Beyond the Matrix; Blue, red, or…?

You get to choose not only the red or blue pill. You get to choose a whole range of colors 😀


48 thoughts on “Beyond the Matrix; Blue, red, or…?

  1. Geir, you forgot the Golden/White pill which creates instant exteriorization, the most used by all.

  2. As a man, I will always choose the blue pill! 🙂 I’m still young, no problem at 40, but when I’ll get old…you never know…:) My choice: BLUE PILL!

  3. Geir you have forgotten to mention: Do those thinks with the body or without the body. Of course few of the pills above could effect the body and the rest the being—without the body..

  4. I would lean towards blue purely out of fun, although green should be able to grant flight and swimming as well. Plus you get to look like an animal.

  5. The Sixth Sense

    The domain of the sixth sense is non-physical. It lies in the dimension of abstraction. The sense organ that specializes in the sixth sense is the mind….

    [Blog owner’s note: The rest of this comment has been snipped as it contains only self promotion of Vinaire’s own blog, it does not relate to the OP, derails the thread and does not answer the OP in any way.]

    1. I promote knowledge and not the sense of “I” that seems to be prevalent here.

      There is nothing unique about promoting “how do I look.” 🙂


            1. ‘Please provide’
              As you ‘please’ (placebo). Liberation is: let me share with you.
              What may have been overlooked is that the Tone Scale, all the points on it are THETA (truth). What ‘traps’ one in ‘scientology’ IS one’s own theta (truth) in it, whatever course/auditing one has had so far + one’s considerations which are nevertheless theta themselves. All manifestations are the ‘products’ of theta, ‘scientology’ included in which case one can see that it is one’s own theta-love that
              attracts one to it whether it comes in a form of misunderstanding, hatred, fear, pain,
              joy….whatever. Once one sees the complete mechanism of theta, also one sees that theta-love is in the CORE, even in the case of ‘negative’ emotions and thoughts, one is ‘liberated’ by seeing through one’s so far ignorance of how TRUTH
              THETA playes and enjoyes its power to create its games. When it is EXPERIENCE not only by the mind but in the whole body, by the ‘being’ itself, well…’s all LOVE.
              So come on, ALLOW yourselves to be the ‘bad boy/girl’, FEEL through your emotions whatever they are in which case they can as-is and what remains is theta-love itself… yourselves, in relationships….my perception is that it is a continuous dance of theta, without ‘separation’….it’s ONE.
              You may like this ‘wicked’ Rolling Stones song….AND…I have not come back to the
              blog…it’s just a touch of the ‘pink pill’ !

            2. MT… theta is not love….. love is love… that sensation. love is a consideration…it has mass therefore it IS a thing—a consideration… a belief, a agreement. a illusion and one calls something : I love this or that because one is ”’stimulated” in a way one in which the person beliefs is a good-pleasurable effect

            3. Eliz
              Right, thanks. This ‘love’ is a tricky word. Perhaps affinity…in the sense of
              A…infinity….A. Can’t describe the perception with a word.

              As per the instruction of the ‘pink pill’, a second ‘touch’ turns off the effect of the first
              one….of course I am joking….I just don’t wish to comment with it on. As you say….auditing in session. Or, me also says, in/by life….and the fun of living…I leave those interested with a video by one of our ‘enlightened’ ones. Long but I love
              watching when people open up….in/by any way….in life also.

            4. MT…”’This ‘love’ is a tricky word. Perhaps affinity…in the sense of
              A…infinity….A. Can’t describe the perception with a word. “”” it is very easy descrribe ” love”’affinity”’ with words= what ever one feels when re-stimulated and that re-stimulation one believes is ”pleasure”.
              Example for some killing brings on a climes, others swoons when smell a rose, and others seeing plate of killed meat roasted of another being brings on the sensations of sheer ecstasy… so love-affinity is a consideration…

            5. This word has a lot of definitions. And bloody hell! I have been using this word based on perception since I started blogging in the following definition:
              AN UNDERLYING SENSE OF ONENESS. Sense: awareness, perception. I should
              have looked up and put the definition at the beginning.
              Also, in another def. RE-COGNITION of attractive qualities.. So, love can be and not be a postulate…when it IS (looks so), then it can be re-stimulated, as you write…in the absence of re-stimulation we have the ‘sense of oneness’.
              In my perception it is that the core nature is Theta-Buddha nature and there is no separation, division….thanks for the exchange, Eliz.

