When we (the company “Å”) helps organizations and individuals do better, we are faced with the task of making sure our client understand what a “delivery” is.

Most people have a rather anemic understanding of exactly what they are supposed to produce in their job. They most often define their job by what they do rather than what they are supposed to create of value.

Being a Norwegian company, we approach the problem by using a well known example. Our board member, Mr. Santa Clause has helped us understand what a delivery truly is. Every year he gets some input (wishing lists), he does some magic (nobody cares how he does it) and when X-Mas comes, he delivers presents to all the nice kids in the world. Mr. Clause has a clear-cut understanding of why he is on the job.


When we help people grasp the real reason behind the job they do, we start with this definition:

A delivery is the result of one or more actions. It is the outcome, the product, the value created. It is the reason for doing the action(s).

You can find the answer to what the deliveries of your job are by asking questions along this line:

  • What do I deliver to my customers?
  • Why do I get a salary?
  • What would not be produced if I wasn’t doing this job?
  • What are the valuable results from what I do in my job?
  • If I should measure the output from my job, what exactly would I measure?

It is better to have a clear view of the deliveries intended and do the actions necessary to produce those deliveries, than to do a set of actions and hope for some valuable outcomes.

16 thoughts on “Delivery

  1. Great! THIS I call a delivery from the ‘identity’ called Geir. Life through your ‘identity’
    is putting here something unique. Noone else on Earth has put it here this way. ‘What would not be produced if I wasn’t doing this job?’ That’s the most powerful
    question in the list.

  2. Geir – A agree with the concept. Your definition of “delivery” is very similar to “purpose.” The root of the word “purpose” is “propose” which is the end result in mind with the activity. Your are doing “delivery definition” or “purpose clearing.”

    No matter how you refer to it the fact is the understanding and agreement of the group results in an exchangeable end result that will create value exchanged and thus income. A very ethical and honest sequence. This also results in fulfillment for the recipient/client and for the group/business/worker.

    Undefined but specific “actions” not in alignment with your intended delivery are just busy work and “noise.”

    Now, what does this have to do with “Being a Norwegian company” in your OP. Seems to show a bit of national pride. The truth of this is valid even in Sweden or other locations. 🙂

    1. The difference between a “delivery” and a “purpose” is that the latter speaks of an overall reason for something while the former is the actual product or package produced and delivered.

      As for the reference to us as a Norwegian company – it was specifically to include our board member, Mr. Clause into the equation as a pertinent example of a man with known deliveries.

      1. Isene – Understood. There is always a very close link between an actual product, a “delivery” and a “purpose.” As you can see that I would foresee more great things in your future.

        I was just joking about the Norwegian thing. Now, back to my coffee.

    2. Sapere Aude
      For me purpose is a carrier wave (raw life force, intention). There is no thought in it.
      When thought enters the picture, the carrier wave + thought is desire. Desire to have (penetrate and own) something (as that something represents value). Desire generates a goal, wherein actions are taken to reach that goal (actions need effort). Do I see it right?

      1. Sapere Aude
        There is just a carrier wave (intention) out of which, somehow, the first thought, the ‘ I ‘ (the primary filter) arises. There is then identification, confusion, charge. Am I right?

      2. MT – I don’t know if you see it “right”. You see what you see. My comment was related to the OP. Isene has a great list of questions to elicit a conceptual understanding of those producing. The purpose in that case is somewhat a restatement of the ideal scene. I mentioned the root of the word purpose because it is the concept or idea put forth. The “delivery” is the fruition of that thing that was proposed (the purpose.)

        Doesn’t need to be the basic purpose, or proposed outcome, of life in this universe. It could be as simply as serving the best coffee available for the pleasure of the coffee consumer. Then the person making it would think of the question of what a crappy day the coffee drinker would have if I didn’t give a great cup to start their day!

        1. Sapere Aude
          Thank you. The ‘Am I right’ was indeed a wrong wording. Of course I see what I see.
          It’s neither right, nor wrong, it is what I see. I understand Geir’s OP and your comments. My ‘technical’ part just went into the root. Your coffee example is like Geir’s post with the sushi video. I see it the same way as you do.

  3. What do I deliver to my customers?
    Why do I get a salary?
    What would not be produced if I wasn’t doing this job?
    What are the valuable results from what I do in my job?
    If I should measure the output from my job, what exactly would I measure?

    WOW!!! very great questions!! and when an employee has answers to all these questions with an exchange 4, he (she) will never loose his (her) job!!! 😉

  4. This is a great post.

    And when you look at someone like Gayle Smith and her drivel from yesterdays post you really have no choice but feel compassion for her.

    I don’t want to pick on her too bad but this is really tragic to read. Her whole has been spent to produce a biography that only .00001% of the population would be able to comprehend as it is full of Scientology nomenclature. (and poorly constructed sentences)

    Sadly, she is the all too common, unemployed “OT”, an individual with zero life skills, and tries to earn an income using a subject that has already destroyed her humanity. She teaches the very thing that took her soul. Of course, she doesn’t see this. Not even close.

    For those of you that think I am picking on Gayle, I am trying to simply illustrate a point that Geir has reiterated time and time again. A point that he has continued to make more lucid and real to his readers: Scientology, as an organization and system of philosophy, destroys what it touches. It does this from the inside out, so the production of its effects are not noticed by the participants fully.

    Let’s propose a question:

    Has anyone on this blog, ever, heard a ‘wog’ say the following:

    “Have you heard about Jim? I am so proud of him. He joined the Church of Scientology and helping to make the world a better place”

    Of course not. And this is precisely where conspiracy theories, justifications, and an array of of non logical thought enters to fill the uncomfortable truth.

    Gayle, is the perfect Independent. She represents its dimensions and limits precisely. Highly educated in Scientology but no education. Spiritually advanced on the Bridge with no mindfulness, full of ARC and hate simultaneously, and so completely lost that she believes she is found.

    It would be beneficial for all people involved in Scientology, Indies, critics, writers, everyone. What do you deliver in relationship to Scn? I think this is a question not many will want to answer truthfully.

      1. Hadn’t heard it that way and bulls-eye, perfect.

        THINKING, thanks for that link, didn’t know she was so close by. I’ll keep an eye out for her!

  5. Isene, like your OP. Gave me a chance to look at the work I do in a new light. Since my main job is clearing out my house this year. Given thought to…. Thanks! 🙂

    What do I deliver to my customers? I deliver space to myself and my environment.
    Why do I get a salary? Why not, exchange, pay self by saving or treats.
    What would not be produced if I wasn’t doing this job? Continued MEST abundance.
    What are the valuable results from what I do in my job? Pleasure, happiness, peace, space, self worth, accomplishing toward goals.
    If I should measure the output from my job, what exactly would I measure? Particle flow.

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