The perfect match: HP-41 and your telescope

Got a neat little program for you: SCOPE.

The abstract from the page:

This program calculates values for telescopes and oculars. You start the program, add a telescope and then as many oculars as you want. You can then view several values for the telescope as well as the details for each ocular when used with this telescope. You can also save the data set (telescope and oculars) to an XM file or retrieve a file saved earlier. You may add new oculars as needed to a retrieved file and save it anew.

Before you start jumping with joy, take it for a ride and tell me what you think. Miss anything in there? Want it to do some other things? Like make a cup of coffee for you? Just slip me a note and will see what I can do.

20 thoughts on “The perfect match: HP-41 and your telescope

    1. What makes you believe that the program hasn’t been in action so far? Oh, I see!
      You want the ‘movie-maker’ to be seen participating as a bonus in the movie!

      1. Well, it hasn’t. I was laying next to the program maker when he wrote this program. Of course it has been tested already. And now we will use the program and see it in action. We’ll also do astrophotography. These are exiting times. We’ll post some real visual graphics from our “space travels”. You will love it.

        1. I am curious if the fascination with the HP-41 is as a hobby to simply make it do work, Or are you able to squeeze out a better result using it with the telescope? Does your telescope not come equipped with enough computer?

          1. My telescope doesn’t do what the program does. They are complimentary. Using the calculator program to e.g. find the actual field of view of a specific ocular is nice 🙂

            1. Yes, Isene.The instant you posted the OP, I saw the ‘analogy’. One is the telescope. Awareness, knowingness. Full scope. Then, ‘getting on’ one ‘beam’ in the scope and giving it a ‘preference’ (like choosing Earth to see what is happening here) results in a fixation on one point when one ‘picks up’ the body and starts to see life through the ‘ I ‘. One viewpoint which then becomes the basis of the ‘program’, the mind. So one gets into life, starts to expand this ‘viewpoint’ by getting into contact with other viewpoints (people) in the hope of regaining the lost full scope. One takes a ‘telescope’, adds the calculator (mind) and with that finds the
              actual field of view of a specific ocular (which is nice). So there is ‘learning’, which is good but can be seen as a substitute for ‘knowing’ in the real meaning of it, that is being the full ‘scope’ (being awareness). The ‘journey’ is realizing that one is the telescope and for that to happen, one gives up using the ‘calculator’ as a means of trusting it that it will provide answers for the Full Scope of Life.
              Interesting to see the devices as reminders (as when used, vias) of the non-material….

            1. Well, I guess my “Does your telescope not come equipped with enough computer?” WAS kind of a girl question. What guy’s device could EVER have enough computing power? hahaha

            2. Anette:”Cute question. Of course HP-41 makes anything perfect.”

              Wow, Anette. You’ve just defined yourself as a geeky guys dream girl. Kaley Cuoco, move over, girl! 😉

            3. It has been an open secret since the auto correction incident a couple of months ago….
              Perhaps HP-41 cannot make everything perfect?

        2. ‘You will love it’. Perhaps. It looks like I am coming out of the entertaining value of taking pictures or looking at pictures others take. Wish you a great travel and a success with the ‘program’!

          1. Anette and my mutual love for geekdom will find a new avenue with astrophotography. We will kiss with the stars as backdrop and contemplate our unique place in this magnificent universe.

            1. Nice!
              Some ‘live’ (not fixed, frozen) product…how it can be done, I have no idea.
              Woke up with a wild idea. What if each of us ‘left there’ a star after going through the Higgs? Surely won’t ponder about it until I get the exact scene. Maybe you know the answer?

        3. Anette: These are exiting times. We’ll post some real visual graphics from our “space travels”.

          Sound so exciting. can’t wait to see some.

    2. You may read my exchange with 2x about movie and intermission if you like. You can step out of the movie ‘invisible wounds’ and create a new movie if you like! Or not create and live the life of free will, of the flow of life!

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