When you truly don't care what anyone thinks of you, you have reached a dangerously awesome level of freedom.

When you truly don’t care what anyone thinks of you, you have reached a dangerously awesome level of freedom.

19 thoughts on “Freedom

    1. A viewpoint of unlimited potential? Is this one and the same as “you” Vin?

      1. Here is an inetersting animation. A brief acceleration of charge produces a disturbance in space that propagates at the speed of light. The animation is insightful.

        When we look at this animation, the viewpoint is covering the whole extent of motion without moving itself. This may be considered the “viewpoint of the universe” with respect to actual propagation of light in cosmic space. The “velocity of the observer” does not enter the picture.

        The “velocity of the observer” only enters the picture when the viewpoint is reduced to that of the “body of the observer” and much smaller than the size of the universe.

        Einstein assumes that the viewpoint is limited to the body of the observer and, therefore, the viewpoint has a velocity. But when we expand the viewpoint to the size of the universe then no “velocity of the observer” is necessary.

        The special theory of relativity seems to depend on the assumption that viewpoint can have a velocity.


        In mindfulness, there is no viewpoint separate from what is being observed. So, the “velocity” of the viewpoint is the same as the velocity of what is being observed.

        Science is observing the universe. So, the correct viewpoint is that of the universe. A universe is all that exists.

        The net velocity of the universe shall be indeterminate because there is nothing else to compare it to. The net velocity of the universe relative to itself shall be zero.

        So, the velocity of a scientific viewpoint is zero.

        In other words, the velocity of the scientific observer shall be zero relative to the resultant velocity of the universe. From the viewpoint of the scientific observer, the maximum velocity of light shall always be c.


        The idea of “you” is like a point in space rather than the whole space. This is a limitation.

        1. Hi Vin, Einstein …? Perhaps the formula c -1
          works … ha, ha, ha. I like to Einstein:
          Imagination is superior to knowledge.
          No Vin, the point of view is one other thing.
          Do the research. And ‘wrong to use a given
          of a field of knowledge, using it in another
          field of knowledge. Are two things
          different. Although You overs or join
          the two fields .There is all just physical,
          etc. atoms. I can demo to anyone
          the existence of a point of view, which is not
          something physical. Except for one case not …
          It ‘just a matter of research and understanding.

          1. You are talking about the human-centric point of view, which is simply the ‘center of Ego” just like there is a “center of Mass.”

        2. Okay Vin. All well and good. Now then, how about a useful purpose/s. to these assumptions. Is there an aim to perpetuate, procreate, or create some effect, while good ol’ ‘science’ is doing the viewing, or is another entity/entities actually doing that?

          In other words (worlds), whether viewing from the core elements of an atom, or those making up an entire galaxy or the entire cosmos, is there a common thread of activity being engaged upon here?

          How does this series of questions/assumptions tie in to Geir’s OP, FREEDOM?

    2. Dear Vinay, in this universe the only thing worth a nickel is the You or the I because they are the recipients or containers of consciousness. Some rocks floating around in the vast universal space don’t exist without the You or the I WHO LOOK AT THEM. And the formation of an I or a You needs some limits to make possible any freedom. If you don’t think so, try to went out the street naked. imo.

  1. Hi Geir, it is so. I disagree
    that can have good tech No!
    It ‘really just a lot and PBC.
    You should know very well. in
    Your article on ot 8 or often you what
    in your opinion are the bt Right. it is
    them, from the first session of book one!
    A huge BPC! ! ! I had this
    given, I tried to handle it in different
    ways. Today I have an easy way to
    handle. Of course this applies to
    me and it’s my opinion. Scn is a trap?
    Yes, if it is used as it is. You ‘must’
    consider other data, only then
    you see the tech without holes!
    My opinion is that just as it is, leaves
    a BIG, HUGE BPC.
    Dare I say, although I have not checked to
    currently, there are no dormant bt …
    but ” bt ” shall we say … never free from
    BPC. I know that you and others can
    Ok, I may have given the idea of being KSW 1
    although in a post I demonstrated the dangers.
    I mean, not to eval wrong, just because
    someone post, seems obsessed with data,
    Ron etc. It can be a research, to understand
    what does not work and then throw them away.
    I say this because it is easy to understand
    the real intentions.

