Scientology because I know deep inside that it is the only way to freedom, even though many of it’s members insist that there is no such thing as freedom.

      OK, there is only ‘freedom from’ as freedom is not an isness. I wonder what people have gone free from and within how much time using standard tech. I’m having sincere interest in it. Tell me. I’m open to comm.

      1. I’m not going to evaluate/iinvalidate anything. I’m not going to say anything. Just reply, if you want, and also be specific. Also include how much it cost you in terms of money and effort. I mean come on. Scientology is the most ethical group on the planet. Why hide the facts?

        1. Fine, that was a bit of an (unintentional) trap question, as when you go free from something, you no longer have it and cannot point it out. Right.

          Well then, another question. How is standard tech alligned with the concept of total freedom? Please be specific. How many are free from having to have a job, body, this that, a planet…..anything? What is it supposed to set you free from?

          1. Spryros: How is standard tech alligned with the concept of total freedom?

            The way I look at standard tech and relate to it is in the auditing procedure. Do it this way exactly. Of course it should be natural but everyone is different so only the commands which Elron wrote are standard and should get a result. Well, in a perfect world that would be perfect. Blah, blah blah…….. Total freedom? don’t see it anywhere in this. Hope I’ve written to understand as meant πŸ™‚

            1. Excuse my delayed answer. I’ve been having changes at home and miss messages.

              I bet standard tech can free from stuff, but total freedom wouldn’t be a human condition. Seeing at what standard scientologists think about thetans, OTs, static etc I bet my head there in no total freedom involved in this Bridge. I know LRH didn’t mean it to be like that, judging by what he himself has written.I don’t know how SCN limited itself into a sort of psychotherapy, but I don’t like it. I think it is 1.1 and I think it is the reason for the super-confidentiality of the OT levels. Something important is hidden (a no product) One can check the definition for OT, and ask Geir of it applies on OT 8…although I think he has answered already.

      2. Spryos: I wonder what people have gone free from and within how much time using standard tech.

        Dee: Excellent question. Freedom from a reactive mind that they were told they had?
        Freedom from control that they gave over to an organization and a guru? Freedom to think for themselves which they have denied? Just a few off cuff thoughts! πŸ™‚

        1. Hehehe yeah sort of “we give you the problem, and if you pay enough you can handle a portion of it”. OK, I had problems before SCN, truth be told.

          Clearing was mostly Dianetics. Then SCN was to take a human and make him a free thetan. I don’t know. Any ideas?

      3. They freed themselves from some beliefs while agreeing with far more beliefs than they got rid of.

        You are free. The only thing making you not free are your beliefs/considerations. Auditing is supposed to permit one to let go of the limiting beliefs.

        1. Hi there Free being… good to hear your voince! Yes auditing do erases all the unwanted thoughts-considerations,and to that i can attast.. But of course auditing will not help one spell better…hehehe πŸ™‚ I have worked on that but so far nothing happened!

            1. thank for acking.. wish you were here i am just going to Budapest this morning.

  6. As a latin, I would say:
    1. check
    2. check
    3. check
    4. check

    And I am not into the Neoconservadurism agenda. πŸ˜€

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