Amazing person: Sandra Lyng

She’s not only an amazing artist with a fantastic voice. Sandra Lyng is a warm and empathetic person with a strong will – a fighter with a tough determination to reach her goals and to deliver the goods. She is one of those people I have coached that understands an idea at once and swiftly transforms it into action and results – without hesitation. She may look the blonde, but she’s one smart cookie. And very funny.


The one quality that stands out the most, is her willingness to help others. Like whipping me into shape – after yesterday’s training session, I can hardly move with muscle pain in odd new places. While I was exhausted, Sandra didn’t even work up a sweat. She’s way too fit.

Her latest song, “Don’t care” is just out on iTunes (Norway), Spotify and other other outlets. Here’s the song on Youtube:

And her previous release:

Visit Sandra’s page on Facebook. And watch out for this girl in the years to come πŸ˜‰

UPDATE: Sandra has a new blog πŸ™‚

36 thoughts on “Amazing person: Sandra Lyng

  1. Hey, hey, HEY Geir! Now c’mon man! This is akin to cheating!
    Seriously, man, who could refuse to carry out a command, such as ” “That’s it Geir…. I want ONE more rep from you! . Now go for it!” Yes, as a personal trainer my self, I am very aware of the persuasive influence of someone of the caliber of Sandra.

    ….So, time to get in shape, by “getting down to business”.
    BTW, the attempts to “distract her” probably won’t work. Sounds to me like she really means business.

    looking forward to seeing pics of the new, ‘improved’ 2014 edition of Super Buffed Geir πŸ™‚

        1. If I remember well, it was Kristin Steira who wanted Geir to take up
          skiing as he needed some exercise even then. Time has passed…
          passed…this girl could get Geir to start moving…congrats, Sandra! Get Geir to sweat! The more the better as a start, I am
          sure his body will get trained fast. Also, as he is coaching sports
          persons, he is likely to coach better now as an insider.
          Geir…as you composed some music too, you may even co-inspire
          each other in it too. Even a vid can come out of it.

    1. Training is training, beauty is beauty. No connection between them. Just have to be professional, doesn’t matter you’re the Beauty or the Beast.

      1. Hey dragos… Are you 100% certain??? The “real” world suggests just the opposite, bro!… I know, I know… it shouldn’t…. but it just works out that way! Otherwise some might just be totally content to end up looking like ‘slobs!’ Apart from just getting difficult to get them to actually DO much, physically, the ‘body’, neglected to a point of almost total unwillingness to accomplish anything physical, (in this effort-shy modern world we have created), doesn’t exactly do much in the way of exciting ‘enthusiasm’ for anything else either!… apart from EATING, and/or DRINKING!!…. LOL!

        Nope, d72, I’m afraid that anything less than taking ‘good care’ of one’s body, (limited only by one’s means) is tantamount to apathy, and as we both know, that just AIN’T ‘survival’, is it?

        My simple, professional message has gotten a pretty successful response, when tested over time;

        “When you LOOK good…. you FEEL good!”

        Of course, you are 100% entitled not to see the connection, bro.

        cheers πŸ™‚


        1. Calvin Hi there.. spoken like a human through and through two foot in the mouth at the same time.
          1 SLOB… what slob is , is a belief derived from agreement by those who consider how one should look like if the one wants to belong…
          2 Doing is pushing about solid stuff, now if that is so valuable than Gandhi who walked about mostly naked ,Lao Tzu who wore sack like cloth tide with rope, and those folks who were only loincloth or togas and set under the banyan tree or cave some place or at the market place of old… were not very well dressed, accordingly to the dictators fashion.
          3 Enthusiasm well what that is strictly is again a though a consideration what is and what is not.
          4 Taking care of ones body… again what is that is again a dictating force of agreements.
          5 Ohhhhhhh..judgements galore… live by the rules of what others make what is right or what is wrong than that shows where that person belongs.. in that same group..

          1. My profession ? — personal trainer… making others feel GOOD, through physical training. (hard work on the physical level) done with a light heart and good humor! Too bad you don’t seem to duplicate THAT, instead preferring to take my comments ‘literally’ and most ‘seriously’, while heaping a pretty huge pile of judgments of your own. Try working out in a gym, regularly! It balances out the negative sentiments, allowing one to offload that stuff in a less hostile manner. Therefore it is not only good for doingness, but for beingness too!!

            (tch….tch…. you definitely can’t help every ‘body’, it seems!) πŸ˜‰

            1. No you cant, and I am sorry I cant either change others, if I could you would be a frog by now without a crown of course. πŸ™‚

            2. Racer PS…. on after thought: being a frog than you would be having 4 legs in your mouth instead the two left foot you have.. By the way I am not much for gym work after all these body is 74.. so suggest some other way I could get out of this negative Hell I am in.. πŸ™‚

            3. As a matter of interest, my ‘oldest’ personal training client, to date, commenced at the age of 86, having never partaken in organized exercise, during their more youthful opportunities to do so.

