How are you amazing?

One question that has helped me in my life is “How is that person amazing?”.

I try to never forget that every person I meet is in some way amazing. Awesome. In some way. I just have to find it. And whenever I search, and I mean really search, I do find it. With some people, their awesome is hidden – beneath shyness, arrogance, lack of confidence, hatred or socially acceptable behavior. But it is always there.At least that is my experience.

But all to often I do forget, and that is when I find people to be less than they really are. And that is my mistake. Luckily I am reminded of people’s inherent amazingness when someone who’s awesome shines very bright. Like the Korean talent in this video (pull out your handkerchief):

I write this post to help me never forget. And to inspire others to search for the awesome in the people they meet, and to let their own shine through. How are you amazing?

31 thoughts on “How are you amazing?

    1. It is rather about finding what is really there, and I have always found amazing. And that helps to give life meaning; affection, love and warmth. I cherish that.

  1. Yes, kleenex needed. The boy was truly amazing. And the responses of people very moving too.

    This is an inspiring viewpoint you have, Geir, that everyone is amazing. A very similar one that has been pretty real to me is the famous Will Rogers quote:

    “I never met a man I didn’t like.”

  2. Geir,

    Thank you for this.

    I have run this video many times in the past and each time I grab the handkerchief.

    It is a truly humbling video not only for the singer, but the audience … a lone soul, despite all manner of adversity, shines thru and silences thousands.

    Normally I back the underdog – one who is against the greatest odds and knows it.

    But in this case, the boy is so humble and such an underdog (there is a quiet naivety within him) that he has no idea what power he holds. From a somewhat subservient and introverted manner when speaking, he blossoms when he enters his element.

    It is stories like this that bring the best out in people – in compassion and caring for one’s fellows.


    As for me, I normally just relate stories, not about me on a personal level. It is a difficult area for me – it seems unnatural to bring attention to myself. My most enjoyable moments are watching others and bringing the best out in them.

    What can I say about myself?

    I back my friends.

    Oddly though, I don’t have many.

    But, in a squeeze, I am there.

    Nothing particularly special … I’m not one to have the spotlight in this direction – attention outward.

    Thanks again for posting.


    1. Me too, Dennis! (friend, that is :))

      Your post was yet another moving one. Very nicely said.

    2. Wow, thanks all …

      I do consider all of you my close friends … amazing that pixels mean so much 🙂

      Actually, I do feel really close to all of you.

      Isn’t it amazing how engaged we are when we simply type on a keyboard?

      I throughly enjoy my comm with every one of you.

      1. That is another amazing thing about beings – that it takes so little MEST to have some very good comm lines. Just pixels! To feel like you are friends, like you say. You get to know people pretty well, just from their expressions of themselves through comments. And I love how people here are willing to express their feelings, especially their affinity! What a trip 😉

    3. There’s s’posed to be a chinese proverb that says :
      “If you have ONE friend, you are lucky.
      If you have TWO friends, you are very lucky.
      If you have THREE friends, you are living on a lie” ….

      There is of course an interpretation of this …

      But you don’t need to have many friends to be a good friend …
      I think you are a good friend …

  3. I just got home from an amazing vacation. My wife and kids in Phoenix and my eldest daughter and her husband and daughter from Texas met in Anaheim, California for a week at Disneyland.

    My daughter is graduating from medical school this May only to begin another grueling leg of her education in residency for anesthesiology. She is amazing.
    Her husband and 6 year old daughter are also amazing… Right now, I am only feeling amazing and warm after a nice long visit. I do not see her often enough to satisfy my thirst for her company. She was my daughter who lived with me in the Sea Org and who could neither read nor write when she began the third grade when she and I left the Sea Org. She is such an amazing and available mother for her daughter. She has neither seen nor spoken to her own mother in twenty years.

