One of my current quests has born fruits. A couple of years ago, I got the idea that it should be possible to like anything. Yes, anything. But while it may perhaps be a distant, even unreachable goal, it has shown to be a worthwhile pursuit.


I started out with the small, everyday things. Liking the noise from the neighbor. Liking my own irritation on a bad day. Liking others’ criticism of me. Liking nasty people. The cold. The failure on a job. Unpleasant food. The pain at the dentist’s. Practice makes perfect. Or at least approaching perfect. Because it seems an everlasting quest for liking anything. And the rewards are great πŸ™‚

Life is brighter, more fun and there is a higher harmony. The alternative is less pleasing.

Just thing about it, is there any benefit in NOT liking stuff? You might as well like it, even enjoy it – and life will be brighter from it. Enjoy. Like!

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      1. ‘it seems an everlasting quest for liking anything’….not when you experience that you are that. There is no quest when you stop creating space. When you stop creating a position of ‘me’ in that space.

      1. There are lots of things Geir doesn’t like. As I said in the OP, it seems to be an everlasting quest. And you are indeed right in that it would take some serious training to get around to like you – they way you have been treating others on this blog.

        1. Geir,

          I operate pretty much on Vinaire’s Mindfulness data.

          I treat people will all the respect they deserve. Well, that is not quite true. Quite often I bite my tongue. Actually very often. I would like to stamp out a lot more ignorance than I do. But it is just too much hard work, and it takes too much of my time. I need much more help. Vinaire, get with the program.


  1. This, for me, relates to one of things Hubbard said (whether or not he came up with it himself) That I completely agree with, and heartily endorse: “Affinity is a type of energy, and can be generated at will” πŸ™‚

    1. And there is true affinity, which is being that ‘energy’ which can create the ‘postulated energy of affinity’. Which, may it be the lightest kind of postulate, will arise with its counter-postulate – so we have e.g.feminine and masculine. Postulates off, no duality, yet there are experiences…

    2. Dexter

      You do it well. It has always been coming through from your posts. Coming through, you see? Not created…just flowing.That is the experience here…

      1. Thanks much for the kind words Marianne, none of us might accomplish this completely, 100% of the time, but it is certainly something I aspire to! πŸ™‚

  2. I can like everything what you say, except unpleasant food πŸ™‚ I simply cannot like it πŸ™‚

          1. ‘start with liking your reaction’ awesome!…never heard it from anyone in this way,
            will use it as a tool and tell others about it as a simple tool

        1. Dragos,

          You should never let your tongue tell you what good for you. Taste is not an indicator of nutritional content.

          Let your intelligence and the right kind of education tell you what is good for you.

          There are all kinds of bitter and sour things that are very necessary for good health. As long as it is high quality food, prepared right, with theta, it is good.

          Fresh raw dandelions leaves and flowers right from where they are growing is one of the healthiest things you can eat. If they are reasonably clean and look healthy they are healthy. It is the best blood purifier, liver cleanser and gall stone remover and it is free. Eat a good handful a day all season long. You could be surprised what it will do for your health. And they do not taste good. But they are good for you. I like them because they are good for me.

          I cured a lump in my liver the size of a small fist.

          The idea that everything has to taste like strawberry, banana, chocolate, pizza, salt and vinegar, you get the idea, is not a good idea. That stuff is just business doing business.


    1. I found a way to fix this. Don’t eat until you are actually hungry, there is a difference between craving and hunger. If you are truly hungry the unpleasant food will taste good, if it is actually nourishing.

      This is a big step in becoming healthy and eating real food instead of fake foods, after you do this until you have no real foods that don’t taste good, you develop a taste for real foods (kale, beets, etc.) and the fake stuff you liked before, chips, cola, etc. will be unpleasant.

  3. Hey Geir,
    My Grandfather Alf R. Bjercke ( had almost the same view on life. Well “liking” maybe going a bit to fare, but he managed to turn everything negative in the world to something interesting.
    A good example of this was the cancer he lived with for 3 years before he passed away in 2011. He read up on cancer and found it very interesting how his body was being overtaken by the disease.
    He also had a view of all people that interacted with him, thou out his life, as friends. Even the nurse, that he only met once, that had taken his blood sample was his friend. Or the guy sitting next to him on the bus stop was also a friend. And he would never be afraid to shear stories about his life to anyone. And “yes” he got burnt sometimes and this he found interesting not negative. But for the most part he experienced more positive satisfaction form all his friends that enormously overweight his interesting incidents.

    1. I have another point of view. It reminds me of the Biblic “Love your enemy”. Deniyng hate will heal your inside wounds, that’s for sure.