            6. MT… learning what spirituality means and believing that one has become because one understand the meaning of the text=words is the same as one reading up on carpentry and learning what kind of wood is used for what, how to put together furniture etc… yes one can have reality on carpentry but that collected knowledge about that art form will not make one a carpenter…
              just my reality on the Path of learning and what is the difference gained through experience.

      1. and there is nothing new about what you know either, since it has been said by others before you..

  6. Non of them, but if I did, I’ll go with the blue one. Sound like some fun! 🙄

    1. In my previous post I’ve made a joke, cause in Europe the blue pill is…Viagra! 🙂 That’s why I’ve laughed and said I want it for the time when I”ll be an old man :). But now, seriously speaking, why to have the blue pill? For being Superman or Wonderwoman? Come on… I think we have to remain humans, with our limits, so my choice is the orange pill. PS. It’s 11.08 AM at me right now, in maximum 30 minutes I”ll go pool, for my daily swim. Orange pill would be wonderful 🙂

      1. Viagra, really? 8-O. Then in that case I’ll take the orange pill and go swimming with you! 😛

    1. Reason: I don’t want the outcome of an instant power without some form of work to aquire it. Giving a proper perspective.

      Now I might be tempted with an understanding pill. Then, if these powers are available on some super future human potential, I’d understand all of them and thus have them.

      1. Brian I am with you on these.. I all ready had all the power in the Universe but I did not know why -what worked… So I collected the ARCB’s = not having reality, understanding so, now I just want to know and cognitions are the answer they are to me. So no magic wand or supper pill wanted. I am a happy clam with a ordinary cog. Do have a lovely day! Elizabeth

  7. “I don’t want the outcome of an instant power without some form of work to aquire it”
    Healthy attitude, Brian…+1!

    1. From an eastern practice perspective spiritual powers are frowned upon as a goal. Scientology had power as a goal.
      In eastern practice powers are a result, an outcome of practice. The reason powers are frowned upon as a goal is because if the moral and ethical nature of a soul is not properly developed, then it is likely that the misuse of powers can bring a student down.
      If the OT levels promised love, joy, service, happiness and freedom, we may have not had the ‘big powerful being syndrome’ that is so silly, clownlike and foolish: the big being !

      1. OT levels and continual solo auditing bring cognitions: knowledge.
        If you think of Power on the level of pushing persons zapping things that is not power but force against force. Wars-any kind of fight, collisions, that is force and that destroys. True power is when one is in harmony with all things and that is serenity of being-ness.

      2. Brian I was in the garden pick-axing a yacca plant it was very old and the tree branches grown above and because of that no sun-rays for the plant and no flowers. but this is beside the point. while using a pick ax— and a very sharp ax to cut and dig those thick heavy roots.. I had time to reflect on your post..
        I believe we all entered into the church to increase our abilities and of course power was one of them – it was all about power in fact, in fact because LRH wanted it and to him was very important therefore all what he thought ”’how to attain” that power.
        At first when one enters, yes that is one wants because there was perhaps no other reality for that person?
        But as one continues on the Path and new-different awareness comes and one realises sooner or later that what one believed in when entered the church was meaningless after all.
        Those who seek power.. will never find it… because they are seeking a illusion…

    2. David Miscavige is the poster boy of Scientology and OT!

      That is what he has been working toward all his life. Look where it has gotten him.


      1. What he gotten is being on the poster…LOL.. to some that is happiness!

      2. DM has nothing better than what your life is… and nothing worst: simply: just different from any one else’s life.
        If the reason you are pointing out the negatives of DM’s,,, now that too is your reality, and people who continually point out the so called ”bad” in others they with their little act pointing toward self :: look how good, clever I am, and you low life are no where!! because you don’t measure up to me, therefore you are nothing but shit.
        V dear…. we are just different! nothing more!…and when one become aware of that fact…. hehehe one realizes that life here on this planet is a Paradise!