    1. Nice Chris, and a great job you have done with your daughter!

      I was going to say ‘great product’ but caught myself 😉

      I hope you are well rested and ready to post


      1. Thank you Dennis. Yes I feel well and rested. At the beginning of this month I’ve had an important change of view and have gone back 50 years and begun to reconsider a fork in my path. I am reconsidering my entire spiritual path to date.

        I may post about it as it becomes pertinent to do so. Not to be mysterious, this is simply to do with my current studies in physics and how this affects my view of myself and my relationship with my environment. Meanwhile, I study.

        1. … gone back 50 years??

          That would have been about the time of the Ouija board craze … no, no, say it ain’t so 🙂

      1. Thank you for that Geir. You and the rest of my friends on your blog make me feel amazingly encouraged to try for purposes which had died down to embers. It feels amazing to me at my age to have these purposes “to know” and “to understand.” They have flared up hot and burn like magnesium. I am trying to remember how I stumbled onto your blog – maybe Facebook or somewhere directing to your amazing article “On Free Will.” Since that time, I’ve learned so much here and had so many opportunities to test my ideas and to change and to improve them. I feel amazingly lucky to have this oasis of mind to think and to rest and to heal and to become more than what I had been being. Most of all, I am amazingly calm and peaceful inside to the point where there are few compulsions. By this I mean that though I am keeping my life’s house in order it is done without urgency and with a feeling of freedom. Not to make too many superlative statements, but all is well in my world and I am amazed.

    2. OMG, what can I say, except that I have three daughters myself, …
      There’s so much here that you don’t write,Chris, but that’s OK, you don’t need to …

      1. Thank you Tor. You DO get it. Because of the way Geir and other parents on this blog have written about their children, I know they get it too. There is a code written on the soul of a parent that makes forwarding the welfare of their progeny more important than eating or breathing, and in my case my immortal soul. Fortunately, today I understand that I was mistaken about losing my eternal future but at the time my future looked dark and a blur for me.

        People who have had this genetic code activated understand and those who haven’t can only guess at the powerful feelings that accompany it. Amazing.

  4. Rarely now that anything makes my eyes go moist, this did. Thanks, yes thanks for shring

    A year or two back I was in Copenhagen, there’s a square there where musicians play on the street. This boy came along, obviously retarded in some way. But came along he did and sung the most beautiful arias, no accompanying music nor musician, no anything.

    That gave also similar feeling, only that one didn’t get background story.

    Both this Korean boy and that Danish one I saw, as Chris writes above. They just do not know which force they have within … … and really they don’t need to …

    So how am I amazing ?

    Well I know that I can make a difference, for friends at times, for people I meet randomly or now and then, and for people that work for me.

    Through the last 10 years I have also taken hold of a most real but “invisible” handicap I have and was born with, “treated” it, and learnt to live again.

    Yes, it’s true, and no, you won’t get the story, not here and now, that’s yet much too personal, but yes it’s true …

    So if that qualifies …

    1. Ah, it was Dennis writing the comment about not knowing what force inside … … but I guess that really doesn’t matter that I’ve quoted you wrong, guys …

  5. Here’s someone amazing…a professor with a very simple way of explaining physics AND making it fun. The whole series is great!

  6. How I am amazing ? *lol this should be asked my friends. Its a question I never thought about.
    Sometimes people tell me, what they found amazing on me, but I think its not something to get excited about. I think the key is the viewpoint. I admire things on other people which I cannot do
    or I feel unable to do. I my case it applies to guitar players. I find it amazing. Humorous people
    are also amazing for me. I am basicly humorous but it´s difficult for me to express it.
    After 25 years Scientology laughter in my heart disappeared…*looool

      1. Thanks, I am recovering. BTW Most Scientologist usually do not generate a spark of humor.
        Latest when one studies the Data Serie Policies, he should see all the stupid thing which are ongoing in society. *loool
        But it seems they evaluate all these things in a factual way, from the background of Tech or policy. It is so boring….

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