    2. Not quite. It is not a projection of what will or should happen, it is working on one’s ability to like. Like most abilities, it require practice. And the rewards are really worth the effort.

      And I am liking your attempt to act like a wet blanket πŸ™‚

  4. In my opinion, mindfulness is a much better approach. The 12 aspects of mindfulness are:

    1. Observe without expecting anything, or attempting to get an answer.
    2. Observe things as they really are, not as they seem to be.
    3. If something is missing do not imagine something else in its place.
    4. If something does not make sense then do not explain it away.
    5. Use physical senses as well as mental sense to observe.
    6. Let the mind un-stack itself.
    7. Experience fully what is there.
    8. Do not suppress anything.
    9. Associate data freely.
    10. Do not get hung up on name and form.
    11. Contemplate thoughtfully.
    12. Let it all be effortless.


      1. Wait…why do you want him to chill? Aren’t you liking his “competition” or that he doesn’t “just chill”? πŸ˜€

        1. LOL! Marildi, you caught on to the inconsistency here!

          Logic can be a trap. One can be veru logical while operating on assumptions. It is mindfulness that continually watches for assumptions, but not logic.


          1. Yes, I sensed an inconsistency in the comment, but perhaps not in the OP itself. I’m curious, in the mindfulness system does the concept of intentional “liking” or “love” fit in anywhere?

            1. Mindfulness is being objective toward both physical and mental objects. It looks at both liking and disliking objectively. It recognizes them for what they are.

          2. I don’t understand the implication that the Mindfulness approach is not compatible with, or is an alternative approach to compete with, simply generating affinity; they needn’t be. πŸ™‚
            I think there is definite value in Vinaire’s “Mindfulness”, I think it is obvious, and its always nice to see someone express themself, as Vinaire did, with “In my opinion”, thus allowing for the inherent truth of all viewpoints. Those of us who had been immersed in the cult-ure of “I’ll tell you what’s what, and you are as OK as you accept this” can always appreciate any breath of fresh air (or Vin-aire) πŸ™‚

        2. The trouble with Geir’s logic is that He has always assumed that Vinaire is in competition with him. Why would I be in competion with him?

          The only thing that I am against is ignorance.


          1. “I would also like to invite Vinaire to more likingness.” ~ There is an underlying assumption here. This is what is called throwing a curve. Logic can easily be subverted with such curves.

            1. Maybe he is joining the party. He’s liking not liking. πŸ™‚

            2. “That could very well be. If he is, then we will see him cheering up ” ~ There seem to be an assumption and hidden standard here.

      2. By making comments relating to whom you like, who is cool, who is competing, who can improve, and by selling such opinions to others, one can easily manipulate the thinking of others.

      3. The only thing that prevents one from being manipulated by such opinions is mindfulness, because then sees an opinion for what it is.


        1. Hey Vin(always-insist-on-having-the-last-word)aire…your’e right (of course) πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    1. Vinaire,

      The old way of saying #2 is just call a spade a spade.
      And do not bear false witness. (Do not see things falsely.)

      And I am on a campaign to stamp out ignorance too.


    2. If you can only get people to buy your assumptions, you can manipulate their logic in spite all possible logical fallacies.

      Or, you can get smart enough to play upon people’s existing assumptions to manipulate them.

      Assumption are the Achilles’ heel of logic. Am I about to hear that I am on the wrong thread!

      1. “Assumptions are the Achilles’ heel of logic.”

        I would say that the Logics below describe when assumptions are and when they are not an Achilles’ heel. (Note: the regular English word β€œpostulate” is defined as: β€œa thing suggested or assumed as true as the basis for reasoning, discussion, or belief.” )





      2. Vinaire,

        Quoting you: If you can only get people to buy your assumptions, you can manipulate their logic in spite all possible logical fallacies.

        Or, you can get smart enough to play upon people’s existing assumptions to manipulate them.

        Assumption are the Achilles’ heel of logic. Am I about to hear that I am on the wrong thread!

        Me: I give you a 10 for that one.

        I actually occasionally entertain myself doing that with enthetans.


    3. Vinaire,

      I copied that to my “Word” Program.

      Thanks for posting such.

      VG operating data.


  5. Yep, Geir. See it happens every time you apply that darned ARC to something!

  6. Geir

    How about raising the like to Ron, DM, the ‘Church’, the ‘Tech’? The truth is that I already see it that you do so, so just waiting for you to express that.