  8. V… you promote what you know…what you learned from others and have adjusted that learned stuff as its fitted you. and that learning was done by the ”I” and you believe that your knowledge is superior.. that is ok but still that belief is yours the belief of the ”I” so ….?
    or you talking -writing here from the viewpoint of the mighty who knows it all?

  9. MT… by the way… it is fine how you look at love and what love means to you… you have explained what is real to you… and I did the same… in the long run it do not matter because both our reality is just our own… our own illusion.. 🙂

  10. MT…”” So, love can be and not be a postulate…when it IS (looks so), then it can be re-stimulated, as you write…in the absence of re-stimulation we have the ‘sense of oneness’.”””
    M.. make on experiment and do your best to love something which you hate… You never make it. Love- that sensation can not be postulated…
    In the absence of re-stimulation… IF YOU DONT HAVE THOUGHTS-EMOTIONS-SENSATIONS nothing at all no pictures than you would not be in re-stimulation[ but no happy feeling ether, no love feelings, or emptiness or void etc… etc.. etc…
    But here is the thing again… if you believe you are in ONE-ness than that too is a belief-a consideration.. since in the true spiritual universe there are no thoughts, that we are this or that.. conditions like being aware of anything.. Marianne one can not achieve something like that from reading- learning and listening to others reality.
    Go read David ST Lawrence’s blog about spiritual entity’s it is a great write up..

    1. MT…. one need to know more about the Beings who are without the body because we are in fact we spend very little time [[[life cycles]] in one.
      One should have total reality who are those beings.. since our self are that and while being anchored into the body have no reality what it is like being without one.
      My greatest gains were while solo auditing that I got to know how one is-operates without the body.[prison].
      Also as a solo auditor I have opened up the forgotten that Universe of which one don’t have Memory of.

  11. Geir
    Earlier you posted a picture ‘The truth will set you free but first it will piss you off’.
    Life is miraculous…it always takes turns which are beyond beliefs and expectations.

    So, it looks to me, you were able to stop the ‘movie’ (for several ‘Neos’). I find it another turning, a ‘free will’ point.

    What’s next? As Elizabeth writes, life here on Earth is a Paradise. Will you share some of your views of it, much like you did with some earlier posts of yours. Amazing
    people series, people are wonderful, music videos, your works…..just from beyond the Matrix viewpoint, where you are and you are very well able to create from there….some pictures ?……epiphanies?…..You?……

  12. Last…the only ‘reason’ I have come back to post is that I happen to ‘see’ ‘you’ ‘ who’
    you ‘are’….as all of us here are that…’theta’….and my view is, much like in the movie ‘Good Will Hunting’ that each of us are contributing, co-operating in the direction of ‘Life’, ‘Free Will’ to come Fully Alive and Have ‘products’ which reflect that….so, Action! Me off into that!

    1. one has limitation because one’s belief are the limitations it self.

      1. I can’t agree. I was referring to my physical limitations when I answered the question. While I agree that many limitations are self-imposed, others such as the ravages of injury, disease, or aging are not always eliminated by changes in belief.

  13. Yellow and Blue are great, but the Black one gives you all to master anything you want. It basically removes most arbitraries. Life becomes predictable … as much as you like.

    Who would swallow the white one?
    – getting rid of the Cult of Scientology
    Or the golden meritorious one:
    – getting rid of Miscavige
    – he would also start suffering from a constant itchy arse
    And for our hard core cult members the green glowing one:
    – pays for any IAS status existing or invented at any time in the future

    Maybe the golden meritorious pill is not needed, why waste a pill for what is going to happen anyway …. LOL

  14. If somebody takes the green pill and the pink pill at the same time, does he or she become a puppy? 😀

    Another question: if someone takes any pill or any combination of them, how many days, weeks, months, years or lifetimes before his or her next auditing session? XD

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