Brendan & Geir does the US

Å (the company of Brendan and myself) is looking at a US Tour from June 15th through the 22nd.

We’ll be visiting NY, LA and a stop-over at Chris’ somewhere in the middle to see the Grand Canyon and discuss the universe and stuff.

We’d like our tour to matter. We’d like to meet with interesting people, be inspired, make new friends and have a blast.

If you’ve got some cool or crazy ideas, want to have a coffee with us, set up a seminar, do a fun project or just exchange jokes, please let us know. We’re open for anything.

Brendan Geir

14 thoughts on “Brendan & Geir does the US

  1. It reminds me of Thelma and Louise 🙂 Anyway, sounds thrilling! In the end, please put some photos or videos on the blog. Have a nice trip! 🙂

    1. Hi Roland,
      My name is Tony DePhillips. Did you used to work at the AOLA in the 80’s? I have the idea that you may have done my OT preps before I did OT1-5 there.

  2. Sounds like a fun trip Geir. I live in Seattle, so if you get up this way my wife and I would be happy to have you both over for dinner.

  3. Visit (depending on your range from LA) and hook up with Laila Danielsen

    Get inspiration in LA: “A day with the Kung Fu Master”:

    When in New York, you cannot miss – best visit on friday and saturday, book in advance and turn up for the early show.

    In New York, have lunch at Balthazar in Soho (book in advance).

    In New York, hook up with Eric Benari


  4. Looks to be a great trip! I wish I could go but I have job commitments until the end of June. Enjoy each instant of it!
    Will there be Greece too?

  5. Geir, Let me know your schedule. Would love to get together with you and swap war stories. I road up and down the West Coast US. I may be in the SF Bay Area mid June.

  6. Have a fantastic trip you guys and sure you will. The Grand Canyon is a a marvel to experience and drive up to Vegas and see the ultimate in mest, done with it’s spectacular best!

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