Working with people with drive

Just got off the phone with a nice guy. We talked about helping people, and particularly about helping brainwashed people inside the Church of Scientology. And I told him what people I prefer to help these days.

Just a few months ago, I would get fired up about trying to help people “see the truth” or “wake up”. No longer.

While I appreciate other’s effort in helping a person wake up from a brainwashed daze, I find my own interest in such waning.

I prefer to work with those who have a drive rather than those who try their best to keep the status quo.

And it doesn’t matter where that “drive” leads – as long as the person really wants to change and reach some goal, I am all in. My interest and ability to help people with a drive is high, and that’s where I will focus.

38 thoughts on “Working with people with drive

  1. Geir
    How and also why did you come to this realization-conclusion that you want to ‘help’, ‘work with’ only those people who have a drive?

    1. I respect the free will of others too much.

      If someone wants to stay brainwashed or unchanging, I will let him.

      1. + 10 ( I have gone through a transitional period to understand its truth)

        For me it’s also: I have ‘drives’, interests….so it’s also a ‘time’ factor…also ‘energy’.

        1. Geir

          I have seen a lot of ‘changes’ thoughout my life so far.

          What you have been doing, the way you have ‘changed’, you express yourself, this blog are

          exceptional! Not that you need me telling this but I enjoy the process of you changing, my

          views changing and seeing others changing.

      2. Geir
        This “too much” has been staying with me. Rightfully. It can mean irresponsibility.
        There is a case, when I can feel that another has a drive=lots of theta but it is ‘burried’ under some seemingly plain ‘stupidity’, which is the result of ‘ignorance’. Ignorance can be the result of not knowing a vital piece of information. The person, in an extreme case, can even die. It seems to me that both free will and being informed are in operation.
        What do you think?

    1. As my Tibetan lama friend said earlier: If one wants to live in the ditch, let him live there.
      It took me some time to understand the truth in what he said.

  2. Geir – Excellent! I hadn’t viewed that one. Reminded me of the video’s of Ken Robinson. Youtube – Ken Robinson – The element is quite similar. In truth, one can only work “with” those people with drive. The other, more common option, is having work for you, or work under you, or work you demand – all in essence other determined. Working with the person with drive is a composite working environment allowing each and every person to remain self determined. I fully believe that will always in the end be the most productive group effort.

  3. I came to the same conclusion through helping people who have left the church. Some are still fixed on their concept of “standard tech” and the only thing they notice is what is different about my approach. Others notice immediately that I am addressing what they wanted to handle in Scientology.

    People with drive are concerned with getting results and they will discard stable datums that are no longer useful.

    1. So what do you do that is seen as non-standard? I understand you want to handle for the person what bothers him/her, but what are the implications, how your handling differs from that considered a standard one?

    1. No. The person can be completely disabled, unable or debile. If there is a will, there is a way. If the person has no will to change, who am I to force him or “will for him”? Nope. I am done selling.

      1. Sorry but I don’t get this.
        WHO doesn’t want change?

        Is it legitimate to conclude from what some might have told you that all of them think so?
        No, it is a generalization.

        I would consider it a fact that at least 95% of the members are suffering from

        – arbitrary
        – injustices
        – having been deceived
        – undergoing superfluous O/W writeups
        – disconnection from their loved ones
        – being forced to donate in order to proceed
        – punishments
        – sleep deprivation
        – low salery
        – kids: being separated from parents; no real school education

        just to name a few.

        Would you seriously state that these people say and mean: ‘We like it as it is! We don’t want change! Leave us alone!’

        1. 🙂

          My point is really only this: I will work with people who express a strong desire to change and achieve something – and as long as I can see that I can be of real value to their quests in life. I am done convincing people one-on-one that they should do something, change something or want something. Those who want a real boost in their lives will find me and ask for my assistance. I have no interest in selling.

  4. Geir – When you decided to work with people with drive you were also tapping into the valuable future resources that actually exist. Clearly shown in the following:

  5. Congratulations ! Everybody is happy now.

    – YOU are happy because you finally have found out that a project which aims to stop a suppressor whom the world fears does not stimulate your enthusiasm


    – OSA is happy as they have found a proper way to keep you away from attacking the Church seriously; you, still recently having been the greatest threat to the Church in Europe

    Did OSA send you PI or crews with video cameras to intimidate you?
    Or did they give you the impression that Church members are happy with how things are, so they don’t want to be freed by you and other idealists?

    My view is: In case that you did receive such flows then these cannot come from members who love the Church as it is because these people with their blinders would not even know your name as they don’t look for entheta stuff on the Internet.

    It wouldn’t be the first time that the Church asks their members and staff to write letters and emails which are supposed to communicate something which helps the Church.

    (The video is terrific, by the way.)

    1. Stopcos, if you or another wants to know my opinion about the Church and Miscavige, is that, if those were Scientology’s problem, then the people that come out of it, would handle it all and be happy ever since. Is this what happens?

      Also you don’t handle a problem by counter-creating it. That’s what the COS does against psychiatry and other ‘enemies’. Look at how they’re shrinking, and how the press treats them and what happened to the Guardian Office. War is irresponsible, and it’s been the Churches doom. I’m not suggesting to be in apathy. I’m suggesting to be more responsible than to play war. The result in one way or another is chaotic. Do you think that we experience what we postulate? If so, why create a war? We can create what we want.

    2. stopcos

      There is a great novel, James Redfield The Secret of Shambala. In it you can read about
      flows…or watch Matrix…or simply get the flow of theta-love…see what happens and who will
      come your way….send or write you what…..

  6. By the way, I think it could be a good idea to collaborate in a way or another and achieve some common purpose we may have. I know that there are independents that deliver. But I don’t mean exactly that. I don’t mean one delivering and the rest receiving. I mean teamwork –doing things with each other and for each other. I don’t know if this is within the purposes of this blog. It’s just an idea of mine. Any ideas?

    1. Sure. It would be fantastic to have a list of people I could refer a person to depending on what he wants to achieve or handle in life. One guy could be great at handling kids with learning disabilities, while another could be superb at handling grief or misemotions. Yet another could be the best coach for soccer talents, etc. I’d love to have such a toolbox of people at our disposal.

  7. Liked the video and post. Before I continue on to the comments I think appropriate here since you said “And it doesn’t matter where that “drive” leads – as long as the person really wants to change and reach some goal, I am all in.”

    Well , let me tell you how your blog has helped me in the fascinating F**it arena. The book “F**kit Therapy is exactly what I needed, and I’ve been on, and still am on a retreat at home. As you say, a “I’m a work in progress.”
    I found the “secret magic” that was very apparent in my mate, but I couldn’t seem to duplicate or understand it until now. Wow. I’ve had more life changing wins that I’m working on, than my last study of philosophical CD’s. Will not quote anything from the book, just wanted to let you know how thankful I am for finding this. So, thank you Isene! 🙂

      1. Ya know Chris, I thought of you while reading and sensed you would like the idea and humor. I enjoy the finding of all the ‘It’s’ to f**k. 🙂

          1. I think responsibility based on free will comes hand in hand with the ability to not give a fuck. The other type of responsibility being enforced.

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