“How in the hell” indeed

Found this on that Internetz. Had to throw it out here.


5 thoughts on ““How in the hell” indeed

  1. How synchronistic. I just read an article titled “Maturing of the Soul.” It gives one answer to the question of “how the hell a person would do that”: s/he is still at Stage 1 in the soul’s spiritual journey:

    “Stage 1. The ego stage: “In the early stages of soul development, a person is most interested in adventure. This can include romance, sex, wealth, power, thrills, and drama. This stage may involve travel, having many friends, living in big houses, and other pleasures of the world and of the flesh.

    “These adventures build the ego part of the brain and the soul, often filling it with superficial and false ideas, dark memories, neuroses, and even psychoses and other ‘blemishes’ or imbalances at a soul level.”

    The other stages are as follows:

    Stage 2. The stage of disillusionment
    Stage 3. Accepting help
    Stage 4. The stage of disaster
    Stage 5. Beginning of the end of the ego
    Stage 6. The end of the seeker
    Stage 7. Atonement or oneness with god or the one


    1. Btw, this website has over 1200 articles, almost entirely written by the blog holder, Dr. Lawrence Wilson, an MD, over a period of a couple decades. The site is utterly packed with his and others’ research on subjects in the field of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. There isn’t anything I’ve searched in the Google search bar on his home page that I have not found!

      In fact, just for kicks I searched “Hubbard” and found very favorable comments about the Purif. Later, he followed it up with more recent data about niacin being toxic when taken in large amounts. This is the other thing about his site – he updates his articles regularly. What an altruistic soul!

      Here’s the link to his home page: http://drlwilson.com/

      1. p.s. Punctuation in the first sentence above is sort of confusing. It should be like this:

        Btw, this website has over 1200 articles almost entirely written by the blog holder (Dr. Lawrence Wilson, an MD) over a period of a couple decades.

  2. Bukowski is the type of person I wouldn’t like to influence my kids. He is a full looser, bad buddhist. His egoism is shameful.

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