No one leaves this place dead

No one leaves this place dead

Just finished this play by my friend Brian Culkin. Apart from being a very good writer, he is a philosopher and teacher. And now he combines his talents into a play about life and death. I started out formulating a review of his work here, but I quickly came to the conclusion that it was too easy to give away too much. All I will say is that it’s really cool. Lots of twists an you will be stuck with it till the end.

So, instead of writing a lengthy review, I am going to leave you in a mystery – and possibly a lively discussion while I’m on a week’s vacation. Time for quality family time.

In the meantime, go get your copy over at Amazon and pitch in your views here. I am sure Brian will be around to answer any questions or discuss your views on his play.

BTW; I really liked the idea of telling a story through the format of a play like this. I just have to write a play myself. In a not unforeseeable time…

5 thoughts on “No one leaves this place dead

  1. The paperback will be available next week … right now only download to Kindle, iphone, or mac

  2. From the sample conversation it very much looks like a Scientology Heaven 😀

    Geir, what are your plans after leaving your body? Where do you go as a thetan? Do you follow the light which might be an implant station according to Hubbard of which you can’t be sure or will you choose to reincarnate instantly or will you go back to the origin/theta, whatever that is to leave samsara behind?

  3. Loved your play, Brian.

    How many of us, back here on earth, go through the motions of life while actually being just as dead as a rock?

    I have to confess myself guilty as charged.

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