  7. Seems like that little ol’ theeeeetan really can postulate ANYTHING, and thus have it be true πŸ™‚

  8. Is this what the ancients called Unconditional Love? If so, Geir is headed towards Enlightenment. πŸ™‚

        1. Because I collect pictures and stuff for

          Also, it would be cool if we kept in touch πŸ™‚

          1. I had a facebook page for awhile but didn’t get as much out of it as I do on the blogs, and I didn’t want the “upkeep.” And besides, I thought we were in touch! Here and on Marty’s. πŸ˜‰

            Btw, I meant to tell you, your TR 0 in your avatar looks pretty good. πŸ™‚

            1. Well then, let me compliment myself some more: It was around 5:20 am and I was at work (obviously, not working hard) πŸ˜›

              Thank youuuu.

              See? That’s why I want to add you on facebook, you boost my confidence, and you don’t give in bullbaiting.

              I think facebook can be better because we dont have to always talk about SCN (when my brains feel very easy, I don’t). And we can chat live, as well.

            2. I like you too! Even when the OP topic isn’t about “like” πŸ˜‰

              Okay, when I decide to get facebook again you will be the first one I ask to friend me. πŸ˜› <==== (the mark of affinity for the little devil himself)

            3. Thank ya πŸ™‚ + you dont really need to put pics and personal info on fb, you know…just saying.

            4. I just realised because I mentioned that I shot that pic at work -and others should know- an OSA trick: One can make a wordpress page, follow or like your blog and then if you click on it, OSAs can locate you on the map using an ip logger/locator. Of course, you shouldn’t be scarred, I just don’t like to miss W/Hs. Know that I KNOW it.


    1. Miraldi,

      1. Unconditional love is not really an invention of the ancients. Or in other words the ancients are not really the source of the idea of unconditional love. At best there were very small pockets of groups of people like in monasteries or life mystery schools spread around the world, studying the concept. Outside those groups there was barbarianism and darkness.

      And these groups had very special selection processes to allow new members in.

      The truth is that there was more darkness and ignorance in ancient times than there is now. The concept of unconditional love really began with Jesus and spread by his followers and was really coined and took off in the new age movement.

      2. Enlightenment is nothing more than the complete absence of ignorance. A state of being filled with true knowledge, the truth in and of all things, and all subjects.


      1. ‘the state of being filled with true knowledge’ hm. may it be rather not ‘filled’ but having access to any knowledge when needed and also knowing the way(s) of how
        to access that knowledge…also being able to exist without any need to know anything?

        1. Marianne,

          I raise my response to you from: “You can say that.” to ” You are precisely right.”.

          You can only know that if you have experienced it.


  9. I just read your goal for Planetary dissemination and totally agree with it! Thanks for putting what most all of us have thought would be the fair thing to do.

    IΒ just wanted to make you aware of the many, many alterations that have taken place since DM started taking control.Β  I have looked at the books pre basics and then the actualΒ basics and it is actually quite shocking.Β  Scientology is really about viewpoints.Β  If a person changes just some small changes in the wording – wow, it changes the whole viewpoint.Β  So if you have any intention of helping individuals to get TRUE LRH STANDARD tech, please look at LRH’s writings before he passed away, and even while he was alive but yet not actually running the force but instead fed a bunch of entheta by DM thereby barking orders not meant for the public.Β 

    If you want some references on what has been changed let me know, I can show you. I don’t have the old books (we were all told to BURN or TRASH em – geesh now I know why! damn SP)

    Thanks for all your good work.

    1. ###,

      I was shocked to learn that you were told to burn the old books.

      That is so insane!

      That was only DMs ulterior idea to sell something to his suckers and twist their minds and raise more money for his coffers.

      Actually criminal!


  10. Geir

    It is one of the most awesome posts you have put here. As by changing one’s mind about something as the thing being dislikable, one is actually touching it in gradients, that is giving up one’s resistance to what it really is by becoming more and more aware of its LIKE-ness, in a meaning of LIKE=NOT DIFFERENT, yet having qualities of uniqueness. So, we can experience the different QUALITIES of LIFE without the mind’s evaluations and invalidations.

  11. Very similar to “Amor Fati. A deep source of strength for me personally.

    “I want to learn more and more to see as beautiful what is necessary in things; then I shall be one of those who make things beautiful. Amor fati: let that be my love henceforth! I do not want to wage war against what is ugly. I do not want to accuse; I do not even want to accuse those who accuse. Looking away shall be my only negation. And all in all and on the whole: some day I wish to be only a Yes-sayer.”

