Innovation at full throttle

I have blogged about the Innovation Garage before.

And now it’s in the news. FutureNautics has written about the Garage titled, “Space Age”. Go check it out:

Update (2017-03-13): Here’s another article in Dockyard Magazine. Also, I’ll be speaking on the Shipping2030 conference and be on the panel discussing the human side of innovation.

2 thoughts on “Innovation at full throttle

  1. Hi Geir. Terrific post indeed. For me personally, this resonates completely. As a matter of fact, I manage a property consisting of a large number of garages, (storage units) while owning / utilizing several, for a host of innovative purposes. Same for many of the occupiers.

    What a ‘game-changer game’ you have unleashed with this new venture! Yep — Matter, Energy, SPACE, & Time, — inseparable components within the bigger game of life, eh? 🙂

  2. I am improving, optimizing and applying to my dynamics one very interesting, simple and practical innovation algoritm.

    About the model: Each key action of inventive project can be performed by various innovation methods, mini-algorithm and tools. Proposed algorithm organizes them into united structure, shows place and goal of each tool. Algorithm forms peculiar “control system” of thinking process.

    Source: I am very glad if I inspired anybody. Enjoy that!!! 🙂

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