Drop sales

If you are selling products or services that you need to convince the customers to buy, you are doing something wrong. Either sell something else or figure out why the customers aren’t running down your doors to get what you are offering.

Brendan had a week earlier this winter where he didn’t convince anyone about anything. That got me thinking. And I decided to at least stop pushing products or services on people. Market and present, yes. But using effort, no.

I figure it’s much smarter to present something that customers really, really want. And then deliver that better than they expected. Push is a sign of failure.


12 thoughts on “Drop sales

  1. There isn’t any single word in what you write I don’t agree with based on my experience and
    how I have been doing it for some time. Thank you for writing about it!

  2. I like and agree with what you say on the subject. I dislike when people push you on something you’re not interested in even when you find out about the product/service. They try and make you wrong for your own opinions, desires or needs. Push and shove are a no, no and a turn off. What a waste of time, tho it apparently works on some to cross that bridge. Ah, I’ve been pushed/duped a lot but can finally, thankfully, stand my ground much better these days.

  3. I agree fully. I started living from auditing in 1983 and I never spend one penny on promotion or selling. It’s my belief that if your product is good costumors will bring new costumors. If it is not good and wanted you will find out when you start starving and will find a new product to deliver or renew your old product. The easiest is old products to old costumors, then old products to new costumors, then new products to old costumors, and the hardest is new products to new costumors, but in all cases the product has to be worth the price and wanted by the costumors.

  4. Isene – I think you can drop “sales” the verb – meaning to convince others to buy your product. I don’t think you will drops “sales” the noun – meaning a purchase of your goods/services based on an honest evaluation of what they are, how they are used, will they handle the problem of the buyer and if he is interested in working with you as a company. I see no reason it would not be successful. I personally do NOT want to be sold (as in convinced) but I do want to be serviced with answers to questions, details, etc and allow me free choice of do I want or not for the price. Just my two pennies on this.

    Here is a brief video of some of what is going on in this day and age.

  5. HaHa…’ I wanna get ME-mail’….getting one brings about joy, satisfaction, love…for a while.
    As Adya explained it and one can easily see that it is so, because the WANTing of any kind has disappeared….most probably when there is no more want and need, that’s the real Chill…and when the ME starts then to produce valuable service for others, well….Your Peaceful Warrior movie…..
    Like your post and video Sapere Aude! Thanks!

  6. Geir
    Aside from business, probably PRESENCE is the key…when one knows that one is eternally present. I don’t mean that I know it…but this is the first time that it has touched me deep.
    Thank you for this!

  7. I really loved what Napoleon Hill had to say on this subject. It was similar to, “What do you want to have? OK, what are you willing to give in return? OK, start giving it now, going the extra mile, with no worry of exchange. Give incredible service and so forth.” Keeping in mind of course, one is following and doing everything possible on the purpose they have chosen as their calling. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2hA-7aq6OXI Here’s another one. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kYO0ydiJG3E

  8. Geir you’re timing on this post is impeccable. My business, which is an absolute reflection of using the BEST of Scn and not the worst, is slammed right now. And I had a person tell me yesterday “you haven’t even helped me yet, but I referred my husband and my mother-in-law who are coming in next week…..The energy in this place is amazing and you feel it as soon as you walk in the door. Your staff work like they are on commission they way they treat everyone.”

    This is truly the idea I think LRH had for the org board. if a customer walks through and gets the experience, they want to refer on the back side of the org board. Simple.

    Just reading Mike Rinders blog this morning…it talks about how new people walking into New York Org don’t even get a comm cycle, they are shown to some station to watch a DVD. Jesus, Mary and Joseph (as my mom would say) WTF is MESTcaviage doing?

    We don’t have to sell anything, our customers love the experience and want others to have the same wins too. Isn’t that a novel idea?

  9. Geir, you’re right. Doesn’t matter the issue, push is a sign of failure. Even worst, you can become a suspect, a promoter of a half-value product. I know this very well from the massage oils and lotions.

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