AMAR – Role-Playing Game

This is the site of the Amar rpg. The Amar rpg is played in the island kingdoms called… Amar. The game is the result of more than 18 years of development and playtesting. My own campaign (run since 1981) has gone through several game systems. It started off as an AD&D campaign and shifted over to Runequest in 1983. In 1984, I started modifying the RQ rules – lots of modifications. After deciding that enough is enough, me and some friends decided to make a whole new games system. The system was published in the UK in 1987: The Mega Role-Playing system (fantasy edition). It sold some 1000 copies but never really made any impact at all. It was to complicated and geared to those who had been playing rpgs for several years. It is still one of the most realistic role-playing games ever made. But to many rules made it cumbersome.

Then came the cut-down of the rules. While still maintaining a high degree of realism, the rules were simplified and simplified and simplified. Until the rules themselves were only a small fraction of Mega. Now the system is one of the simplest and most realistic around. It uses only a 6 sided dice (D6) for determining outcomes of risky events. It is easily learned by the games master in an evening. The players catch on in an hour or two. No sweat. Just pure role-playing fun.


Images from my Amar campaign

Feel free to use these images as you wish. They are a running
account of the characters experiences on the Island of Amar. The
actual story is not published here, only the images from the
story. Use them for your own role-playing campaign if you wish.


Episode 1: The arrival

Episode 2: The mythical temple

Episode 3: Calaron – the dark city

Episode 4: The Baroness’ challenge

Episode 5: Water crystal

Episode 6: Kiochai

Episode 7: The magick shield

Episode 8: The trial

Final episode: History is made

Amar(c)2001-2101, Geir Isene, GPL License.