Being generous.
Giving without thought of reward.
But giving.

Every person is an adventure.
Of endless possibilities.
And everything is possible.

No Blame, Shame or Regret.
What’s done is gone.

These are my aspirations.

I believe being generous is the most important.

22 thoughts on “Generous

  1. that plan sounds like: allowing being-ness to self and to others…. no matter what ever happens in your space,…… looking at what comes your way in the new unit of time… in the NOW… great way to live 🙂 live all the simulation under the carpet…and let the mites chew on it..

  2. Geir, this is a very timely and meaningful post for me personally. I’ve been thinking about it since you posted it yesterday. Just a couple weeks ago there was a death in the family. I haven’t wanted to talk about it on a public blog but I will say that I was so glad to be able to come here to a place where I could have some sort of normalcy of ARC with people that I have wonderful comm lines with. It has been a welcome relief to be able to do so a bit each day, and I was grateful to you and everybody for being here. Even for the heated debates with you and Chris ;).

    I love the whole post but the part I like the best at this particular moment is this one:

    “Every person is an adventure.
    Of endless possibilities.
    And everything is possible.”

    That’s what I learned so well from my recent experience.

    But the other things you wrote, about being generous and “What’s done is gone” are also very powerful. I like to think you are a person “after my own heart”. 🙂

    1. I am truly sorry about the death in your family – another poster mentioned it to me just a couple of hours ago. I really hope you are doing as good as you can considering.

      1. Thanks so much, Geir. I got a hold of a very OT friend of mine right away and she was able to contact this person pretty quickly and call me back just a short while later, after having had quite a good communication with him. Even though this OT is still involved with the CoS (and knows nothing of my “independence”) she gave him some wonderful R (reality) factors. Interestingly, she didn’t tell him to look for a “Scientology” family, meaning CoS members. (In any case, he already knew my views about the current CoS.) She simply told him that he didn’t have to make any decisions right away, to take his time and then if he wanted to he could decide where to locate and find a baby body close to being born. She said that at first he was confused and misemotional (as is apparently not uncommon in totally unexpected deaths) but became much calmer when told what had happened.

        She also relayed my personal message to him and was given one from him to give me, which was precious for me. Not that I didn’t still or don’t still feel the loss, greatly, but hearing all she had to say was a tremendous relief for me and changed my whole outlook. (Luckily I have you and the others here that I can speak freely to about this, which would badly break the reality of many others I know.)

        The most unexpected thing she told me was that near the end of their comm she got that he felt a huge relief, as though he had been involved in quite a struggle in life. But she didn’t get what the struggle was. I think I may know something about that because of what Elizabeth told me later that night. She too got in touch with him and said that his purpose now was to get “knowledge” (as in wisdom, I believe). That made so much sense to me as I know he had been on a journey to understand life and relationships and was still struggling with that – which I believe was the struggle the other OT picked up on. Elizabeth also said that he now felt very FREE as a spiritual being, and I think that is what gave him the relief and hope he now has. I am truly happy for him.

        Thanks again, especially for allowing the freedom to speak our hearts and souls, just like you do. 🙂

  3. This is exactly me. I just didn’t want to think of my self in propitiation. I am not. Thanks for the clarification.

  4. Geir, I have 2 words to define your ideas stated in the article: Clear Conscience. I’m sure you definitely put your head on the pillow and sleep well every night. You can live 100 years 🙂

  5. Receiving. Be willing to receive anything, whether that thing is given consciously or unconsciouly. Saying a heartfelt thank you without any resistance, any labelling in the mind.
    Fully experiencing (creating) what one is given.
    Give-take. That’s the full picture for me now. That’s full generousity.

  6. Chris
    Thanks, I see what you mean. I use TAKE here in the meaning of ACCEPTANCE.
    e.g. take me as I am

    Take def.10: to accept and place under one’s care or keeping.
    21: to accept
    25d: to perceive or feel, to experience

    Give-Accept. It is what I mean. Thanks !

    1. Thank you. This subject has a few more sides as well. Also, I didn’t mean to imply that one shouldn’t take what is freely given. My own standard is that it has to come as a surprise. It is a slippery slope for me to let stray thoughts regarding my needs land on another to provide.

  7. Chris
    From all your coms one of the things that I observed was your acceptance. It ‘underlies’ all forms your coms take. That is, you live from your Heart. And you also give – continuously.
    As for the ‘stray thoughts regarding my needs land on another to provide’ – I get the essence of what you mean but please write a little bit more about it, if you like.

    1. Geir wrote an entire OP on it a while back. I think men are conditioned by their mothers and fathers and that conditioning might make it hard for them to be sensitive, cry, and ask for help. It is not just a gender thing but in the western world, this type of conditioning is prevalent, I think.

      A second part of this is philosophical as it is better to give than to receive. Of course, this “philosophy” invalidates the receiver so I don’t know where that leaves us!

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