Amazing person: Lynne Fox

So far I have covered many people that I consider amazing. There are different aspects of each person that makes me think of these people as outstanding. All of them are empathetic, but they cover a wide range of other amazing characteristics. Lynne Fox marks the top of the fun scale 🙂

In 1996 I lived in Sydney, Australia for 5 months while I did the Scientology levels from Clear to OT 4. I stayed with a fun and loving family. The mother, Lynne Fox, is the most crazy-fun person I know. She is verifiable batshit off the rails fun to be with.

It wasn’t a day without surprises, laughs and fun.

She has visited us in Norway a few times, and it’s a real joy every time I see her. Lynne is beaming – with humor, warmth, fun and wit. She is a great friend. She is also a top producer. We both worked in U-MAN back when I first met Lynne, and I saw her abilities up close. I’d love to have her visit Norway again. And I will be back to visit Down Under.

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