An early inspiration for my interest in mathematics

Tonight I was showing Anette a wide variety of music that has inspired me. From Clannad, Isao Tomita, Vangelis, Klaus Nomi and Andreas Wollenweider. I stumbled across a work by one of Norway’s truly great composer, the late Arne Nordheim. I remember fondly how I discovered Nordheim at the age of 13. I used to sit at the main library in downtown Oslo working my way through number theory and calculus while I was listening to this:

12 thoughts on “An early inspiration for my interest in mathematics

    1. Alanzo
      Sure Geir finds nothing wrong and can enjoy the music of ‘Spice Girls’. As to enjoy the wildest music, one is able to tune into and enjoys the finest and the full scale in between. For me this video is a proof that Geir enjoys the finest and the full scale!

      1. HaHa…an ‘early inspiration for my interest in mathematics’…the love of this music is a kind of an example that ‘one’ the ‘spirit’ can arrive in a pure state and starts to be interested in (aesthetic wave) in mathematics (analytical wave).

        1. And a little actuality. This morning I had a discussion with some young guys about the connection of QP, music, studying and enjoying life. Some got it! Actually, the knowingness had already been there! And I learnt from them about ‘truth’, ‘reality’……and music and joy.

        2. On OT 1 or 2 (?) you re-gained your artistic ability and composed music. It would be interesting to look at that ‘period’ of time what you were doing then with your mathematical skills. Also, revive some ‘wins’ as when one can live life at a certain ‘wavelength’, it’s there. Any wins, from childhood to OT 2 and on………that is, getting back some theta ‘flow’. I am not saying that you don’t have it or need it, Geir.
          Just like it when you post a post like this. It has helped me to lots of insights, like this one.

      2. Thanks for posting these pieces of music. Sure sin to write a word about them….love them all. I have only known about and listened to Vangelis from them. This Nordheim is like birth, creation from potential. Brilliant! Gets under the tiniest solid. Just melts it. The Hirzel by Wollenweider is my favourite. Just fantastic!

  1. Geir – Interesting music to study math by. By the fact that vibrations, frequencies, etc are what make music this type of music would be a constant reminder of the variety of mathematical arrangements we can find in the physical universe. I enjoyed physics better than math. Still formulas and numbers but they were measures of something and not just significance. That was me, for others pure math seems easy.

    1. SA
      Interesting what you write. ‘That was me’. I would be interested in reading more about those ‘me’ experiences, views and interests.

      1. MT – “That was me.” This was a reference to the fact that I found math easier when it was involved with physics wherein things have titles with the number. Pounds, feet/sec, etc. I found pure mathematics harder to understand. I have friends have understood the mathematics straight and building an understanding on those concepts without what the number was measuring. Nothing mysterious of “me” in this context.

        1. SA – Thanks. I completely get it now. I did not think that there was anything mysterious about ‘you’. I am just interested in your views and interests.

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