Living life. Deciding I can choose.
Making choices. I can win. I can loose.
Playing life. Painting another theme.
Looking ahead. Deciding I can dream.
In a dream. Deciding I can fly.
No more looking at days go by.



Artwork created using Vistapro and GIMP.

Categories: Art

5 thoughts on “Above

  1. What a view.
    Once I had a dream. I didn’t have a body and I was just a vision, flying at incredible speed, watching the green land down there. I was a passing wind.

  2. Beautiful Geir, I love this! And thank you for all that you give, I am enjoying this new phase you are sharing with us, very much!

  3. I love how people who were formerly involved in CoS and then get out… soon after get back in touch with their artistic side and start creating again!

    Wax enthusiastic, man!
    Enjoy the flight. 🙂

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