    Section 276 of “The Gay Science,” – Frederick Nietzsche

    1. Beauty comes from consistency and harmony. Beauty is much more than the supposed “harmony” of a crude agreement between two ends of a communication line. There is so much more involved in obtaining complete consistency and harmony than a simplistic “like”, especially when one is forcing oneself to like something through “intention” or whatever.

      A much more comprehensive approach, in my opinion, is not to force anything, but to see things as they are and let any adjustment in further comprehension occur by itself. This actually can be very exciting.



        1. Marianne: ” inconsistency is also part of harmony, beauty includes both consistency and inconsistency”

          Chris: We’re coming close together. The harmonious mind admires while the disharmonious mind rejects, pushes away, judges and allows its ideologies to rule its thinking. The mind can be forced into harmony with an ideology through conditioning and it is because of this that people may cling to destructive ideas, seeing them as “true” within a small world view (subset) even though they may be very inconsistent when viewed from the larger world view (superset). The mindful mind is not clinging but is ever watchful and interested seeing things more nearly as they are without applying assumptions. In this way, when inconsistencies are noticed and admired (liked) we may cease, not remember to create them and they may simply dissolve away leaving a more consistent and harmonious mind and world view.

      1. What is the gain? As far as I can see, THERE IS NO GAIN.

        ZEN GEEK 1: “What is the ultimate Buddha dharma?”
        ZEN GEEK 2: “No gaining. No knowing.”
        ZEN GEEK 1: “Anything else?”
        ZEN GEEK 2: “The mountain is not disturbed by the clouds.”

        The point I see is that the mountain will go away when the sun burns its cloud-kicking ass up.

        NO. GAIN.

        So, unless your KTHK has GAIN, it fails JUST as good as the other dharmas.

        But … to CHOOSE to love this ANYWAY. … Hmm …

        “Life is not about waiting out the storm, it’s about dancing in the rain.”

        Or as Zarathusra says …

        “You hither men! The worst thing about you is that none of you have learned to dance as ye ought to dance. To dance beyond yourselves! What does it matter that you have failed? How many things are still possible…”

        I think this fails better.

        1. Why should one be thinking of GAIN? Whether the gain is there, or not, should not be the concern.

          Why should there be a concern anyway?

          Just be mindful.


          1. No! πŸ™‚

            “So learn to laugh beyond yourselves. Lift up your hearts ye good dancers. High! Higher! And do not forget the good laughter. This crown of laughter, this rose garland crown to you my brethren do I cast this crown. Laughing have I consecrated ye higher men*. Learn I pray ye, to LAUGH!”

            – “Thus Spake Zarathustra,” Chapter 73, “The Higher Men.”

            (*) and women (21st century edit)

  12. To think in terms of “liking” everything is misleading. It should be neither “like” nor “dislike” but being objective and consistent.

    That is mindfulness.


    1. Vinaire,

      You are getting better.

      I give you a 9 for that one.

      I did not give you a 10 because of the way you used “consistent”. It would be better to say “consistantly objective”.

      See everything as it is.

      That is what is meant in the bible: Let your yea be yea and your nay be nay.

      If something is crap, you call it crap, if someone is wrong, you make him wrong.

      Nip it in the bud.

      When Jesus saw the scoundrels and shysters ( the money changers) wheeling and dealing and gambling in the temple, he tipped their tables over and called them as they were, a bunch of snakes. He did not make them right.

      He did not pussy foot around to not hurt their feelings.

      Pussy footing around entheta has caused me a lot of problems.

      More problems than not pussy footing.

      And as with everything there is a right way and wrong way to do that.

      It has to be done from a tone level and theta level of at least four and above.

      If you did TROM (The Resolution of the Mind) by Dennis Stevens, he discovered that if you agree to entheta, you bring your own theta down and become a loser.

      You create a failure postulate.

      Example: If you as a competent adult, are playing chess with a relatively young ( otherwise bright ) child (or a beginner) you do not give him a win, just to give him a win, so he will not be hurt and cry. If you do, you will give him a false win and yourself a loss, which will set up a loose pattern or blemish on your postulates.

      It is a slippery slope.

      The exceptions are:

      The only place you don’t make someone wrong is in a therapy session.

      And with those so low on the tone scale, those who have been made wrong so many times, victims of many yrs of abuse, that they are almost dead.

      You do not lift someone that low on the tone scale, up by their broken limbs.

      Those need highly specialized care, education and therapy as only a properly trained and competent scntgist auditor can deliver to achieve meaningful results.

      I have tried many many types of therapy for such and good auditing is the only thing that I found that delivers meaningful results. And it is a lot of hard work.