  2. Well Geir, having attained the pinnacle of Bridge freedom — “I know who I am not!”

    — I think it’s just fantastic that you have decided to just be “an explorer of free will”, as a quest for putting that “awesome level of freedom” to some ultimate testing.

    Freedom to create, or un-create, at will? Now that’s living, (or even dying ) causitively.

    Of course, the big joke is, we already, simply, ARE! Everything else (including considerations) is just added on. LOL. 🙂

  3. From Wikipedia:

    “Awareness is the state or ability to perceive, to feel, or to be conscious of events, objects, thoughts, emotions, or sensory patterns. In this level of consciousness, sense data can be confirmed by an observer without necessarily implying understanding. More broadly, it is the state or quality of being aware of something. In biological psychology, awareness is defined as a human’s or an animal’s perception and cognitive reaction to a condition or event…

    “Awareness is a relative concept. An animal may be partially aware, may be subconsciously aware, or may be acutely unaware of an event. Awareness may be focused on an internal state, such as a visceral feeling, or on external events by way of sensory perception. Awareness provides the raw material from which animals develop qualia, or subjective ideas about their experience.”


    Here awareness is being described in terms of human subjectivity. This subjectivity seems to be taken for granted as awareness. It is being used as a “standard” to measure the awareness of other animals, organisms and objects. An objective definition of awareness seems to be missing.

    In order to define awareness scientifically, let’s do the following thought experiment. Imagine being out there in the interstellar space, but with no stars or heavenly bodies around to provide any reference points. Pay attention to your motion. You will find that there is no awareness of motion even when you could be moving at the speed of light. Awareness arises only when there is motion relative to something else.

    Light that contributes to awareness seems to be made up of pure motion. Objects that contribute to awareness seem to be full of motion at molecular and atomic levels. Awareness of sensations, such as push and pull, seems to accompany changes in motion.

    Science talks about structure like visual cortex or other parts of the brain to explain awareness. But the brain too is made up of atoms and molecules, neurons and electrical impulses. All these things consist of motion. So there is motion outside the brain as well as inside the brain. Science is simply associating the motion inside the brain with awareness.

    It seems that awareness simply cannot be separated from motion. Any change that gives rise to awareness is fundamentally motion. Even the change in color amounts to the change in wavelength of light, and is thus a very fine motion.

    We are used to looking at awareness in human context only. Awareness appears to us as something very subjective and complex, but that may just be a human-centric perspective. It was the same human-centric perspective, which held that earth is at the center of the universe. If we look at awareness objectively, it is found to be intimately related to motion.

    Motion and awareness seem to be aspects of each other.

    Atoms consist of motion and an effect of that are the properties expressed in the periodic table. This motion in atoms is also atomic awareness. Simple motion associated with electromagnetic waves leads to simple properties. This represents simple awareness. Extremely complex motion associated with human configuration leads to complex properties. This represents complex awareness that we are intimately familiar with.

    The properties of animated organisms and inanimate objects are an expression of the motion and awareness that they are composed of. 

    This is a very different take on awareness of which human awareness is a special case. If we move away from the narrow, human-centric view, we find that awareness is all around us.

    The universe is imbued with motion, and thus, it is imbued with awareness.

    What is Awareness, Scientifically?

      1. And I was hoping this might lead to an expansion on your OP, rather than a cul-de-sac up the universe’s rectum…. 🙂

  4. Yes, I am used to look at things from a human context only, I don’t know any other. I guess it would be interesting to have a worldview from an exteriorized point of view, but scientists have not yet provided the way to do so and I doubt seriously it would happen ever.

  5. Shit. Just yesterday I was watching Von Trier’s Nymphomaniac, and today I read this. It could perfectly be the movie poster’s headline.

  6. Hi irony appreciated …
    I created a pill for intelligence.
    We know that the person uses only
    10% of his intelligence.
    But … not with my pill!
    With my pill uses only 2%!

  7. Awesome post. Freedom is expressed fully here. Tis when the actions, decisions, creativeness, thoughts and expressions are all yours. None are adapted or altered from organic form to fit the concerns of another. One’s individuality in a new unit of time expressed without limits, edges or conformity. Dangerous – hell yeah. With that ability one is not controlled by another – and to those “others” the “uncontrolled” is looked upon as someone to be feared.

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