Note to self:

If what you are doing is not worth dying for, change“.


If what you are doing is not giving life a greater meaning, change”.

18 thoughts on “Note to self:

  1. Awesome. Now I am looking for the answer on how to do this without finding myself on the damned hamster wheel again or utterly insane.

    1. There are two kinds of people; Those who try to understand and those who try to misunderstand” (knobo)

      We need more people in the world who are fanatical about helping others reach their potential. Would you like to join?

  2. Sometimes I think it is actually quite useful to put one’s life and choices made into the perspective of “Am I willing to die for this ?”. Myself though I have often found that if I feel like bringing up this question at all, the answer is usually “No ” …

    However, it is the second statement I feel I can relate to the strongest. In a way I feel that quite much of life have been close to that or a similar state (OK, I know it might sound pretentious and that is really not the intention). That might be the reason I have at times taken some rather rash decisions I guess …

    1. Good comment.

      I think most fathers and mothers would feel they are willing to die for their kids, and perhaps the well-being of their family. Some are so “lucky” and engaged that they have a job they are willing to die for – like Doctors without borders or some people in Amnesty International. Some are doing scientific research where they literally put their life on the line. Some are willing to die for an adventure. It is that ultimate filing of commitment, like toward one’s kids that can give life that extra jolt.

  3. I would certainly put my live on the line for my family; however, I am done with zealousness and ultimate commitment. I can do a good job at what I endeavor to do, and sometimes an excellent job of it, but at this stage of my life, I don’t feel a need to become completely consumed in any one thing in particular.

    1. Well, it is a note to Self (me). I like to get committed to many things – like my family, my dearest friends, my art, my writing, helping Endesh and many other good causes.

  4. I’ll weigh in on the second one . Absolutely true. That’s when you feel alive and without that it’s pretty much just going through the motions, lifeless as a being. And everyone’s looking for that, too, even if they don’t know it or can’t articulate it. Often they have trouble finding it. But luckily there are a few others whose own “greater meaning” is to help them do so. I think it’s going to go a long way toward changing conditions just to have more and more people in that zone. 🙂

    1. Yes, the Zone 🙂

      Brian Culkin will arrive in Norway soon – there will be plenty more of the Zone when he comes.

      1. Interesting that you should pick up on the word “zone”. I too thought of Brian Culkin’s “the zone” when I used the word in my post, even though I’ve only read a bit about him, a while back. Maybe it’s more related to what I said than I thought!

        Did you mean anything in particular by “there will be plenty more of the Zone when he comes,” other than his just being there? (I’m so nosey. :-))

  5. “If what you are doing is not worth dying for, change“.

    Something worth dying for is subjective to each individual and I believe this all lies within the realm of one’s true purpose. If you aren’t doing your purpose, change. Preparing taxes for people probably isn’t worth dying for. Helping children with cancer probably is. Thus, we automatically enter the subjects of help and ethics.

    “If what you are doing is not giving life a greater meaning, change”.

    This implies intrinsic ethics on the part of the individual. I believe it also implies being on one’s purpose.
    Purpose and ethics seem to go hand-in-hand. Giving life a greater meaning can transcend just one’s own life. It can and should reach all dynamics (areas of life).

    All of the above could be filed under “Personal Integrity”.

    1. Excellent. You get the prize for being the person squarely in the category of “those who try to understand”. Thank you.

  6. You are welcome. And thank you, too.

    If you keep sharing, I’ll keep learning. And heck, I’ll bet you’ll do some learning as well in the process.

    Have a great weekend. It’s going to be sunny in Seattle so I will commit to going outside and doing some girl-watching.

    It’s okay……..I’m a bachelor.


  7. Well, Geir, I prefer the second one… doesn’t matter the nobel an ideal (or idea) can be, I prefer to be alive to see it accomplished.

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