      1. ‘it has to be done at a theta level’ yes, I observed it and do it. When one is ‘theta’ and is operating as such (kind of exterior) and feels/decides to say or do something which can ‘hurt’ another, there will be sure change resulting in more theta which the other person will also feel and there will be changes in that person’s actions, also, more understanding between the two persons.
        I must add that there is no mind, no personal self when one is doing so.

      2. Hi Dio, i am enjoying your posts, along with those of many others. The great difference, between this and other blogs, (as I complimented Geir,) is, I see a far greater level of 2-way comm! This is about the best one can expect, I suppose, cyberspace being what it is! One further plus point, for me, is that it seems to take a lot to rattle our host. (bless you Geir!) Mike Rinder, (bless him & his blog too!) as well.

        If I can speak for them, I think both gentlemen have an enormous natural ‘liking’ for their fellows, and therefore do not feel threatened, or try to hide their true feelings, or agenda/s.

        Elron had a similar quality, and thus easily managed to win people over with his natural charisma, (ignoring all the warts, defects, and other fashionable flaws, accredited to him today!)

        Speaking for myself, I feel truly blessed, having / having had direct 2-way com with the originator himself, LRH, as well as Steve Hall, Mike Rinder, and now Geir, who have always shown me courtesy, honesty and appreciation for support.

        – Calvin.

        1. Thanks Calvin,

          It’s refreshing.

          Like opening the windows in a stale dungy room.


  13. To me, the discussion here is about comparing two concepts: “like” and “mindfulness”. The discussion is not about who is right or who is wrong, or who gets the last word.

    The moment you bring in the idea of right and wrong the service facsimiles are in play. Service facsimiles are diffused when one applies mindfulness.


    1. You have made your point, Vinaire.

      Now, let people try liking things in their lives until they like their whole life. No harm will be done as people start liking themselves and the people around them. No harm will be done if people enjoy life πŸ™‚

      We could simply leave it at that. ❀

      1. This entry was in response to “racinginblood39”

        Since I seem to be creating disharmony here I shall discontinue posting.


          1. Well, each person is different. What is improvement for you may not be improvement for me. I would rather be researching than playing around.


            1. And I would rather enjoy every experience I encounter than not. But differences in character is interesting IMO.

        1. Vin
          ‘seem’ to be creating disharmony is an apparency. I see nothing of that, I enjoy your
          coming back posting. Geir mentioned a couple of days ago that he kind of missed your commenting here. Do not get into non-confronting….I truely mean that I like the
          way and what you write! But it is not enough, as you also need to love the way and what you write! To me it means that the Creator and the Created is one. Whatever its consequences will be in a situation. May take some courage to feel
          that way but the reward is… experience it and name it!

        2. Aw, shucks, Vinaire, … you take me seriously? πŸ™‚ Lighten up man πŸ™‚ … After all, you “owned” this blog, (as in “my blog”) — long before I showed up here.

          Seriousness = inflow = mass = introversion!
          Laughter(rejection) = outflow = lightness = extroversion!

          To quote Alfred E. Neuman; ” Wot, me worry? ” πŸ™‚

          All said with the usual insouciance,
          Calvin B. Duffield πŸ™‚

          1. RB39,

            thanks for posting that.

            Seriousness = inflow = mass = introversion!
            Laughter(rejection) = outflow = lightness = extroversion!

            That is so succinct and eloquent.

            Have that attitude (and do it right) and you can put yourself in the “zone” pretty quick.

            “Zone” is used as Alan Walters (Knowledgism) used it.

            That is some where well above tone 4. Probably around tone 40.

            In racing you leave the competition behind eating dust and gravel.

            Even broken windshields or worse.


            1. Dio, thanks. Yes it is as you say.

              Racing, being something I have “in the blood,” by virtue of my late father’s entire family involved, as jockeys, or commentating, or horse racing publications, on the one hand, and on my late mother’s side, her brother competed in speedway, in his day!

              The thrill of high speed, knees-to-the-tarmac motor cycle circuit racing, to me, is like no other! (hang -gliding maybe!) You see Dio, when you are ‘in that moment,’ you are fully ‘alive,’ (fully in present time) and enjoying playing a ‘death-defying’ tournament, not just against your competitors, or the MEST universe,but also against your lesser self, the fearful self, with YOU, making all the decisions and moves, that decide the outcome! I lived that dream, to the fullest in every way, in my youth and still have a keen interest in it today, aged 66!

              Having a worthwhile purpose (whatever that may be for you,) gives real meaning and satisfaction to your life, as so many can attest. Not for me, the mediocre, or the mundane existence thanks. ARC, Calvin.