              Needless to say, the elderly gentleman was put through the ‘conditioning’ phase with the utmost care, and the gentlest of gradients.

              It soon became apparent, that this ‘gentleman’ was anything but!
              and I had a difficult time in trying to keep him ‘in check’ according to required levels of safe overload weight usage.

              Within three months, he surprised everyone, including his own doctor, who recommended some gym work to get him fitter. and the results in strength and fitness increase were on a par with someone 25 years younger. I must emphasize though, that as with all embarking on a gym program, it it essential to get a medical doctors clearance beforehand.

              As for easier gradients, nothing beats regular walking and/or swimming for satisfactory exercise in the pursuit of “feeling good.”


            4. Wow Ray! To me it communicates perfectly! Congratulations!
              Eliz may do a tailored for her program….and……(there might
              be some surprises for her in human life even knowing each
              bit of it).

            5. Hi Marianne.. No more working out in the gym. lost interest and I stay with walking and gardening. My aim is not in the prolonging the life span of the body. In fact I am doing my best to eliminate the reason its existence. I want it to stop working. Love to you. E.

            6. Hi C.. thanks, I have done just that, I used to work out regularly in the gym had a trainer and all that.. I also had a major car accident and that stopped that kind of activity. The accident was severe, beside damages of the body caused the left side of the brain to stop functioning… I was told than that I will be in wheelchair with collapsed spine etc… that I never regain some of the basic abilities I had before, like reading writing, understanding what people were talking about.. comprehend the meaning of the words. thousands of hours of auditing erased all that.. So I am doing very well in did, and I am active but never will do the gym bit again. Answers can be found for all problems.
              We have a large garden and long gardening seasons and I am a passionate gardener Thank you for your concern and advise
              Best Elizabeth.

            7. Elizabeth, you can be justifiably proud of all the effort you have put in to claw your way back to where you are today. My sincere admiration goes out to you. Carry on with what’s working, that’s all we can do, to keep on keeping on.

              Thanks for sharing, too. That definitely lightens the load, and makes the best of any given day.

              warmest regards,

            8. Thank…. Pride I don’t have but I know I am able and nothing can stop me to achieve my goals I also know that the Auditing Tech works and simple as that.. I never stopped the sessions. Best to you too. E.
              My comments might sound negative but they don’t contain that energy… The universe is a magical place.. πŸ™‚

            9. Yes indeed, Elizabeth! And the magic is uniformly accomplished with that ‘magic wand’, called AXIOM 28 πŸ™‚

        2. Hi Ray

          I would modify it a little: When you can completely accept and
          love how you LOOK…you FEEL good.

          Yes, the body has a value and beauty as any other life-creation.
          So it needs proper care, exercise and love. Proper…not too much,
          not too little. Spirit-mind-body in harmony. Though I find it true that
          ‘beauty is coming from inside’, the body’s state of energy-vibration
          may ‘distort’ it…if its vibration is in harmony, the ‘looks’…fat, slim etc. does not matter, it will look beautiful.

          1. You ‘get it’ purely and simply as stated, Marianne!…. the central theme (with the topic), is that hard ‘work’, (or effort), pays dividends, in almost any worthwhile endeavor. “Neglect” as such, produces just the opposite.

            When it comes to down to the bottom line though, the old adage; “USE it or LOSE it” applies to so many faculties in life that some of us seem to take for granted, much to our later regret.

            1. yes…’hard’ ‘work’ ( kung fu )…alertness and using energy

              no intent as it would be somebody’s intent and there would

              be counter-intent… using energy properly there is only

              winning….it is actually one energy movement….this is what

              i experienced after doing kung fu for three weeks now….

  2. Hi Sandra

    I listened to some of your vids! You have a beautifully clear voice
    with which you can play in many ways. Cool! I am a fan of music
    and sometimes help singers as well. You sure have a good coach
    and maybe a voice trainer as well. So please take my advice as
    just from a laywoman. I share it with you as it already helped my
    singer friends.
    It is about feeling and moving the energy inside your whole body.
    As energy is connected to emotions, playing with energy will generate more emotions than you have used in singing so far.

    You can always feel it while singing where the energy is coming
    from, right? If you ‘move’ it deeper, like to the heart, the belly, or
    the whole body, the results are different, right? You may have already done it though, as I hear it from one of your songs.

    I wish you great success!


        1. …there is no ‘back’ as there is no ‘there’…cut those craps…

          ..also, from earlier ‘play but not only with yourself’…the good

          news and the fun and joy part is that YOU can only play with

          YOURself…never has been otherwise so far…so far…

    1. Hi Sandra

      You can count me as a fan of yours! Great vid! It really got you
      to the edge of something big! So : jump ! Into your emotions,
      play with them, play with their energetic power. NOT as a comparison, just to illustrate what i mean.

      You have the talent and the ability to come out with a world hit!

      You may enter a talent show as well. If you have any doubt that
      a Norwegian woman can win, here is another vid. They are from
      Hungary and they won the Britain’s Got Talent last year.

      i wish you the best!

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