          2. One thing is common among most Scientologists even after they have left Scientology… they just love to evaluate others.

            Well, this is my evaluation for the day. Haha!


            1. Because you are a Scientologist that have left Scientology?

              Haha, funny πŸ˜€

              I side with MT; Inconsistencies can be beautiful. And here it was funny.

            2. Geir,

              Re: they just love to evaluate others

              Because any datum is only as good as it has been evaluated.

              A datum of comparable magnitude or maybe higher, from the bible is:

              When you judge, judge righteously.

              When you evaluate others and everything around you, evaluate righteously.

              Evaluate to know and understand the truth of what you see and hear.

              Often in the new age world, you hear granola types (flakes, fruits and nuts) say: Oh, you are being judgemental.

              Such is the voice of ignorance and stupidity.

              Show me someone who has got anywhere meaningful or accomplished anything meaningful, by not judging and evaluating rightly.

              In order to make good decisions, you have to judge and evaluate rightly.

              Gain wisdom, knowledge (e.i. the right knowledge or truth) and understanding and they shall be as a crown of glory for you by day and guiding light by night. Proverb.


            3. Geir
              What if the umbrella term EPs on the Bridge are on purpose, that is the Tech delivers inconsistent results along with some consistent ones to allow Life to be expressed itself as both unique and universal? That is, the Tech is consistent in producing both inconsistent and consistent results which looks to be a quality of Life.
              Also adding to it that different persons come from different backgrounds. The unique and the universal qualities give a possibility for Truth to be Embodied in unique manifestations and also allows for change and expansion.
              Also adding that it is only so when the Tech is applied as it is meant to be both by
              the staff and the person.

  14. ‘comparing two concepts’….are like and mindfulness concepts or ways Life is perceiving?

    1. Marianne: “β€˜comparing two concepts’….are like and mindfulness concepts or ways Life is perceiving?”

      Chris: We can also say “Perception is life.” I see no distinguishing characteristics which would separate the two.

  15. These have been some pretty amazing examples of the ability to shift one’s viewpoint, to one even diametrically opposed! Take that one to the bank, DM!

    The ability to put oneself in the shoes of another.. it quite a feat in and of, itself.

    Many of you would have seen that segment of Ron’s clearing congress DVD, when he talks about “being able to shift his viewpoint sufficiently, to discover that the other fellow, is actually alright” “…. and that this has a vast bearing on clearing.”

    There are other shifts of “accommodating the other” made possible, in Ron’s little yellow booklet, “ARC and the Tone Scale.”( I have a copy, though believe it has been out of print for some time. ) The gist of it consists of breaking down the myth of the “accepted” Cause – Effect relationship! Basically, taking the typical marital relationship, that is perpetually stuck in “must resist becoming an effect,” or “just have to be cause, or I will be seen as capitulating.” Serfacs, propitiation, apathy, etc, etc.

    The concept, as outlined in this book, is called ” the Cause – Cause relationship.”
    The potency, or attractiveness of this arrangement, is that no-one is ever put at Effect! — therefore never made wrong!! … It takes some doing! (understatement!)

    In essence, the principle involves assuming the full causativeness, and thereby granting beingness, to the other! One simply BECOMES the other, able to see, feel and experience what the other is experiencing. To say this is difficult to do, is an exaggeration. For it does bring on board, one’s willingness to fully “duplicate,” this being the “tool of choice” – out of the Scn toolbox. I believe it is an LRH discovery, and ranks along with AXIOM 28, The Factors, The Auditor’s Code, and The Code of Honor, as being right up there, in the quest to conquer human aberration, aka “silly mind games.” ….

    “For self is sea boundless and measureless. Say not, “I have found the truth,” but rather, “I have found a truth.”
    Say not, “I have found the path of the soul.”
    Say rather, “I have met the soul walking upon my path.”
    For the soul walks not upon a line, neither does it grow like a reed.
    The soul unfolds itself, like a lotus of countless petals.”

    —Kahlil Gibran >> Self knowledge, (excerpt from) “The Prophet”

    1. ‘that the other fellow is actually alright’ yes, and here comes the mastery of how
      you communicate to the other person so that the person would be willing to discover that too….

      ’cause-cause relationship’ yes….also yes to ‘granting beingness’ and another yes
      to be willing to fully duplicate. I want to add here, that it takes the willingness and
      factual carrying out from both persons. As, what I experienced, presence, communication are not enough if only one of them is full-hearted and the other one is half-hearted…..AS both need to want the Truth more than the relationship,
      independently of what the outcome of the relationship will be like.

      1. Very good Marianne. And if we take the word ‘educate’ as relevant here, we find a defn. (World Book Dictionary) which states: — to draw forth, – (Latin, educare.)

        In education, (unfortunately/fortunately) someone usually has to take the lead in the job. As a parent, for example, one can see that, ideally, one needs to ‘draw forth’ that curiosity, so necessary for the child / would be learner/student of life /knowledge, to ‘reach’ for the knowledge/experience in question.

        What I’m talking about, in essence, is that gradient scale of progress, that we all have to tackle, to move from where we’re at,— be it in awareness, knowledge, experience, confidence, causativeness etc. etc.,—- to where we need to be!

        No matter at what starting point one finds oneself, THAT’S where one’s education /re-education begins! Whether at cause, OR effect, the ‘education’ is tailored accordingly, for the maximum benefit respectively.

        So, in a nut-shell, one takes that ‘half-hearted’ you mentioned, as a beginning point and through the tools of ARC, and the recognition of being ‘Cause’, take the lead, in raising the other one’s ’cause’ level, to a point of competence.

        The LRH ‘Bridge’ is our best developed example, of a principle that was recognized and practiced by parents and teachers alike, since time immemorial.

        Almost all difficulties encountered along the way, as you already know, are usually handled with a thorough 2-way comm cycle, or ultimately, through the intervention of a trained auditor. How much better we all do, with ARC, hey?

        1. Calvin and Marianne,

          The word “education” whatever it was meant to mean, has become to mean “teach”, to put in knowledge. To implant. To program. To make a robot of the student.

          (Education has been perverted in mainstream society, like many other concepts, which is why LRH cleverly developed much of his own language. Other scientists have done the same.)

          “Education” has to be distinguished for correct meaning by another word “eduction”.

          Eduction from the root word meaning to “educe” ; to draw out innate intelligence and knowledge. :

          Eduction: to pull out, to draw out.

          There is a school in Russia, which does this:

          You can buy a DVD on it off the site.

          The very unique school gained great notoriety from the books by Vladimir Megre, the Anastasia series, a life changing, mind blowing “OT” phenomenon that sold millions of books like wild fire only by word of mouth.

          Good auditing tends to do the same thing; educe truth out of the PC., which can connect the PC with the light. Key outs, releases, etc..


            1. You are welcome Marianne,

              glad you enjoyed it.

              It is good stuff to know.


          1. Marianne, thanks too. BTW, I think we would enjoy hang gliding together?

  16. I am reading an ebook : Breaking generational curses, how to change your DNA, by Francis Myles:

    I just read a sentence where the author is talking about Abram from the old testament where his wife Sarah tells him to sleep with her servant Hagar to bear her a son, because she could not conceive.

    And from that union was born Ishmael.

    Who was half devilish and half divine. A mixed blessing. That reminds me of LRH.

    It is getting to be an interesting book.


  17. I have announcement to make. I now have a wonderful coach to help me become mindful about my manners. With his help, I am going to take up the challenge of Geir’s blog where personal evaluations abound. But since that is part of life, I have to learn to cope with them, and see if I can like Geir after all.


    1. I remember defending Geir on ESMB at the expense of people there mocking me as well. I don’t think I handled that very well. So, there is something here that I need to sort out. Now I have that opportunity, so I shall make the use of it.

      1. If you are sincere, I will let you stay around. Excuse my skepticism based on years of experience with you. I will sincerely apologize if you turn out to be truthful about what you say here.

        1. Maybe there is a sense of betrayal from both sides. I remember Hubbard saying that for a great animosity to exist, there must have been a great affinity before.


          1. I really do like you. I admire your efforts on the practical side of KHTK. You have a keen mind and much wisdom. But I do not appreciate the times you turn nasty. And it’s my blog and I want it to be nice.

            1. KHTK took birth on your forum. It was your encouragement that brought about my blog. I owe you for that.


      1. Yes. We are. I just hope that we can expand this happiness to others.

        My dream has always been to get a grass-roots movement in education going. Once Scientology was supposed to be a part of it. I worked under Diana to set up policies for Dianetic centers and field activities. But that didn’t go anywhere.

        But now we may have a chance to do something with something like KHTK and through teaming up with education outfits like Khan Academy.

        KHTK will always be a coperative effort.

        1. See, Vin? Re-evals are good for the soul. Have we kissed & made up?
          BTW, we met earlier on Marty’s blog — me as — Li’ll bit of stuff πŸ™‚

  18. To any one who can get CNN, and get a show at 7 PM watch a show on exteriorization, called Heaven and Back.


    1. Love the suggestion Dio! For those who can’t, here’s a pretty riveting alternative: Google up; “Reincarnation — evidence of past lives.” (this documentary is a pretty vivid and compelling account, to answer the doubters and trashers.) It features a modern young family, and their son, James Linegar! if you do, please let me know what you think?

      1. Calvin,

        If I get around to watching “Reincarnation- evidence of past lives” I will.

        After many, many yrs of looking for and evaluating all points of view on reincarnation, (and I have read a lot of books on the subject and related subjects and discussed the subject with a lot of people too) my hypothesis is that pretty well anything is possible in this universe. Everything from brand new souls being born on this planet, true greenhorns, to advanced souls reincarnating here and everything in between. Including angels, demons, walk ins and channeling. The scn material and the book Oahspe stand out as the most informative. But there are a lot of other good books and sources too, with interesting and plausible situations.

        One source says, there are 19 different types of beings on this planet and another says there are 24. They (we- collectively) come from different parts of the universe. And souls (beings) range from slave type to leader type, and everything in between. Teachers, engineers, doctors, nurses, tradespeople, inventors, lawyers, business people, politicians, crooks and thieves and on and on and on. What ever your aptitude or talents are, that is probably knowledge that you bring with you.

        And for most of it, we will likely never know the truth or complete truth on the subject. We can at best speculate. Including Vinaire’s KHTK operating data.


  19. Conclusion to all I’ve read here from wonderful people having a good time…
    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ :). I also laugh at myself best of all!

  20. This is off topic, but I like it and thought that others on this list would like it too:

    This is regarding the CNN show: “Heaven and Back”.
    For those who were not able to watch it…

    The show is about three people who died went to heaven and came back. Each person’s story takes 1/3 of the one hour show.

    The first one, in my opinion is the best story.

    What I found most interesting about the Heaven and Back show was the story about Mary Neal a medical doctor from Wyoming USA, who was on a holiday in South America with her husband and some friends. They were kayaking in some remote area, and she went over a falls of about 10 ft, and did not negotiate properly and went straight down into the water point first, and got trapped in rocks under some ten ft of water while stuck in her Kayak

    When she realized that she could do no more to get out on her own, she gave up and said “God let your will be done” and left her body (exteriorized) when she was still under water.

    She went to heaven and met with angels. She talks about the love that she felt for the beings there, as much better than the love she felt for her husband and family. And she says she had a great husband and family and career and loved her life on earth very much, but her love for her earth life was pale by comparison to the love she felt for the beings in heaven. She meets Jesus and is talking to him. They then tell her that it is not her time to come to heaven yet and must return to earth to do more work. (That story is quite normal with people who are into that subject, read such books etc.. )

    While she is in heaven, her company gets her kayak and body out from under the water and on shore. . They try the usual to try and resucsitate her to no avail. They are standing around her body as one can imagine .

    Meanwhile she came back and reentered her body when her company was standing around it. Her eyes opened and her companions were watching in the expected awe, shock and amazement.

    At that point in time, two South Americans just appeared out of nowhere and fixed her to a kayak to use as a stretcher and carried her on the kayak, while chopping their way through the bush to a dirt road and there was an ambulance waiting there to take her to the hospital. Her body was so damaged she spent five or six weeks in hospital.

    She says the interesting thing is that was that there are no ambulances in that area for miles.

    Explain that one. She says there were a whole series of miracles. Including a rock that appeared out of the rock wall of the falls (which was not there before) for her company to use as a working platform to get her body and kayak out.

    Here is a short intro clip (I hope it works):
    Copy and paste in your address bar.

    It appears that the only videos available on line now, show only enough to get you interested to buy the book.


    1. Dio: Explain that one.

      Chris: Though I like a good story as well as anyone. As there is no weight on my shoulders to explain another’s great claim, neither does there seem to me any reason to. I am happy for the ideas which inspire but I do not need to support nor elevate any metaphor to the level of physical laws to myself be inspired. I like the story you’ve posted and if it inspires you, then I like that too.

  21. I thought I would share here some music. I have a student who is slightly ‘autistic’,
    which means high level of perception, great analytical skills…you know. And is learning to communicate in social life. She shared with me her favourites. Here goes

  22. this sounds logical to me but there are exceptions:

    1. things that destroy, interfere or deny my free will
    2. the decision to not be

    liking these too much would remove the ability to like itself

  23. I am happy you can do this! It means you know you have a part in everything you encounter or at least there is potential for knowing something about the youniverse right (t)here, And i think that is essential for peace in life – may we all be able to do the same!

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